The Mexican Lands Of Mario 2 close

By Bowser Blum Blum

Hello Friends, I bring you The Mexican Lands of Mario 2 since I am proudly Mexican at heart and tomorrow, September 15, Mexico's Independence Day is celebrated. I will upload it today because tomorrow I will be very busy and right now I have time to post it. I hope you enjoy my level and it is to your liking. đŸ€Ș Mario will have a complicated adventure in his country of origin and will come to visit his Mexican lands, enter a cave that is thousands of years old and start dancing. The level before uploading was made thousands of attempts and it is possible if you are not sure of passing it the first time I recommend you look at the level editor to take into account what you have to do to complete the level.

Mario's Big Journey World 1-3 (Updated) close

By pafooka

I finally returned to making these levels...

Boom Boom's ! Maze close


Be very careful in the boss battle!

Present Panic close

By Garthantula

A short easy kaizoish level I made with presents My first level btw