W1-C: The Fortress by the Grasslands close

By MushroomMaker

this might be short. Just letting you know. also i understand that boom boom is generic. It is a rainy day in the Grasslands, and Mario finds a fortress! He decides to go in, only to find a generic foe..

Super Mario World: Reborn - World 5.2 close

By javien322

Super Mario World: Reborn - World 5.2: Koopa Katastrophe ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update: Rearranged the cave swooper and patched the cave cheese. I also nerfed the third dragon coin. Be careful, This level has been INFESTED* by koopas. This level utilizes koopas in ways a little more creative than your standards. You'll see for yourself, Or maybe I should say MARIO will see for himself. Will he? Found out now! GOOD LUCK!

Mario's Journey: W 5-3 Crystal Palace close

By Bonus

One of the best dungeons in Paper Mario, now re-mastered in SMC. This is a pretty good level that I believe stays true to the original. Get ready to fight the King of the Boos, once and for all!

Autumnal Night close

By MushroomMaker

This is not related to the NSMW3 series that I am making in SMC. Mario is in an autumnal forest, but it soon turns night!

Bowser's Arid Air Assault close

By Murnjendoof

Bowser is leading his airborne fleet through the fiery wastes, and soon, they will reach the Mushroom kingdom! Mario, now behind enemy lines, must tank the fleet and topple King Bowser, all while dodging a barrage of bullets, boulders, and baddies! V1.1: Changed the Boom Boom boss fight so that it is no longer possible to skip.