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About: Experienced level maker/critic, extremely edgy individual, Trusted User turned Busted Abuser, and avid content creator at your service.

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Hello! I'm LazorCozmic5, an active user with a strong passion for making fun levels for your enjoyment, and critiquing your levels so you too can become an overall better level maker. I originally started in 2010 upon discovering SMF1 on a site you may know as Pouetpu-Games. However, I was never registered with an account at the time.

— Level of the Day —

This is where I will personally feature a level on my profile for a day.

Today's featured level: Harmonic Assembly by adam02oc
Yesterday's featured level: Climbing Crusade by Segomac

New to the level-making scene?

Here are a couple of tips to help get you started!

— Make sure the tiling/design in your level is neat, which means avoid having cutoffs or other visual errors that may come about. First impressions are important!

— Use scenery to your advantage. However, don't go overboard to the point where it's unbearable, but rather make sure the setup is appealing to the eyes.

— Avoid having unfair deaths (i.e. death warps) or blind jumps in your level. If necessary, place coins or arrows as a sort of indication.

— For gameplay, try to keep all/most of your challenges different. It doesn't all have to be super creative so long as it's fun for the player, but try to have a decent variety of challenges so it doesn't feel repetitive.

— Don't overload enemies or monsters of any kind, especially powerups. Instead, try to have the perfect balance to give the player the optimal experience.

** For quality assurance you may get me to beta-test your levels under the condition that you also credit my name in the 'Contributors' section of your level info.

— YouTube Links —

I also own the Level Palace channel on YouTube, but don't forget to check out my main YouTube channel too, where I will be posting content with the likes of level playthroughs, gaming videos, music (maybe) and all that other nonsense!

— Discord Links —

Want cool custom backgrounds/music for your Super Mario Flash 2 and 3 levels? Join my SMF Custom Backgrounds & Music server:

For additional inquiries, feel free to contact me on Discord: LazorCozmic5#7511


Introducing: The 100 Squad

A crew consisting of said experienced users currently active and in their prime level-making phase, like myself, Build, and many more! We take level making seriously, and do our very best to ensure our levels meet or exceed an exemplary standard.

Subterranean Mania

A rising lava volcanic-themed level jam-packed with a variety of amazing challenges and semi-backtracking to keep you entertained! Can you beat this intense level?

    Favoured Levels Collection

  1. Permafrost Mountain Ruins
  2. Glorious Green Garden
  3. Jungle of Lava
  4. Atmospheric Airship
  5. Lava Cavern of Death
  6. Aquatic Blue Cavern (Blueyoshi0014 Tribute)
  7. Subterranean Mania (150th Special)

    This Month's Upcoming Levels

  1. Christmas Special (Dec. 25)
  2. Build Tribute 2 (Dec. 20-25)

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Thanks for the rating! Glad you enjoyed it

12/16/18 at 12:04 PM


@adam02oc No problem! I also featured it on my profile for today

12/16/18 at 12:15 PM


Check out my speedrun of Segomac's new level:

12/15/18 at 6:03 PM


Hey Lazor, haven't talked with you in such a while! How's it going?

12/14/18 at 10:17 PM


@IggyHopxD Hey Iggy! Pretty alright I guess, I mean I've had my ups and downs over the past couple of months and I don't know for sure if I'm going to be able to upload the long awaited QnA video seeing as I'm not really comfortable with going on camera lol. But anyway, glad to have finally reached Rank 12! Also expect some new levels in the coming weeks before SMF retirement (includes this year's Christmas special) Hbu?

12/14/18 at 10:23 PM


@LazorCozmic5 Nice to hear you are alright. Btw, congratulations on getting on rank 12! Now, about myself, I have been passing through some pretty deep life issues recently, which made me not feel that much good at all. But on the good side, now that I have no school til March 2019, I will be able to be more active on the community! And also, in case you were wondering, TLI is being worked on, and it's going to be (or at least I'm planning it to be) released between late December and early January.

12/14/18 at 10:33 PM