Prohibido tocar lava...¡en serio! close

By migue1207

Este es mi segundo nivel nivel 2 mundo 8 además yo creo niveles de forma normal como si fuera de Nintendo entienden?

el glicheo cap 5 part 1 Update B close

By Progamer5gmaker1

Update B: Very easier. 1.1: Bug fixed to the room 11

Insane By Lag YT85%
Insane close

By Lag YT

Unfinished but insane v1.12 more life/sencery Give me Ideas for the last part.

The Woods Path close

By Derp_gamer22

Mario heads to the path in the woods so he can get to Toad Town.

! DO NOT PLAY THIS ! - How to get gold rate :) close

By ThePurpleFlyingCat

THIS IS A JOKE -- I actually do not even know why I made this, I am just damaging my reputation and stats but yeah hope you enjoy!

Mario’s Adventure: The Darkling Woods close

By Plume 4.0

After Rainbow Road Mario returns to the surface to transverse through the Darkling Forest to get the Shroom of Darkness. This level is 100% possible and is my first SMC ghost house level. Pastebin link if the level doesn’t work

A ghost house level close

By mandrut2003

I fixed the problem with blue door