SMW: Bowser's Revenge 1-1 V2 close

By FrnAmarilla

after the events of Super Mario World, Bowser attacks the kingdom, kidnapping Mario (News: The Level was extended, there are more Dragon Coins and I followed some of their advice in the comments of the first version) Background by: Triplebarrel

Pipes and Presents close

By adam02oc

EDIT: Fixed warp glitch and Switch errors EDIT: Fixed Layering error, lmao This is my first attempt at a SMC level. Hopefully you enjoy! This is my nineteenth uploaded level overall.

Palm Beach ~Newer Super Mario Bros Wii~ close

By LuigiXD/_29

this level is based off of "palm beach..." the first level in a hack called Newer Super Mario Bros Wii. i had to take some creative liberties by adding more enemies, added scenery to the sky sub-area, and making the cave's smaller (since the screen is bigger in nsmbw, so you can fit more on one) also. since in nsmbw has 3 layers, instead of 2, i made the "grass" semi-solid, this allowed for some more exploration, less layer usage (l3 doesn't exist in smf2) & 2 more sta-i mean dragon coins... can you collect them all?

Super Iggy Bros. - World 2-2 close

By IggyHopxD

Super Iggy Bros. - World 2-2: Starry Fields Iggy continues his trips through the dark, yet fully planted parks of the Refri landscape. At the end of this exact park, it seems like there is a different colored-looking structure, similar to a castle, but grey, whose presence is predicted by another very tall grey tower found midway between the starting area and the fortress. Help our hero get through! Unlike normally, I'm going to write the clues to find the secret 1-up mushroom here instead of in the end of the description, since the next portion of the description kind of spoils you where it is. So here's the clue: "That gigantic tower... what could lie inside? A spirit? A falling rock? A... reward? Who knows? Only the brave ones who dare enter may know." So here we are! World 2-2 arrived. I'm gonna talk about this levels in two different matters now: Design, and challenges. So design-wise, this level was kind of tedious to make, mainly because there are so many different scenery choices for a grassland, so it was hard to choose which ones to use in which places to make it not look bad. In the end, I came up with this. I'm not that proud of how it looks, but it's still decent honestly. However, I think I did pretty good with the design inside the tower in the middle, since it fits pretty well and has no major repetition or overdecoration that makes it look bad. Also, before moving on to the challenge description I may as well talk about why the fortress in the ending is grey. The next level is going to be a fortress level, but if I use the grey castle tiling people are going to think that it's either a big castle (Like the ones in the ending of a world) or a normal castle (Like the ones in the ending and beginning of most levels). So to know if the next level is gonna be a fortress, see if the castle is gray. Hope that helps! :) So about the challenges: I think it's ok challenge-wise. I used a cool backtrack in the start, a good ol' bullet bill jump in the zone after the bonus tower, and an always welcomed easy invisible block challenge right before the ending. But what I liked the most was that you need to do the pixel jump with the piranha plant (Or a damage boost if you don't feel like doing a precise trick) to get to the bonus tower. So I hope you all enjoy this level, and of course, feel free to give me your opinion. Next level is gonna be a mini fortress, so make sure to check it out once it's out!

Super Mario World: Bowser's Revenge 1-1 close

By FrnAmarilla

after the events of Super Mario World, Bowser attacks the kingdom, kidnapping Mario

Super Mario World Deluxe W4-F: Butter Fortress close

By javien322

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! Finally, After almost 3 months, I've finally finished making my next level :D! After Mario pushes himself through W4A-4, He arrives at a Fortress made of Butter. Now, In this level you need to- WAIT A MINUTE!! Did I just mentioned that this Fortress is made of BUTTER?? Yeah I legit just called shenanigans right about now LOL. Anyway, You need to make it through this Fortress and solve some tricky puzzles. In the 1st part, I realized I wanted to make a Buttery Fortress level without knowing at the LAST second, So lets just pretend that Mario arrived at the wrong Fortress on accident and then arrived at the correct Fortress after the 2nd pipe. There is a section where you go outside. There's even a section where you have to swim in water and dodge lava. "Rhyme Time With Javien" has now upgraded with longer poems! I learned how to make better and more rhymes. Also, Shout out to NESFilipGamer for being the first person to rate my previous level. If you want a shout out in my next level, Simply be the first person to rate this level and there you go! Can you conquer this level and collect all 5 dragon coins? Good Luck!

Malice Palace close

By adam02oc

It's a Switch Palace like no other for Mario. The puzzles perplex him, the enemies evade him and the Mushrooms melt his mind. Will he pull through? There are THREE Dragon Coins to collect. Can you get them all? This is my eighteenth uploaded level. Enjoy!

Super Iggy Bros. - World 2-1 close

By IggyHopxD

Super Iggy Bros. - World 2-1: Arrival to the Refri Landscape After Iggy beat who he thought it was Bowser in the Snowy Island, he found just one of his previously captured friends. However, after thanking Iggy for saving him, this friend said the rest of the group of friends were actually took by the real Bowser to another castle, and the one who Iggy had just defeated was just a fake one. The real one escaped into another place. So together, they went into the closest island in the Francis Archipelago: The Refri Island. This place consists in a very big landscape which, because of an evil spell a very old wizard dictator made over the land, it's always nighttime, so the sun never gets to shine into the island. Still, the place is very beautiful, and full of nature that lives there despite the conditions that the spell left it with. Now, Iggy has to venture through this dark world and continue his adventure to save the rest of his friends. Happy New Year people! Here we go, 2 days in and we have 2-1 of SIB in our hands. I made and finished the level on the 28th of December, but like I said on my profile, I decided to publish it in this week to celebrate the 4 year anniversary of me making my account on Pouetpu Games. To be more precise, I made my PG account on the 4th of January, but turns out, the 4th of January (AKA this Saturday), I'm gonna go to a pool (It's Summer over here in Argentina, so going to a pool is a good thing to do), so I'm publishing this earlier. So since this is a celebration level, I have to thank you all for this awesome community I've been in for all these 4 years. I've learnt and enjoyed a lot of things with all of you, and I'm definitely having a good time connected with this community. Thanks again, love you all. :) So for the level itself! I liked how I did this. I honestly think I did better here than with World 1's levels, since there are definitely a lot more design choices for grassland themes than there are for snow themes. And plus, I've used a lot of different gameplay techniques, to keep the level easy and generic, but still fun and interesting to play. And for the underground area, I used the rocky hill tileset instead of the normal brown underground tileset to be a bit more innovative with its design. So yeah, in all, I think this is a pretty good level for this series. Clues to find the 1-up: "Under a ceiling, over a tree." (Yeah, this one is very easy :P) Fun facts: 1. The place is called "Refri Landscape" because Refri is the name of one of my real life cats. 2. The archipelago's name, "The Francis Archipelago", is a reference to my real name, Francisco. (Yeah, name reveal everyone!) So, thanks for playing this level, and of course, feel free to give your opinion to me.

Super Luigi Hidden Lands 2-1 close

By BerKoBa

Now we are having a stop through the Tree Forest Land!

Chestnut Forest close

By Lyric_TheLegend

I regret making this