Mario's Great Adventure Part 3. close

By Bowser Blum Blum

Hello friends how are you? I'm bowser blum blum and thanks to you I have the great adventure of mario part 3 if this level gets a gold rating I will continue doing the series and you will have the great adventure of mario part 4 this level is possible nothing impossible and they will not give 1 /100 on the Bowser 3 fighting map the only way to beat Bowser and throwing fireballs at him would be all the time gaining momentum with mario and walking and jumping successively I hope you pass it the first time I don't want to make a tutorial but if they say It's impossible, according to you, I'm afraid I'll have to make a tutorial since I would waste time recording it and uploading it to YouTube, that's why I don't like to record my levels, I rarely record them, so enjoy the level and have fun. The music that I personalize LazorCozmic5 does not sound good I will use one that I personalize bowser jr my son.

YFS: Tainted Tower close

By King Dominator

Play the Level here: This is my 7th YFS Level and it has been finished on the 11th November 2021. This is the first vertical YFS Level there is. BGs aren't fully supported for those so I had to pick a plain colour. The structure of the level is a little crazy to support the fantasy of a twisted and tainted tower. The part after the second checkpoint was a little rushed since I was on a tight schedule. Here is the playthrough in case you get stuck or you're unsure how to get a certain collectable:

FNF in Mario Construct Concept close

By CoolKat

Do not rate this level. It is just a concept you can edit and use to put in your own levels

Dark Forest close

By Ice Yeti

The dark forest is waiting to consume you! Enter it and find it's secrets! Edits: - Cutoffs are there on purpose, they do not look that bad - I suck so yeah that's why it sucks - Bowser you can defeat without fireballs, you have to get to the left of him and sometimes he will walk off the edge P.S. Good job if you find the bunny suit!

Furry Forest close

By Hellothe414_053

Mario takes a walk, but he comes across a forest. A different one. Walkthrough: Update - 5/10/2022: Changed the custom background in Map 4 to the hills to its Background version.

Boom Boom's Wood Factory close

By HelinhoPN

I'm BACK! Can you find the hidden pixel art? -------------------- Extra challenge: Complete the level without picking any coins o.o

Volcanic Sewers close

By Igames2010

I'm Back people!!!

Super Mario Odyssey: Cascade Kingdom close


The Odyssey is stuck at Cascade Kingdom without any power left, you need to collect the key in order to progress to the next worlds