Super Mario Adventure 4-4 (Fixed) close

By Mariogamerxyz

Wow! Mario has made it past the forest roof, but now he finds a group of airships and he decides to climb onto it. Will he get past or not?

Oof Go the Koopas close

By Tristaph

Once you hop, you can't stop. There's a checkpoint, but can you make it in one go?

Supermariogalaxy13's NES Adventures: W3-2 close

By Supermariogalaxy13

This is #1 of two ghost house levels. Note that the original Super Mario Bros. does not have ghost house levels. I'm calling it "Flaming Ghost House".

Super ascii art world 1-4 close

By Vinicius BC

World of Ascii Art: country 1 country of grass ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Level 4: The Grass Castle

Climbing Crusade close

By Segomac

This was the original concept I thought of when I first wanted to make Sidle Citadel. It's just a level where you climb up a castle. I ain't much else to say.

smw3 water land A-ghost ship close

By luigiXD

this is the last level of world A, the underwater background was intended for this level.

One-Screen Puzzle Factory close

By TheTroll73

yup a puzzle level honestly you shouldn't be needing to use crazy platforming skills there'd be a hint on how to make things easier platforming-wise. Enjoy the puzzles and also enjoy the new pipe factory theme very original yus. yea play this now kthx I have things to do irl bye