A Day Like Any Other Part 2 Mario Facing King Boo close

By Bowser Blum Blum

Hello Friends I bring you a new level I hope you like it is the second part of a day like any other part 2 in this new adventure Mario will have to face the evil King Boo I hope and you like this level and you like it I did it with affection so that kids are trained.

The return of the floor close

By Blork

:) i found the idea of appearing floors on smm2

I´m done making lp levels!!!!! close

By robinarensgamer

this is the end of making levels for now,ill continue on lss soon...bye! edit:thanks to everyone who rated my last level here,I really do appreciate it since this is a bad level,I will soon continue on lss on the palette update

(W1) Mushroom Fields - 1 close

By SupaMarioFan

W1-1 (Super Mario 2D World)

Aerial Ascension close

By babayaga0504

As summer vacation approaches, I will be spending time with family and friends. When I get back in August, I will have enough money in my bank savings to open up "Baba-yoga", a special yoga studio where I bend over backwards to 'train' youths to get them on the right 'track'. To be eligible for Baba-yoga lessons, you must be 18 years or older and possess the ability to make mountains out of mole hills by complaining about something as worthless as "popularity" for 5 months straight.

layout-layout close

By qwertyquop

Video: Coming soon About the level:

Wrong way through the 1 way close

By Blork

It's true, you can go through 1 ways the other way.

Icy Infiltration close

By babayaga0504

Let's see how many people I can trigger with this.

OTC 28 By SuperO56%
OTC 28 close

By SuperO

Only Two Colors