Swimming in the Desert's Oasis close

By Soundless1997

Oh man, what a summer it was. Taking summer courses, seeing some long distant relatives. Well, I am still here making levels. This is an underwater course. I wish they made bloopers (which I don't think I'll ever use) actual bloopers instead of acting like the rip van fish.

Bowser's Underwater Trap close

By LevelRem


world 7 level The Great Escape close

By DrBrains

https://pastebin.com/7ZGCsZFF https://lbfangames.000webhostapp.com/SuperMarioConstruct/

Mario's Challenge 2-3: Mushroom Bridge Area close

By Mesopotamia

Music: New Super Mario Bros Wii Athletic Just FYI, I didn't really test this thoroughly before posting so it had many edits until I'm confident to say this is not trollish and completely possible.

SBFA2: W-1 / Tower close

By Bar5723

***STORY*** Bar5723's first tower level. You know the drill. Reach the top to find Boom-Boom and beat him. Then continue your adventure with Mario and the gang as usual. Save World 1! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey, everyone! I started creating a few of my newest custom levels that are the hugest (which a few are the same level size like "The Massive Facility of Elements") to save the best for last to wrap up my Level Palace career. If you want to see the levels I'm currently work on right now, a list is on my profile. Go check it out! And I will also do another series absolutely similar to this one! The difference will be custom backgrounds and music, and only a few new sprites and scenery. It is called: "Super Bar5723 Flash Adventure 2 Remastered" (SBFA2R)! I'll tell you more about it when I start publishing some new levels of that series. But anyway, good luck progressing through this one!!

Mario's Forest Puzzle close

By LevelRem


Mario's Challenge 2-2: Monty Mole Forest close

By Mesopotamia

Woohoo my exams are finally over?! Anyways, hope y'all don't judge me too bad for this piece, since this level is pretty... simplistic. That's because I've got really, REALLY, pissed off trying to get the forest tree tiling PROPERLY done. Also, there are a couple of tricky jumps in the level designed to make you pull your hair, literally, since it takes almost split-second timing to get past both of them :P Difficulty: Mid-Hard Music: Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze Theme