Think fast! close

By BananaMan 248

Please don't coment: ''This user did not provide a review.'', because I don't like this coment!...

luigi's journey close

By yerick1990

Luigi is at home but realizes that Mario is not ... save it from the clutches of boom boom!

The Midnight close

By Nuozzu4 Level tribute to TFD. This its the first level of my serie "The Midnight" and will be only 4 or 5 levels. Each level will have a theme. In this case, a left level (with some backtrack). As always, there are glitches in the level: the jump with speed. Read the first point: In the part of the jumping koopa (in the screenshot), the green pipe where you did come from, takes you too to the previous zone (Bonus Area). Watch the video if you need help and please don't rate down for the difficulty or for don't know how to solve a part. Please explain why you rate down 100 and don't rate 99.

World 230-2: Dungeon Caverns close

By KyleTheWraith

Level 2 for the series "Mario And The Lost Continent"! Mario suddenly falls into a pit and lands on top of a blue koopa. Not sure where he is, he finds himself trapped inside of a dungeon with lots of monsters and traps in the way. Mario attempts to escape the dungeon cavern... Level updated, edited between x:1900 till x:4180! And for the people complaining about the 1 up mushroom, IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET. Update 2: I edited out the slow autoscroll. Enjoy the level.

Chargin' Chuck Castle close

By Gamerclm678

While playing sports, these chucks found an old castle, but instead of fixing it, they just spray painted everything yellow and started playing sports again, and their boss boom boom doesn’t seem too happy on the idea of you coming in.

Under The Sea close

By MarvoDust

You are under the entire sea. Criticism needed.

Fluffy Grass Forest close

By Gamerclm678

This forest is full of all sorts of interesting secrets! I tried to up the decoration a bit, and some vines are just decoration, some are to beat the level! Edit: I went back and changed some things about the level you guys told me about, and I was especially sure to change the ending, the most disliked part of the level, to make it more interesting.

World 230-1: Green Unplains (Ver.C Remake) close

By KyleTheWraith

I decided to make a remake of this level and added a lot of stuff like decorations and fixed some cutoffs and... This time it's not just any level... It's part 1 of a series I'm making called "Super Mario & The lost continent" which is world 230. Anyways... enjoy the level.

Deep Darkness close

By KyleTheWraith

Level inspired by Earthbound's Deep Darkness. Remember to not go too deep into the water.