Wintery Greens (16th Birthday Special) close

By Nathan nathan

Hey, it's been a while since I've published a level, which oops. I made this in favor of my birthday (December 1st). Hopefully, you enjoy this, despite the difficulty. :3 Warning: You may need to use the run button, especially at the beginning. Update: The bouncy platform (at 54X) is now in reverse, meaning that the right side has more bounce. Behind that platform is a One-Way Gate in case the Fire Snake tries to go on it. There's also a Red Paratroopa so that it's easier to get to the chained platform. Finally, you should be able to warp to Map 3 now. Plus, there's a reset pipe in case you don't make it in time. Hopefully, this helped! (1/7/21)

SuperO World 4-1 close

By SuperO

After the desert,this world will be good for you because there are much places with water.Don't relax much while drinking water.This part will be hard!

Bowser Planet 2-2 close

By a dude

It is night time, Mario is falling asleep, He misses Luigi back in the mushroom kingdom. Mario needs to find shelter, So can you help him find shelter or will he have sleep with the koopas

Super Mario Hammer 1-2 close

By Hammer

this tier was hard to do by map 3 because it was mapped in the ice version

New super Mario World 3 close

By Its who

If you have play the first one Here the link. World-1: World-2:

A Solo Team close

By Super_Constructor29654

You need to use your other Mario to complete the puzzle and beat Bowser. There is a glitch that when you talk to the NPC (toad), your clone turns into a bubble. And he pops and falls. Then, you lose. Try to read the NPC faster or just skip. Overall, enjoy!

1-3 Cloud Airship close

By Scottc82 YT

just to tell you guys who said the first 2 were short well its supposed to be short for the first world

El glitcheo cap 9 Update A close

By Progamer5gmaker1

Update A: Bugs Fixed. -Deleted Yoshi -Tiles changes

House Of Ghost close

By Hammer

this is one of my longest levels (when logged in)