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Hello. Welcome to my profile. I upload many Super Mario Flash 3 levels every week or so.

I hope you like them.

I am also the founder of The Golden Entrepreneurs! We also have our own Discord server! Check it out:

Upcoming  levels:

Newer Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: 

Spike Tower -     4-Tower   - A tower with the falling spikes!

??? -   4-3    - A level with fire and ice!

Super Mario Mystical Islands:

Hothead Hills -       2-2     - A level using amazing mechanics with Hotheads!

Fall Fortress -       2-Fortress   - End of the Goldwood forest and using Fire Bros!

How I discovered SMF:   I discovered it on september 2018. First I found SMF1 and played the story mode. But one day I found out that you can make levels in SMF! I made my own little series. I wasn't really good at making them. I played my own levels pretending to be a youtuber. Still to this day I want to be a youtuber. After that I discovered SMF2! I made a lot of a bit better levels. I was still not good at making levels. I was making levels there for about a week or so. I googled up SMF3 and I couldn't believe that there was another level editor game. I was there for about a month. One day I saw in the corner "GET CODE" That's how I discovered Level Palace! I played other people's levels and I was impressed how good they were. I started my own series in SMF3. Then I saw that you can post levels for free! I signed up and posted my levels. I expected my levels to be amazing, but they were really bad and I got 75 from Tristaph. I improved my level making. (still not as good as Allen's)


Newer Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Super Mario Mystical Islands 


MJATW will be canceled because I don't have time for it. :(

If you want me to rate your level then tell me in the comments.

Newer Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

World 1 - Leaf Plains

World 2 - Forgotten Desert

World 3 - Deep Seas

World 4 - Snowy Hills

World 5 - Green Jungle

World 6 - Mountain Mines

World 7 - High Clouds

World 8 - Bowser's World

Daily Joke:

The teacher asked John: "Why did you copy your friend's answers?"

Student asked the teacher: "How do you know?"

The teacher said: "In 18th question your friend answered I don't Know. You answered I don't know either."

Thanks for reading!

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Please do not give auto rates of 1 to troll levels. Some people like them, some do not. If it's not your preference then just don't rate the level, Thanks

07/21/19 at 2:23 PM

Golden Apple

@Tristaph Okay, sorry. Will the rate be deleted?

07/22/19 at 3:31 AM


@Golden Apple Yes, I deleted the rate

07/22/19 at 8:51 AM


You do realise that troll levels aren't technically bad per se. There is a specific method of rating troll levels. What you do is judge how creative their trolls are. Auto-rating troll levels a 1 is not a very good idea IMO

07/21/19 at 8:43 AM


please rate

07/20/19 at 6:14 AM


APPLE! Please rate World 6-2!

07/12/19 at 2:15 AM