Bonus Fun :) close

By Jirachi

Update V2 : some new stuff is added to the level. :) Just a simple troll level.

world 9-bowser close

By francy Y

last level of mario adventure deluxe , lets'go !

SMH World 2-4 close

By TaroGaming

World 2-4

Blue Shell Surfing Course! close

By Nitrogamer

This is a semi-Kaizo Level with super percise platforming >:) After all it's a short level, but very challanging. If you get stuck, watch this video: play here: I actualy beat this level first try when i completely finnished without losing a life. so it isn't hard if you know all the new kaizo tech with the blue shell >:)

Cactus Desert close

By EdFanConstruct

You may get to see the description as soon as you load the code. (To make this easier, I will put a ~ inside the description. And its just my creativity.)

Ultra Bopshroom close


Bounce a mushroom to the end of 6 segments to damage boost through a Thwomp, Seems simple? Well, Not so much... Please give feedback so that if i make a sequel I will know what to do better.

Toad Heaven close

By NightWingStudios

This is an easy level but the jumping is an butt. This was just made out of bored-ism. I don't expect a 100/100. at least a 20/100 would make sense.

Hardly an Extremely Easy Spot the Difference close

By yolo

So I made a spot the difference level. It will lag, but it won't make too much of a difference as the aim is just to observe, not to play.

OST Series: Undertale - 19 close

By qwertyquop

I was seriously one song away from using an actual decent song, and this was what I had to make a level with? Why does this song have to be so uneventful? About the level: I was dreading about making a level with this song, since it's just seven seconds. Hopefully this terrible hold level is good enough. Also, fun fact, this is my first attempt at a hold level. With that information, feel free to rate low (with reason, of course).

Super Iggy Bros. - World 4-4 close

By IggyHopxD

Super Iggy Bros. - World 4-4: Into the desert skies! After Iggy got out of the long and hot lake he had to go through, he found an alternative way to continue through without the need of any flagpole, and decided to continue through the little sand road that was next to him, but after that, he will need to use a mushroom to hit some brick blocks to enter the pipe which will lead him to the top of the skies, and after jumping through the sky, he will gain access to the fortress, which is right on top of the Mirl Canyon, as this ancient mountain is called. What a mess of stuff Iggy has to go through to get to save his friends! However, we all know that with your help, he can get through anything, even through stuff tougher than this, so let's go! This level took literally nothing to make. Just a few hours and that was it. But I still think it looks pretty good. Cool design both for the desert area and for the sky area, and good challenges that involve both puzzling and then platforming. I really do not have much to say, but the opinion that matters truly is yours. Enjoy! Clues to find the secret 1-up: "In the wild west of the desert skies, right the opposite direction of the Mirl Canyon, a lonely platform rests, holding on top something that historians still haven't got to find out what it is, since most weren't able to make the jump to the nearby falling lift." I hope you all enjoy this level, and of course, feel free to give me your opinion about it. 4-Fortress will hopefully be here in some days, so stick around for that. Also, in some time, I'm planning to start recording Super Iggy Bros as a series to my Youtube channel, so stick around for that too! UPDATE 24th of March, 2020: I fixed a bunch of things in the level that Nuozzu explained to me in a video review he did. Here is the list of things I changed: -Added more enemies in the Lakitu chase area -Fixed the blind jump in the 1-up area -Fixed the infinite 1-up farm glitch -Changed a small section near the beginning of the sky section to be a bit more different -Changed completely the small section with the bullet bill cannon jumps -Added more enemy variety rather than just koopas -Changed the fortress tiling in the end to fit better. In next level's description, I'll explain a little better the new fortress mechanic so that you can now understand how you will be able to know if the next level is a fortress or not.

Dry Desert and Warm Oasis close

By Build

My first SMC level which is a desert level. There are many bones and fossils buried in this desert along with some desert enemies on the surface, and Monty moles are present in this level, there is a challenge that requires you to use the platform monty moles to advance through the level. Can you find the 3-Up Moon??