Sky Thing close

By MistaDrop

My first real level. Is about medium difficulty for me, but some players may find it easier.

Pyramid in the Desert close

By Happy_Gav12345

Mario somehow got into a desert, which has a pyramid taken over by Bowser. The pyramid itself has many treasures, including 5 Yoshi Coins. Before you play my level, let me tell you that the yellow lava is quicksand, so do not question it. This one took me about 5.5 hours to make.

1-5 By Vencedor76.5%
1-5 close

By Vencedor

mega mario lava man stage close

By dominic

the hammer suit is the item from rock man stage

Boom Boom's Invasion 2-5(preview) close

By wolf870

This is just a preview. The full version will come out soon. All parts are possible.

Bowser's Castle F1-1 close

By UltraLuigi85

Help Mario rescue all the Toad's from Bowser

Super Nathen Journey 1-2 close

By shadownathen

Please give this a good rate. I worked so hard on this level. If i have a rate below 30% ill cancel this game. BTW: if you see the "hi lp" eater egg, I meant Hi level palace.