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-World 2 of SIB is halfway done already!

-Some other non-SIB levels are being worked on, so keep an eye out for 'em ;)


Welcome to my profile people!


Introduction :

Hello there. I am IggyHopXD AKA Iggy, IggyHop, IggyXD, IggyKoolPaling (my old PG name), IggyKool (my Wii U name and former Miiverse name), Francisco (my real name), or however the hecc you wanna call me.

I am, apart from a lazy and fun teenager who does weird stuff, an LP user from Argentina, who likes playing Mario games a lot, and also likes to talk with other people both in real life and on the internet, despite being kind of shy in some situations.

I've been making SMF levels since 2011, when I was just a small kid who didn't even have good English nor knew how to make levels properly, but I've been playing the game since then and knowing things about the community and level creation between 2013 and 2015. I joined the community in Pouetpu Games on January 4th, 2016, and I've been publishing and rating levels to the public since then. On April 28th 2016, the day LP was created, I joined it, and here we aren now.

I am normally pretty active, at least unless time-consuming life issues come in. If you want to rate one of my levels or want to tell me to rate one of yours, don't hesitate, you can do it!


Current Levels and Series:


Super Iggy Bros. (New SMF1 redone)

That's right - My first SMF series ever done is being reincarnated into an all-new SMF1 series! It has the same storyline and most of the same world themes (with some few exceptions), but this time, all the levels are absolutely new and unique in their way! The storyline, once again, is about how Iggy decides to go on a journey to stop Bowser's evil plan and rescue the people he cares for.


World 1 - Iggy's Snowy Island [6/6 Levels done]

The cold place where Iggy's adventure begins.

LEVELS: 4 normal levels, 1 secret, 1 castle

World 2 - Refri Landscape [5/9 Levels done]

The strange island where nighttime doesn't ever stop. Surrounded by the Willy Waters.

LEVELS: 6 normal levels, 1 fortress, 1 secret, 1 castle

World 3 - The Ghostly Tower [0/7 Levels done]

This dark tower is found in the other side of the Refri Landscape, where mysterious stuff happen all the time.

LEVELS: 5 normal levels, 1 secret level, 1 boss terrace

World 4 - Watery Desert [0/8 Levels done]

The hot desert where water is actually abundant. Why is it counted as a desert and not as a beach then? No one knows, but historians.

LEVELS: 5 normal levels, 1 fortress, 1 secret level, 1 airship

World 5 - Gigantic Grassy Park [0/10 Levels done]

A gigantic island, which is literally just a gigantic grassy park.

LEVELS: 6 normal levels, 1 ghost house, 2 secret levels, 1 "castle"

World 6  - Colorful Sierra [0/6 Levels done]

A very colorful mountainside, located in an island whose shape reminds of Argentina, Iggy's natal country. Divided in 4 parts: The brown mountain, the gray mountain, the orange mountain and the blue mountain.

LEVELS: 4 normal levels, 1 secret level, 1 castle

World 7 - Magma Lands [0/8 Levels done]

This area is where the volcano known as Mount Morpav once erupted, but its lava never got wiped out by anyone. So, unfortunately, you'll still have to avoid it.

LEVELS: 5 normal levels, 1 secret level, 1 fortress, 1 castle

World 8 - Nimbus Path [0/7 Levels done]

The beautiful clouds we see floating in the skies everyday, are actually the ground of this floating nation.

LEVELS: 4 normal levels, 1 ghost house, 1 secret level, 1 airship

World 9 - Bowser's World [0/9 Levels done]

The final challenge Iggy needs to confront to get to kick Bowser's tail and save all the important people he is looking after is finally here. An artificial world made by Bowser, which is a mix of different themes scattered around.

LEVELS: 7 normal levels (Including all kinds of different themes), 1 final castle, 1 bonus level (Kind of like a Champion's Road thingy made in SMF3)

Mario's computer world (1/25 levels) (Cancelled)

This series were cancelled back in July 2018, since the only level ever made for it was in 2017, and I never got the inspiration for working on it again afterwards.


Super Mario Flash: REMASTERED!


1-Orange Land (2 levels made so far)

2-Forest path

3-Grass island

4-Mountain world

5-Classic land

6-Light land

7-Castle land

Super Iggy Bros. (Original SMF2, cancelled)

This was where the original version of SIB was, before I lost interest in continuing it. It was made in SMF2, and had the same storyline as the new SMF1 redux.


Super User's Bros:

No progress has been done in this project for a long time. It is not decided if it is cancelled at all, however, some of the users either forgot to continue working on it or left the community, so I don't know if any progress will be made in the future at all.

A series with 8 worlds in it, plus 1 bonus world. Each world is made by one user, and it will look cool!

W1-Water Land: luigiXD (Finished)

W2-Cool caves: HackStar1 (Finished)

W3-Grassland: Brawler day (Finished)

W4-Yellow desert: LazorCozmic5 (Not started)

W5-Difficult land: Kusane Hexaku  (Not started)

W6-SMB3 grassland: Awesomeness 777 (Not started)

W7-Snow challenge: FullMetalDragon (Not started)

W8-Final world: IggyHopxD (Not started)

W9-Special world: TheBlackKoopa232 (Not started)



-There is only one world per user (I mean, an user can't do 2 or more worlds)

-You can only do 6 levels, I mean, additional ghost houses, bonus levels and others don't count, in other words, if you want to do a ghost house or fortress, it must be counted between the 6 levels, but you cant do more than 6.



Planned series:

Super Mario World 4 (SMF2, Future)

 Info:A new SMW game. It will have 10 worlds (8 normal worlds and 2 bonus worlds), Including Bonus levels in some worlds.

U.S.M.B.R.D. (SMF2, Future)

 Info:(I can't wait for it) SMB1 and SMB2 japan/The lost levels/For super players with the new things that SMF2 VC has.

Mario Kart 8 in SMF (SMF3, SMF2, SMF1 and their hacks, Future)

 Info:Mario kart 8 in 2D basically

More coming soon...



Games I play:

-A LOT of Mario games (Both official, such as SM64, MK8, SM3DW and others, and unofficial/fanmade, such as SMF, SMC, SM63 and others)

-Geometry Dash

-Undertale (But not Deltarune though, because I don't find it as fun or interesting as Undertale for some reason)

-Color Switch

-Bouncy Ball (AKA some irrelevant but underrated and fun mobile game which even has a level editor and a community)

-Some other games that I may be missing...

You can find me in:

-Youtube as IggyHopXD Gaming

-Twitter as IggyHopXD (@xd_hop)

-Discord as IggyHopXD#4407

-Level Palace as IggyHopxD


Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 100XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 100XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 10XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.



True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP


People. Nuozzu has actually found the code to my first level ever posted to the community! Here's the code in case anyone wants to try it: http://pouetpu-games.com/index.php?section=4&id=106762 (Just in case, it's a hold right, so make sure to hold right all the time)

01/11/20 at 11:55 AM


Hello there.

01/08/20 at 9:12 PM


@GameHappy Hey! How's it going?

01/09/20 at 3:20 PM


@IggyHopxD Everything's going fine other than fake rates flying around everywhere. How about you?

01/09/20 at 3:49 PM


@GameHappy Pretty good. Specially because here in Argentina it's summer holidays, so I'm finally able to make be more active here than normally since I'm free from school!

01/09/20 at 3:51 PM


I wanted the clock to move. The clock was the boss of the level. It was why I used the autoscroll. Plus, Clocks can't be attacked. So I used the Bullet Bills to be it's attack. Banzai Bills are used to try and challenge the players. But, now I wish I had placed the Banzai Bills someplace lower.

01/07/20 at 7:48 PM


@SMLFlash Oh, I understand.

01/07/20 at 7:54 PM


Yo Iggy, pls rate my latest level.

01/03/20 at 7:37 PM


@NESFilipGamer I actually just read this comment when I had already rated before lel. So there you go, nice job on that level btw!

01/03/20 at 9:05 PM


@IggyHopxD Thanks!

01/04/20 at 6:25 AM