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             YO PEOPLE!

Welcome to my profile! My name is Bartek, And I life somewhere in Poland. I like Computer studies, Cartoons, Mario Games and More! I am also 12 Years old, so I was born on 23/06/2007 in Poland of course. Enjoy my levels!

Upcoming levels:

Windows Maze

Super BartekZioomPro Bros World 4-2

Super BartekZioomPro Bros World 4-3

Super BartekZioomPro Bros World 4-4

Super BartekZioomPro Bros World 4-5

Super BartekZioomPro Bros Worlds:

World 1: Grass World

World 2: Chocolate World

World 3: Snow World

World 4: Night World

World 5: Lava World

World 6: Underground World

World 7: Brown World

World 8: Castle World


1: No Hating my Levels

2: No putting fake rates on my levels

3: No giving me Unsatisfactory on my levels

4: No putting rude comments on my profile

5: No telling me to update my levels

If you broke rules of my profile, you will eat those letters. You have been warned

NOTE: You can put This user did not provide a review on my levels

      Information of my life:

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Real name: BartekZioomPro

Country: Poland

Favourite Game: ROBLOX

Favourite Food: Chips

Favourite Fruit: Apple

     My Top 3 Favourite Days:

1: March 16, 2019 due to Getting Robux on Roblox By Someone

2: August 21, 2018 due to going to Warsaw

3: July 10, 2019 due to Winning a Few Times on Roblox Flood Escape

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On Fire

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Reward: 5XP

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Reward: 100XP

True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


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Deleted ur comment by accident, anyway, I'll rate it when it comes out

09/15/19 at 8:18 AM


ej my jesteśmy jedyni z polski chyba

07/24/19 at 2:22 PM

Bartek Zioom Pro

@Marz No nie wiem

07/25/19 at 2:43 AM

Bartek Zioom Pro

Hey guys! I am Working on Windows Maze, and It might take me sometime to finish it! Stay tuned, folks!

07/16/19 at 8:24 AM


The Rabit from happy tree friends :d

07/15/19 at 6:08 AM

Bartek Zioom Pro

@AllenCaspe9510 It is Cuddles :)

07/15/19 at 6:36 AM