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I'm Working on a new Series which is (TBH), It would be 6 Worlds With 6 Levels each, With different kinds of gameplay and experiments ill be doing.

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I reported the rate on your 1-1. If a rate seems unfair, just tell a moderator.

01/16/19 at 8:20 PM


@awesomeness777 AllenCaspe9510 Yes, if you think something's wrong, just let staff know. You can use the report feature, comment on a staff member's profile, or even contact us on discord. I went ahead and deleted the rate!

01/17/19 at 6:33 PM


@Tristaph I didn't know about the report feature. thanks for knowing

01/19/19 at 2:12 AM


You know what a kaizo level is? That's what my level is. Kaizo is actually Japanese for "rebuild" but Americans have made it out to mean insanely difficult, the level wasn't made with geometry dash in mind but rather "Silver Catastrophe" from Super Ryu World 2" and the music is Fortress 2 blue - Culture shock
These levels carry through a specific theme and have various challenges, they're nothing like normal levels (explaining the powerup part of your rate) generally the only time any kaizo level will give you a powerup is if it is the gimmick of the level, for instance flying with the Cape, fireballs from a fire flower, or the ability to break blocks with a mushroom

You should look up some modern kaizo smw hacks if you want to know what I mean, I would recommend salty Sagan world or invictus :)

01/14/19 at 12:41 AM


@Janos Ah, i know what you mean, but i usually watch kaizo video stuff when i was a kid and i always thought it was easy, but its actually hard, just to mention it, geometry stuff got some rage compliments, i think kaizo is like that too

01/14/19 at 12:50 AM


@AllenCaspe9510 Depends on how you look at it I guess, but honestly raging at something gets you nowhere, when you calm down and focus is when you can actually be successful

01/14/19 at 1:52 AM