New Super Mario Bros Omega 1-1 close

By hernaneves

Quero Que Tenham Jogado O Primeiro Nivel Do Primeiro Mundo New Super Mario Bros Omega, Fui Eu Mesmo Que Fiz Sozinho! (Hernan), Espero Que Tenha Gostado! (Tradução/Traduction) I Want You To Play First World First New Super Mario Bros Omega, I Did It Myself! (Hernan), Hope You Liked It!

Returning Home, Last Level: Garden 2 close

By Nuozzu4

The last level of this serie, the final garden! Mario and Luigi escaped from the cavern and they found their way home, the forgotten garden they abandoned. This level is a lakitu rush, so try to be fast and avoid lakitu. The castle after the flagpole is your home!

8 Mundos (Demo) close

By Rankmon

Este es el demo de un juego largo

Mario Shorties World 4-3 close

By SMLFlash

This Grandfather clock has a bullet generator. Avoid the Bullet Bills to reach GrandBill's "?" Ball. Note: GrandBill's clock is the boss of this level.

Returning Home, Level 4: Dark Cavern 4 close

By Nuozzu4 Level 4 of this serie, Mario and luigi decided to go under the forest because they thought it would be more easy, big mistake they made, not only is more harder, also its more long. Try to beat the cavern and find the exit! About the level, is based on my old Dark Cavern saga started in 2011. The level is 100% possible! Watch the viedo if you need help. Rate high and explain why you rate below 100.

Testing beta stuff lol (read desc.) close

By Nitrogamer

Play here: I expect this level to not recieve good rates only cause I was bored and this happened enjoy trashy level.

Mario Shorties World 4-2 close

By SMLFlash

Mario is at the ghost house. But it's locked. And the forest has gone darker. Find the key to the ghost house to get inside. I am not going to stop those Mario shorties until the surprise after World 8-3

El Valle de Bowser/bowser valley close

By Rankmon

Este nivel me esforzé algún problema escríbalo en los comentarios gracias ojalá lo disfrute/This level I struggled some problem write it in the comments thank you I hope you enjoy it

SMMI I Desert Island - 1 - Palm Tree Desert close

By StarTigerrr

Now Mario made it to the desert island. He has to go through a lot of quicksand. Boom Boom sent lots of enemies to stop Mario. Will Mario be able to make it? - 4 Advance coins :)