Retro World level 4 close

By MarioConstructor

Important : Thanks to Mesopotamia for be a playtester of my level & modified level! Introduce : This level was created before level 4 was publised, but this level spent many times in creating,testing and more. Warning! : There are no mercy in the next level! If you hate my level, You will be pay, With many hard level. Finally, I want to tell you that many hard levels are waiting for you in the future. (Don't think i'm intimidating, I'm just warn you) Something about this level. World : 1 (Retro World) Level : 4 Times : infinite Lives : 8 Special Challenge : Try to collects 4 dragon coins Note : This level may very hard for world 1, but It's still 100% possible to wins(with 0 damage) Some of Q&A Someone : Why this level is very harder than previous level? Me : Because some pro players in Level Palace said my level wasn't challenging. So I decided to create a hard level for them(You can win if you really pro). Mesopotamia : Wait, it's too hard for world 1!

kaizo sessions 1-3: grass hills close

By brogameryt

this is a very short level to practace kaizo. video here:

SMWTLI : W1-3 Sky High close

By Jesse Alexanderrr

World 1 : Grassy Forest _____________________________________ Time to travel up above the forest to A cloudy area filled with bouncy mushrooms, tall plants, & rainbows. There is also a secret exit

OST Series: Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone close

By qwertyquop

Music: Green Hill Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog Now to continue what my OST Series was supposed to do: use soundtracks from other games. This time, using the soundtrack from Sonic the Hedgehog! About the level: Since the song is Green Hill Zone, the best theme to use would be a grassland themed level.