Icy Cold Cavern close

By txlu_456

After escaping the mountain, Mario finds himself back in the snow only to discover an icy cave blocking his path. Can you find the 3 bronze coins.(1 per map)

Volcanic Valley close

By Jesse Alexanderrr

Mario And The Orbs Of Power: Area 8 Mario has now collected all 7 of the orbs. And now it is time to travel the deadly volcanic valley to get to bowser's castle. There is also a secret exit

The Mythical Space close

By Jirachi

You are in the unknown world called The Mythical Space. Try finding the 4 Mythicals: Jirachi, Victini, Mew, Shaymin.

glaciares gelidos close

By tkahun

no te resbales. =J

Tower of gore close

By Gygas Player

Only for the most experienced players. This is an 15 minutes long level with hitbox abuse . 2 high difficulty bosses included. The first boss will not despawn (he is pure hitbox abuse too)

Tropical Beach close

By BananaMan 248

just publishing this again :p bruh


By Vencedor

I'ts in beta(no in the smc betta, the level is not finished)