World 230-3: Pouetpu Cliffs close

By KyleTheWraith

Mario finds an exit and gets out of the dungeon caverns safely... Who was this mysterious enemy who attacked mario? He knows that this enemy might be too dangerous for him, but mario never leaves a princess behind. Aside from that, he finds himself standing ontop of a really tall cliff, and it goes even higher, "Pouetpu Cliffs" is shown engraved on the sign, he recalls seeing the name "Pouetpu" before... but where? He decides to climb up the cliffs and find out what's at the top!

World 5-4 (LUIGI ONLY) close

By IlyasElgourcifi

Well This Level is Very Easy Very a Good one! But You need to Hit This Invisible Block (NOT The Kaizo Block) as You're Smart Rate! If you're Not Smart You Need To Replay it! The Rules are Said! No Removing Blocks No Moving Blocks No Placing Blocks No User Did Not Provide a Review Subscribe Only Rate Normally No Questions about the PHOTOBUCKET Watermark/Writing No Dying Post an Image and Subscribe to me on YouTube. Please Search IlyasElgourcifi // Official Productions (Verified) Play this Level First And Rate What is Wrong With this Level!

Half-Life 2 Ch. 1 - Point Insertion close

By JCDenton2187

This level loosely adapts the chapter "Point Insertion" from the classic FPS Half-Life 2. Being the first level, it's intended to be very easy. I wanted to focus more on providing an interesting mood. Enjoy. EDIT 11-17-19: With careful consideration about the death of Adobe Flash just a year away, I've decided to postpone this series until Super Mario Construct has taken off and will remake this level there. The series will continue in SMC after that. In the meantime, I'll still be making some SMF2 levels, but not a massively long series like a Half-Life 2 remake.

Luigi's land - World 3 close

By BananaMan 248

World 1: World 2: World 4: And please don't coment: ''This user did not provide a review.'', because I don't like this coment!...

TCOM - Dusty Palms Pass close

By Mario00000000

Mario has slept overnight and is one step closer to the blockade at Dusty Mountain. He has to cross this precarious pass to get to the next Checkpoint. yeah I have nothing else to say. 4 month break kills ur skillz. Edit: 10/01/18 10 month break destroys you completely Edit: 10/27/19: Don't ask

Beau Rivage close

By JetWing34

Who's that guy? His name is Beau. Oh my lord, just say it ain't so. He's the grandson of Cajun Queen, Jumping over bayous in between! The Who Dat chants call Beau's good name, His Saints are marching without shame. Strapped in pads, wearing black and gold, Scoring touchdowns til dead and cold! The Cajun Queen came marching in, Beau overdosed on whiskey and gin. Beau overdosed in a hotel lodge, And now there's a place named Beau Rivage. Even though he's gone and dead, Let's not forget what Beau just said: WHO DAT! WHO DAT! WHO DAT SAY WE GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS!

The Combination Lock Castle close

By PetsaresweetYT

Just a small level using a new concept I came up with. (By the way, don't say that I had way too many tile cut-offs because I know.)

Sunrise By Nuozzu498.8%
Sunrise close

By Nuozzu4

A normal level, easy and funny without weird puzzles or challenges with glitches... oh wait, no, have a glitch at x2360, you must be a character of big or fire suit. Do this by landing on a "Side 2" platform, wait for a one tile hole, and then jump right underneath the one tile opening.

platform 3-2 close

By segenanimator

After Mario went through the city, he arrived at the city's most popular and only amusement park.