The First Grasslands close

By William the Mario Maker

Gonna' be Creating my Own Mario Game for the Time Being as well.

Frantic Forest-1: Whimsy Flimsy Forest close

By solidfire

the first level for the series technically oh well, its finished might as well release it

Beginner Hills (SMF2) close

By TheoVazquez

If your reading this, yes, it's still possible to play Super Mario Flash games. Download link:

Mario's Journey: W 5-2 Shiver Mountain close

By Bonus

Two levels in one day! The start of this one in particular is pretty good, with lots of icicles and enemies, and the second half is more puzzle-focused, such as using ON-OFF Blocks and Grab Blocks. As for the story... After making it through the snowfields and learning about King Boo's invasion (where he apparently brought Diggin' Chucks and Nipper Plants), Mario must make his way through the treacherous Shiver Mountain in order to reach Crystal Palace and deafeat King Boo.

Mario's Journey: W 5-1 Shiver Snowfield close

By Bonus

Keep your power-ups from the previous level, even though I doubt anyone remembers what they had. This level isn't very complex, but it should still be short and fun. Edit: I think I fixed the Goal Orb cheese, as well as added a few more Diggin' Chucks to make the level a bit harder.

SMW: Bowsers reign: 1-1: Koopa Grasslands close

By Cammario

Bowser is at stealing Princess Peach again, but this time, he turned her into a toad, and he destroyed her castle. Will Mario stop Bowser, or will he stop Mario? This is a pretty relaxed level. W1: Pretty Plains W2: Sunny Seaside W3: Dangerous Desert W4: Fearsome Forest W5: Indefinite Icelands W6: Sweet Sky W7: Vicious Volcanoes W8: Koopa Keep W9: Bonus Land

Super Mario Construct: Mine Cart Carnage~DKC1 New! close

By William the Mario Maker

This is a Remake of the Original Super Mario Construct Revision of Mine Cart Carnage, but this Time there are Maps to Seperate Sections of the Level so there's no Lagging and there's Easy to Jump across for Poison and much more

TOICotAT By Cammario80.2%
TOICotAT close

By Cammario

level level close

By mammuth

a normal level