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Welcome to my profile. I'm a small user who works hard to make Mario Stages...  If you're curious about my name, I got it from a name generator. I am not really a fan of reviewing others levels as I don't like hurting other's feelings. However, I will review occasionally. You can find a super secret level in most of my levels besides Tree Castle Climb. I am new at building Mario levels so feedback is very helpful to me!

Currently Working On: "Project Ocean" codename

Release Date: Soon...

I am working on a new underwater level with a neat concept. Thing is, I am not very good at water levels, and monster placement is proving to be tough. Wish me the best!

Thank you for reading. Be sure to visit my profile occasionally for visual updates and information regarding my future content.

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For custom music, my preferred method is to upload my own MP3s to Dropbox; Orangetack has a video explaining the uploading-and-using-in-SMF-once-you-already-have-an-MP3-file end of it in more depth. The current SMF2 Version C build is a little bit user-friendly and lets you insert a custom music URL through the editor.

As far as getting the MP3 goes, I’m guilty of using Youtube-to-MP3 conversion sites, but this place comes packing tracks from a lot of video games. I actually use Audacity to trim to tracks myself. You need to download something else for Audacity to be able to save MP3 files, which Audacity tells you how to find if you try to save something as an MP3 without it. (Or you could save as .WAV and convert that to MP3 through some website.)
I generally export the MP3 tracks at no higher than a bitrate of 64 kbps, since custom music won’t quite loop perfectly if the filesize is too big. Looping custom music takes a little bit of figuring out but isn’t that hard if you clip the files yourself like I do.


You do need to sign up for Dropbox, but you don’t need to pay for anything unless you plan to store more than like 2 Gigabytes or something on your account.

Also, if you’re lucky, somebody might’ve already uploaded the track you’re looking for. If you’re in the Level Palace Discord, there’s a channel for that, but there are a couple of online lists of MP3s prepared specifically for SMF2 and 3:

SMF Custom Music Database by Luigibonus:

My list:

Hope this helps you with your custom musical needs!~

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@Retzorg Thanks!

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