did you know:2 things you can do in levels of smc! close

By robinarensgamer

a short level explaining 2 things which are possible in smc and shouldn´t be removed after the next update too like the other handy stuff in levels!

The Elemental Caverns close


Story: Mario has to go on a quest through 3 of the many elemental caverns, On this adventure he is going through the Fire, Ice, And stone caverns finding powerups related to them along the way. I am back! I doubt any people remember me because of how long I have been gone for. This is an easy level using the Fireflower, Iceflower, and Metal powerups in unique ways.

kaizo sessions 6-4 dark city close

By brogameryt

sorry for the lack of scenery i got a little rushed at the end.

New Super Mario World 1-1 close

By BreadBoi64

This series is based off of nsmbds. Enjoy!

1-4 MVIE That Golem close

By Mr Chocolate Donut

Welcome to your perdition Mario!! Hahahaha!! Atte: Golem of earth

All Power-Ups close

By Maro


Lost-Chapter 1 : ??? close

By ColdFloofyGamer

What is this place?(Edit)This level is inspired by a horror rom hack for SMW, hence no music, and repeat level.

Mario and his Quarantine. close

By MarioConstructor

Read a description first. -----Very Important----- I wrote this column when it got featured. I just want to said "This level is my last hope. If it ended up in silver, that mean I'm not good enough for LP. No, I didn't force you to rate gold. You can rate lower if you have enough reason." -----Important----- Please do not fake rate or rate bad with a stupid reason or rate bad and not giving a reason. -----Introduction----- No, this is not a joke level. It has a gameplay in this level. -----Story----- Mario is got quarantine, but quarantine was very boring. So he decided to take a training course due the quarantine. -----What's new----- 1.Less precise challenges (compare to my previous levels) 2.Mercy (More lives & checkpoints) -----Something about this level----- Lives : 18 Times : Infinite Disabled power-up container. (for anti cheesed) Big Mario at start for fair. Course 1 : A standard level. Arrow sign is a hint in this level. Follow magenta arrow sign first, then wooden arrow sign last. Course 2 : A little bit more challenging than Course 1. Arrow sign will tell the moving direction of platforms. Course 3 : Challenging boss rush course. You got a checkpoint every 3 bosses. (6 Boom Boom,3 Bowser). I recommend turn your volume down in this course because the music was very loud (-10db but it still loud). The difficult was between Medium and Hard. So I set a difficult in description at Medium. You can say it hard if you think it's hard. Note : This level is 100% possible. -----Credit----- Custom music credit -BGM origin site https://downloads.khinsider.com/ -Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUxrcfp537g Custom background credit https://smcbgs.wordpress.com/ (Thanks to Orangetack for background site) -Image used https://i.imgur.com/qignhkT.png (Map 1,7) https://i.imgur.com/ulLJsHW.png (Map 2) https://i.imgur.com/lJljUOW.png (Map 3) https://i.imgur.com/jf3iDIm.png (Map 3) https://i.imgur.com/HTE6qHE.png (Map 4) https://i.imgur.com/aUKLB86.png (Map 5) https://i.imgur.com/WzJ3RDZ.png (Map 6)