SMWTLI : W1-1 Sunset Shores close

By Jesse Alexanderrr

Mario and his friends were going on a vacation. When there ship got attacked by Banzai bills. They're ship got destroyed. They have landed on a island that they have never seen before. Mario has been tasked to look for his toad freinds scattered across the island.

kaizo konstruct 6. close

By brogameryt

this level was made to stall for the next kaizo level coming in a few days! this was rushed a bit because i had to do kaizo konstruct 7!

my 7 year old brother's first SMC levlel close

By creator

This is a level made by my little brother, so don't expect too much. More a level for the shits and giggles please don't feature this too, I know a lot of people here like to automatically feature my levels, but this one really doesn't deserve it lol also don't worry, I'm making actual serious levels too, but hey if you guys wanna troll Seven when he does another one of those playing your levels livestreams, go ahead lol

Super Mario World Adventure: 1-1 Goombsroom Plains close

By wooliestplate89

After Mario & Luigi Bowser's inside story Bowser decided to kiddnap Princess Peach again. Will Mario save the day? Play the level for more information.

Spin To Win close

By bruhurb

bruhurb is not responsible for any nightmares about this level, dizziness, loss of a loved one, or desire to live in the woods.

The Exotic Jungle close

By lannoene

Go through a (sort of) jungle with lots of creatures to get to the end.

kaizo konstruct 3 close

By brogameryt

hopefully this is better than 2

Super Luigi World 1-1 close

By FryingTheOof

You must save your bro Luigi. Move on, the journey has just begun.