Kaizo Mario World 3-3 close

By enn123

This level is heavily based around chucks and chuck related things. GLHF!

Nightcore Mario(Unfinish) close

By Its who

My First Unfinish Hardest Level.

The mysterious lands close

By kingkestro777

I want to thank you all even though until now only 4 did a preview to my last level, I will try to do the levels as better as possible and let you play it easly. This is my second level, or better to say "gameplay" because it has a lot of levels and maps. It can look boring, but just keep a thing in your mind: everytime you will get harder challenges until you'll reach the final boss(bowser) and save the little mushroom princess. Info - max maps(that are used to make like 8 levels, and you will note when levels change I think) - Each level contains 3 dragon coins(total 24) which can be chosen to be taken by those who want more challenges and those who want to make it a more difficult gameplay. - Warning! I don't think it is 100% "normally" hard, sometimes it can be harder than you think or more than hard, but not extreme, and everything is possible until now, while I gave reviews at the gameplay over 10 times after correcting the mistakes that I did during this little work. I'm still not 100% sure if I was accurate to do it but the last time I controlled it I found 0 mistakes. Tell me if something goes wrong again :D(hope not) so I can edit it. It took me 1 week to do it, I don't think I will do gameplays like this anymore hahah. Rate this level as much as you think it deserves to be appreciated, and if it should be rated 1, rate it 1 :) . From time to time I'm playing the level again, and is always updating, I remove some useless things and the mistakes. I conclude it here, let the rest become a surprise for you and all the best :) . The level is everytime updating...

SuperO World 3-4 close

By SuperO

A castle in center of the desert! Maybe you can find some water inside the castle. Do not give up and try!

World 4-C "Iggy's Overgrown Castle" close

By kowalski

Patience is key....sorry for the wait.

AKM - Stage 4: Space Severity close

By Eduard

This is the fourth stage of the first world (1-4), but it is not on your planet, but in space, where you must pass it to return. ====== At this stage you will do several challenges with the gravity mechanics (in relation to the theme of the space phase), where you will see two parts, one of low gravity and the other of high gravity. ====== Custom musics: Rockface Rumble - Donkey Kong Country 3

SuperO World 3-2 close

By SuperO

Now we will go inside the pyramid. This pyramid has been intact for thousands of years and has become the symbol of this desert.

SuperO World 3-1 close

By SuperO

Living in desert is hard. You must drink some water. Also,you must live with hot air. Can you survive in desert?

Snowflake Lake (less decor) close

By pizza475

It has come to my attention that my level is filled to the brim with decorations. This version still has decor, but about 1/3 removed