Made in 15 Minutes close

By Lag YT

Please don't give this a 1

The Invation close

By bob_r

cool level i made also.. and i fixed the level so there should be an end goal now also changed some other things

Frosting Flaming Cave close

By T_Sonic54

Mario has ended up in a mysterious cave where every time he enters a door it changes the temperature of the cave! (This my second level the other got corrupted)

Test Level close

By baronbrrrrettwastaken

This is a test level for the new snapshot that came out on SMC :)

Anyone want to Collab? close

By Megaminder127

Anyone want to collab? Tell me in the comments. feel free to rate my level!

Mushroom Mountain close

By baronbrrrrettwastaken

This tall, treacherous mountain can bring out the worst in a hiker's legs... At least the mushrooms make it stand out! NOTE: Every jump was playtested and is possible!

Schneekrieg By bob_r27.8%
Schneekrieg close

By bob_r

extreme snowball fight [ insert here snarky one liner ]

Earth By Key scratch33.6%
Earth close

By Key scratch

Easy and simple level

Mario's Great Adventure Part 2. close

By Bowser Blum Blum

Hello friends how are you? This level is the continuation of Mario's great adventure. This is part 2 as the first part got a gold rating. If this level gets a gold rating, I will gladly do the third part, but if this level doesn't get a gold rating, I'm afraid there won't be a third since in the levels of the series called a day like any other it I made. until the third part and not one if they took the gold classification and one if I did the third part of the level and I feel that the new series of levels the great adventure of mario if they took the gold hopefully. this level is possible, don't say it's impossible and don't give me 1/100 because I'm afraid I'll have to do a tutorial. This level is based on Mario being in a park where you can see the swings, I hope you like the level.

Suspiciously innocent.. close

By Megaminder127

My Brother and I made a collab together!