Tale of Mesopotamia - From Young Child to Savior close

By Mesopotamia

This will be my contest entry for the 5th LP Contest. This story will tell you about how a young girl had to be forced to take up the role of savior of her homeland when it's invaded by hordes of demons. Music used: Koi Solitaire - Journey to the East (Map 1 and 5) Koi Solitaire - Sudden Assault (Maps 2 to 4)

Goomba Trail close

By somegit

This is my first level ever made in Super Mario Construct and I LOVE the level creator. I played around with a few things and then made this level. I'm still new to SMC's level creator but I'm sure I'll get better over time (hopefully) This level is..... a level.. thats for sure.

Land o' the Clouds close

By JetWing34

This is the land, the land under the cloud, Where the hills are happy and proud; Mario's cloud hat stands alone in the land, Like the Saharan desert's lonely sand. Remember wisely the exits are two, The key and the goal tape, begin with you. Use your clouds, the max is three, Time it right over the cave lava sea!

Generik Rockville ('Shroomed and Switched) close

By Softendo

My first ever SMC level so give me all of harshness as much as you like. Also don't ignore the textbox of the beginning of the level for heck's sake.

Bill's Canyon close

By Lyric_TheLegend

This level is more fast-paced than my others, good luck, & have fun! 26 Playz?!

cross islands 1-1 close

By DV_Rick123

a level with lots of jumps, and a lot of fun

Underground Mine 2 close

By Nuozzu4

https://youtu.be/-MERwxSythc All blue pipes are reset warps. All the level its possible, please no comment "ohhhh nuossu this level its impossible make it more easy -99" I play smf1 since 2008 so i know a lot of this game. The fireball run can be executed if the player press space in the tile 393. About the parts after the first challenge you must jump while you pick the mushroom, use the pipe if something its wrong.

The Snowy Forest close

By Superawesome3