The Forgotten Boss: Sprite A.S close

By Markw0000

The Only Boss that hasn't appeared in the Super Mario games. A.S stands for AutoScroll. I call it Sprite Auto Scroll because the screens moves while killing sprites. And its like a big fight so it's a boss

The Dinosaur Plains close

By Markw0000

The Hint on how to get one of the dragon coins is in the Text box.

The Golden Age (Hold Right) close

By mrckv3

Old level from the first of February 2014, reuploaded. My attempt at a hold right level. Hope you'll be able to enjoy! If you give a rate, please type a review as well.

Bullet Bill Country close

By Markw0000

I call it Bullet Bill Country because it is a place filled with Bullet Bill canons. there are mushrooms and fire power along the way to help you, there are also doors throughout the level that will warp you to a different spot in the level. Find the door that warps you to the end of the level which has the axe to win the level. The warp pipe takes you to a bonus filled with coins. comment your thoughts. another one of my known levels.

World 2-4 New Version close

By Markw0000

Similar to the Super Mario Bros 3 SNES level 2-4 but I've made some add-ons.

Sunshine Land-6:Rising Mushrooms, Falling Marios close

By solidfire

You know, this originally was an autoscroller, instead , we got 'this'. I accidentally deleated the original level code so I had to start over, and this was around the time, I started messing around with the autoscrollers! Thanks CTRL+X

Caped Convulsion close

By LazorCozmic5

Video: Trippy Mario must carefully navigate his way through the city in the midst of a very hefty storm.

The Block Maze! close

By Markw0000

All I gotta say is It's better play on a computer that doesn't lag very often :')