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  • About RPs...

    It's come to my attention some people are still requesting to roleplay in my profile comments.
    I don't RP anymore, or at least not unless I feel like it, same with reviewing levels. I live the "jock" lifestyle so I probably won't have time for that stuff. Don't get upset or take it to heart if I don't reply to your comment right away. Thanks for understanding.
  • Introduction...

    Greetings! I'm LazorCozmic5, a well-known member of the community.

    Hobbies/Likes: Music (preferably metalcore, rock, etc.), art, food, my friends, working out,  sports (especially soccer), Persian girls and Netflix.

    Current Favorite Show: Riverdale
    Favorite Character(s): Jughead Jones.
    I also like FP Jones, Sweet Pea, Toni Topaz <3, Veronica Lodge, Reggie Mantle (the new one) and Archie Andrews.

  • — Level of the Day —
    Every now and then, someone else's level deserves a feature.
    Today's featured level: No new featured levels at the moment...

  • New to the level making scene?
    Here are a few pointers to help you get started!

       — Make sure you have a captivating/appealing choice of theme and setup for your level.

           Have a good design/layout that is neatly done and pleasing to the eye.

           Which means, no cutoffs/tile abusage. Also, using slope tiles is highly encouraged.

       — Include a decent amount of scenery and try not to leave out many empty areas.

           People are often going to tell you it's not needed when really it's an essential component.

       — Unfair deaths are to be avoided at all costs. Meaning no death warps and such.

           Use coins and arrows to signify jumping/movement if you have to.

       — Maintain a decent variety of challenges in your level.

           Not everything needs to be super creative or unique though.

       — Have a reasonable balance of power-ups in your level.

  • P.S. For quality assurance you may get me to test your level under the condition that you also credit my name in the level's 'Contributors' section. I'll walk you through on good aspects as well as areas in need of improvement.

— YouTube —

I also own the Level Palace channel on YouTube, but don't forget to check out my main YouTube channel. It's where I will be posting content with the likes of level playthroughs, gaming videos, music (maybe) and all that other nonsense!

— Discord —

Want cool custom backgrounds/music for your Super Mario Flash 2 and 3 levels?
Join my SMF Custom Backgrounds & Music server:

For additional inquiries, feel free to contact me on Discord: LazorCozmic5#7511


Introducing: The 100 Squad

The "100 squad" is an unofficial crew consisting of experienced users currently active and in their prime level-making phase. We take level making seriously, and do our very best to ensure our levels meet or exceed an exemplary standard.

Subterranea Scramble

Not to be confused with the original draft Subterranean Mania, this rising lava volcanic-themed level is jam-packed with a variety of amazing challenges and semi-backtracking to keep you entertained! Can you beat this intense level?

    Favoured Levels Collection

  1. Permafrost Mountain Ruins
  2. Glorious Green Garden
  3. Jungle of Lava
  4. Atmospheric Airship
  5. Lava Cavern of Death
  6. Aquatic Blue Cavern (Blueyoshi0014 Tribute)
  7. Subterranean Mania (150th Special)

    This Month's Upcoming Levels

  1. Swooper Canyon 2 (Cancelled)
  2. Inferno Bayou but it's actually good (Cancelled)


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05/25/19 at 2:46 PM


@NESFilipGamer Who's the guy with the SPFC avatar

05/25/19 at 5:32 PM


@NESFilipGamer and the guy with the Boo comic avatar

05/25/19 at 5:33 PM


@LazorCozmic5 SPFC is pedrosorenan

05/26/19 at 6:43 PM


Favourite soccer's team?

05/25/19 at 1:34 AM


@Hypermania524 Barcelona ;)

05/25/19 at 1:39 AM


Why are all the 'Recently Played' anonymous now, all of a sudden?

05/25/19 at 1:12 AM