The Forest Temple close

By boii

Get past thwomps, hammer bros, fire, and more in this forest adventure!

My World 4-Castle close

By theorensummoner

My apologies for not making this sooner, I really just got lazy. Have a good day and rate honestly. =] Hint: Under a lake of gold, but requires no swimming. Don't get poked looking for the hint

Yoshi's Revenge close

By boii

Use the enemies to hit yoshi! (This is a very short boss fight!) (This isn't my best work!) (If you don't like it, I can remake it or delete it!)

Winter Weather close

By Markw0000

I love making this type of level. you gonna love the ice level


By FelipeLeonYT


The Yoshi Sacrifice close

By boii

You hated my last one, so I made a new one! I can see why you hated it though! Not my best work! Those comments helped me! Anyway, this level has you sacrifice yoshi! I got more ideas as I was making! (Did this fix your complaint?)

PlumR Dreams (L1 - Land of the Free...) close

By JetWing34

Level 1 of 13 - Land of the Free... The hills are happy and the monsters roam around the hilly pastures. It was a wonderful day for the Italian plumber to explore on another journey. It was, until in Mario's hallucination, that Bowser breathed fire as the plumber feared death in his dream. This is not your typical Mario story. It's an enchanted dream turned into an evil nightmare, as Bowser sat upon his throne overlooking the villainy thrives. Get ready for a joyride, with x8360 of the entire level to explore. Enjoy the first level - Land of the Free...

Super Mario World Deluxe W4A-2: N. Butter Bridge close

By javien322

Super Mario World Deluxe World 4A-2: North Butter Bridge After Mario crosses West Butter Bridge, He now Travels up North to North Butter Bridge. In this level, You need to Once again do platforming in this level. You have to go to the Sub Area. Why? Because in the Sub Area, There is a Text box that contains a code. You will need this code when you arrive at Bowsers Castle. Make sure you write that code on A notepad or piece of paper or try to screenshot it to remember this code. Bowser will ask you questions and use the code of numbers to enter his layer and answer the questions. Good Luck