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Gusy, I have no idea how but I am faster at making levels since I came back... So don't expect me to take months to make levels anymore! But that doesn't nescesarily mena I will release levels faster!

Yup I'm making SMC levels, as even in the pre-release, there is a ton of things I can make...

Depending on how much new features there will be I might even make a (small) series due to the mechanics used in the level having a lot of potential.

Refer to my collection to find all my epic extreme levels.

Prob you wanna check my 3 collections they get updated when a new level gets released yay click the number above "levels"  yoy

Do I actually listen to advice in reviews?

  • - If in the uncommon case it's a gameplay-related advice, then yes. However do note I will ignore stuff like "not enough scenery or enemy does not fit in theme" as these are not real issues imo. Rate as you like, however.
  • - I should also clarify that I do listen to tiling advice, as it's not exactly my forte.
  • - I used t care much more about my level's rates because I wanted to keep up my overall % score (chief reason why I didn't port most of PG levels)

About me:

-Name: TheTroll73

-Age: Indeterminate

-Gender: I mean you can guess it's not that hard.

-Favorite game: Super Mario Galaxy (both)

-Occupation: This

-Activity on site: eh...

  • -IRL: a mathematician (who would have thought?!)

Read my FAQ below if you wish to learn some PG history or how I came about in this community, and the wars I went through.

FAQ (In progress):

Q: Why the name TheTroll73?

A: Back when I chose the name I thought trolling is funny. Still do. Or was it the other kind of troll, idek.

Q: Why not your old username?

A: Why not? Why would I keep a username that really is based on what I learned in history class at the time lel. The number is actually a more complicated story, but I chose it because it looks like a prime number intuitively although using divisibility rules one can immediately notice it is divisible by 3. 

Q: Wait, then you must have joined the community when you were young to do something so dumb, right?

A: Indeed, although I don't remember exactly when I joined but I definitely shouldn't have (at that time).

Q: "Shouldn't have", why? After all there are "underage" users here...

A: Yes, but back then users could mistreat others and get away with it. Particularily, Zeldamaster12 (who became a mod BTW) mistreated me. He only did this after he realized I was probably young as the first time he gave me a review he was actually quite nice.

This was even worse when I joined the xat chat (Pop's suggestion), where even Pop also mistreated me (If you disagree pop I'm sorry, but I won't buy your lies :) ), as well as SO MANY other users, I even was demoted unfairly (I was mod in the chat). BTW, honestly, without Mia (not Mia SP but YuriMia) I would never have become a mod in the first place.

At that point i thought THAT'S IT BUB YOU'RE GONNA PAY!!!!!11 so I changed my PG profile saying how I was treated unfairly only to get banned for "starting a fight" and had to "apologize" to get unbanned.

At this point I decided I hated everyone (except MB, Mia, OT and other users than were friendly to me) and decided to make lots of troll accounts. Well guess what some are still unbanned on PG today, so I did a pretty good job :DDDDDD. I did end up getting unbanned as I "apologized" and didn't do much with those troll accounts anyway (well the ones they knew were mine, at least).

Whew that was long!

Q: Is that why you are not on discord?

A: No, there's only 1 user that hates me on discord last time I checked and I'm not even sure he's active anymore... 

Q You remember those PG awards, right? Did you get any?

A: No, and I was upset as I definitely deserved at least SOMETHING, but I ignored it. However I was older I'd just make my own award or something lol.

Q:You weren't really welcomed on PG anymore, after that ban, eh?

A: Yup and users make sure to really show that. I stopped making good levels and made Sman fun land (yes a level I reposted here since it's funny) until I was permabanned (without warning so unfair) because another incident happened...

Q: OMGGGGG epic story what hapened next?

A: Well brendan made a site modifier for PG before he made LP. Okay well there was this feature called auto-comment that was meant to advertise levels quickly. Since I did advertise levels back then I wanted it. However because of my "bad behavior" I was not allowed to by 09, who I never liked his levels anyway, but couldn't find many reasons to rate down. I then decided to put what i really thought of his levels on the very last level he made and he banned me as a fake-rater (no warnings or anything). I left for about 6 months and when I came back I had to make another account. Of course I was reported me but nothing happened since 09 left anyway and no one actually cared. I did feel bad though for rating 09's last level low so I lied and rated it 10/10 using the new TheTroll73 account I created (BTW thanks unown you improved my username).

Q: Who is unown?

A: Used to be a user here but he got request-banned. I believe he's active in discord, if you can find the server (shouldn't be hard ask someone on discord they probably can invite you).

He's pretty much the only person who said my previous usernames sucked (and rightly so), but I didn't take it too well at the time...

Q: Wait, what's a request-ban?

A: It's when the user wishes to ban himself for whatever weird reason. The mods don't object to that. Ah that reminds me that I wanted my first Pg account to be deleted as I didn't like the community 7 or so years ago, for which ZM gave a very harsh reply, and was harsh to me since.

Q: So how exactly were you welcomed on LP?

A: Simple, no one cared anymore. 09 was gone and other users that hated me grew up and left the community. The remaining users didn't want me banned so here ya go :P.

Q: DO you have a grudge on any active user now?

A: No, the community improved (since then) A LOT. I've also gained something called maturity so I can no longer be manipulated by older PG users or whatever. Honestly thank you guys :P.

I must admit I did dislike the site owner for a bit when I didn't have autocomment but LP was so awesome I left that.

Q Overall, did you think you were at fault?

A: Yes, but I definitely didn't deserve most of them blame. I don't see how a child would not react badly to being mistreated to such an extent. 

Q: So you think you were too young when you joined the community for the first time?

A: Definitely, Pouetpu should have put a minimum age. On LP it's officially 13 but we do have users younger than that (and it's considered fine). I was definitely much less than that when I joined PG!

Q: BTW, how do you rank users on LP now?


Q: Seriously ._.

A: Of course not lol 

Q: IRL name?

A: IRL name

Q: AM I bothering you?

A: Probably not

Always ask your friendly troll for help (ie. this profile's user) as long as it does not need moderator/owner powers :P

BTW SMF2 > SMF3 they have the same physics and are just hacks of each other BTW new users.

No lvl requests pls yay

Maybe stuff will happen :P

it did

Honestly, I care little about how good my profile looks at this point. You can read it so mission accomplished aasasasasas

Also, look towards the bottom to make the perfect sandwich

Anything Down Here:

I am a mind reader and can tell facts about you right now :DDDDDDD :

yee if it does not load, your internet is terrible can't do anythign about that you will never realize my genius :DDDDDD

Well there is another version but IDK this one's better.

Presenting Level Palace DX

For a Small fee you get:
-10X XP multiplier (even the ones you already have)
-Invasive Rating does not apply to you
-Moderator powers
-Can Delete rates on their own levels
-DX Moderator status
-Able to force profile Music
-No HTML restrictions
-Can put any code you want
-WAY more lenient rules
-No one can ban you

Only $19.99/year non-refundable whatsoever. If banned, you get unbanned :DDDDDDDDDDD

My theorem of general interelativity:

EVRYTHING IS INTERELATED!!!!! I beat Einstein by over 9000! Therefore dong something will have a domino effect on the multiverse (even going on LP)

What digits can square numbers end with (base 10 only other bases have different properties 4 this)?

Yeah apparently there is a technique called proof by exhaustion or whatever but I have to limit the options.

any real number when squared can be represented as so (though we will restrict this to intergers so all letters have interger values or whatever way you state this these days):

n=10b+a where b is an interger and a is a number between 0 and 9

square that so n^2=(10b+a)^2=100b^2+20ab+a^2. Note now that the b^2 and ab coefficients multiply by a factor of 10 so the first (or least significant or whatever) can only be determined by a^2 (which is restricted from 0 to 9). Now we exhaust all the options pls.


1^2=1     9^2=81

2^2=4     8^2=64

3^2=9     7^2=49

4^2=16   6^2-36


there4, square numbers may only end with the following digits: 0,1,4,5,6, and 9 and no others (again, base 10 only).

yes I managed to prove this now yay 

I wonder how many people are going to get confused or whatever now..

Ir's actually very easy to find these ending square digits for other bases... The number representation works for all numbers. Base 8 for example has digits 0 to 7 so "10" in base 8 is 8 in base 10 (which is what we want since it is the first double digit number in that base). And a will then be restricted to 0 to 7 (and squared in base 8 accordingly).

We are so used to base 10 that it's hard for us to use any other (there used to be base 60 hence 360 degrees but we all know radians is the ultimate angle measure :DDDDD)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches: The Instructional.

First, you must spread a thick layer of peanut butter onto the white part of a slice of bread. You can only spread the peanut butter on the white part, and the white part only. You may only spread peanut butter on one side. Spreading peanut butter on both sides will provide an inferior sandwich. Next, you must spread a thick layer of jelly onto the white part of a slice of bread. You can only spread the jelly on the white part, and the white part only. You may only spread jelly on one side. Spreading jelly on both sides will provide an inferior sandwich. You cannot spread jelly onto the same slice of bread onto which you have spread peanut butter. Also, you cannot spread peanut butter or jelly onto more than one slice of bread, as this will provide an undesired excess of either ingredient. Additionally, only peanut butter and jelly can be spread onto these slices of bread; no other ingredient will suffice, and no substitute can be used in a sandwich that is to be legitimately recognized as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Likewise, only bread may be the substance upon which the peanut butter and jelly are spread, as anything else does not fit the standards of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich; if the peanut butter and jelly are spread onto a culinary medium that isn't bread, the meal at hand simply is not a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Once you have accomplished spreading a thin layer of peanut butter onto the white of one side of one slice of bread, and likewise has been accomplished using grape jelly on a separate slice of bread, you must match the slices of bread up to each other, forming a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In this scenario, the peanut butter-covered face of bread must be facing the jelly-covered face of the second slice of bread so that the peanut butter surface touched the surface of the jelly. The surface of the peanut butter is not allowed to touch a jelly-less substance of bread, resulting in the jelly facing outwards, and likewise applies to the jelly. If a substance is found facing on the outside of the sandwich, the product will not be accepted as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The side with peanut butter and the side with jelly on it must match up and stick together to form one solid sandwich. When the eater picks up the sandwich, he or she must hold both pieces of bread at the same time, or else one slice will fall off, and eating only one slice of bread will not be recognized as the same or even similar to eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Next, you must take a bite of the sandwich. This action will consist of moving the sandwich within such a close proximity of your face that a small "bite" of the sandwich will enter your mouth for you to mash up with your teeth. This bite must be a bite that includes both slices of bread, peanut butter and jelly. Make sure that all obstructions are clear from the mouth and esophagus, not including peanut butter, jelly or bread or any combination of said ingredients. If you have followed all previous steps, this goal will be easily accomplished. Not doing so will create an incorrect and inferior dining experience and thus will not be a peanut and butter sandwich that is being eaten. However, if one successfully gets both peanut butter and jelly in one bite that fits in the mouth and does not result in choking, the dining experience is thus far acceptable. For your complete experience with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to be considered complete and unobjectionable, you must perform the previously mentioned series of taking bites of the sandwich, chewing them, and swallowing them repeatedly until the entire sandwich has been removed visible existence. These circumstances may only be reached by eating the entire sandwich, and no parts of the sandwich may be thrown away or given to somebody else. This is your sandwich, and your responsibility. For the Dining experience to be completed, the sandwich must be completely digested. In the context of completing the process of consuming a legitimate peanut butter and jelly sandwich, there are no extenuating circumstances. Actions such as vomiting, surgical removal of the sandwich from the body, or placement of the sandwich inside the lungs opposed to the esophagus will not be taken into account, as they do not result in the complete digestion of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The process must come to a close via rectal excrement of feces that have been provided by the digestion of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Once the peanut butter and jelly sandwich-fueled feces have exited the rectum, they must remain free from the rectum to be considered conclusive in the process of physically processing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If the feces re-enters the rectum, the process will be rendered a failure, and must be started again.

Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 5XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.



True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP


Troll my dear kaizo lover.
I have finally made a level at last!!!
I finally finished my level with a concept which i had in mind for a long time with the custom boss, which i had no time to implement, because school.
Anyway here is the link :3

12/03/19 at 3:19 PM


@darknesu will play when I have time

12/04/19 at 9:00 PM


People still use rage comics in 2019, I thought we got rid of that monstrosity.

11/28/19 at 5:41 PM


@RacerJ4KE yup

but I tend to like these:

11/30/19 at 4:43 PM


@TheTroll73 Looking at your profile made me feel sick, I hate those stupid stickmen with a passion.

12/01/19 at 9:27 AM



11/25/19 at 8:06 AM


@darknesu If you go to Turkey lit every third person has that name

11/25/19 at 5:51 PM

The Flying Dutchman

i gots new lewel yesyes

11/21/19 at 5:30 PM


@The Flying Dutchman great job

enjoy a fishy sandwich

11/25/19 at 5:51 PM

The Flying Dutchman


11/25/19 at 6:06 PM


@The Flying Dutchman yea you're right...

I'll play your latest lewel then :P

11/25/19 at 10:18 PM


Okay my final SMF2 level is on the way

luckily it is a story

an epic story about...

no spoilers

11/16/19 at 9:39 PM