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Welcome to my Profile page!

My username around here is Triplebarrel. I have created levels since 2016, most of them being on Popetu-Games and also being horrible. I review some other creators levels a "little" in depth. As you can see quite far below, I'm a pretty average level maker. Most of the levels I make are usually created within a day, so that's why some of them have slightly shorter length than normal levels would have. Anyway, on to Super Mario Showdown.

Super Mario Showdown is a series of mine what contains 7 levels.

1-1 - DeFrost - A very short beginners level what's themed around ice. It only contains 1 yoshi coin, what isn't really unique. In my opinion, it would deserve a 65% score at best.

1-2 - Overcrowd - A pretty generic dark forest level what also has pretty short length. Nothing more to say. I'm surprised that this almost got gold.

1-3 - Easter Islands - This is the best rated SMS level out of the series so far, with a 0.1% rating above the 2nd best rated as of 8th August 2019, I'm not kidding. I'd say it deserves an 88% at best, but it does have average length and somewhat enjoyable gameplay.

1-City - Suburban - Hey, it's that city level LC rated 45% on. It has pretty mediocre gameplay, but it also has above average design and a theme what isn't used much.

1-4 - Sunset Heights - A sunset themed level with a cave pipe hybrid area in it. I'd say the execution of the theme was pretty damn solid with this one.

1-5 - Digital Ascendence - Mario ascends to the sky after finding out the exit to Sunset Heights turned out to be blocked off by boulders... a little dark, I know. The decoration is a little bit varied and it made use of backtracking the entire map to enter into SPACE.. too bad he didn't have a space suit on, eh?

1-6 - Pipe Wrath - This is a bit like 1-4. It has a sunset theme to it, but dear god this has dozens of pipes too. Like, way too many pipes. [9th August 2019] Featured. FEATURED. Sweet jesus.

Overgrowth - Ah, yes, my first ever level on this website. It's basically an average generic grassland adventure level with there mostly being 2 height levels to traverse to.

Overseer - Pretty mediocre gameplay wise, it's a somewhat mediocre autoscroll level which SOMEHOW, SOMEHOW has the highest rating out of any of my levels so far, at a 97.3% score.

Repress - A bit like Overseer, but more unique. It's still pretty bad for my standards.

Lighthour - A vertical autoscroller which I made in 54 minutes only. It has pretty mediocre but longer than average gameplay. Design is somewhat ok as well, I guess.


Steel Terror - Whew, I can't believe I got a gold rating with such a limited reskin of SMF1. I'm guessing the scenery got this to gold, but then again. TFD mentioned how it blends too much with gameplay in some parts.

Earth Core II - A  [very, very short] sequel to Pipe Wrath which is my lowest scoring level since 12th November 2019.

Chocolate Dusk [V4] - In my opinion, this is by far my best level overall. Gameplay, design, variety, whatever else you can think of this level exceeds out of all of my other ones. I love it.

Featured Levels: 2

Gold levels: 6

Silver levels: 8

Bronze levels: 0

Unsatisfactory levels: 1

My levels [in order of rating]

97.3% - Overseer [Gold]

96.1% - Easter Islands [Gold]

95.9% - Sunset Heights [Gold]

91.8% - Steel Terror [Gold]

90% - Chocolate Dusk [V4] [Featured] [Gold]

90% - Repress [Gold]

88.2% - Overcrowd [Silver]

88.2% - Overgrowth [Silver]

87% - Defrost [Silver]

85.1% - Pipe Wrath [Featured] [Silver]

83.6% - Suburban [Silver]

80.5% - Lighthour [Silver]

50.4% - Earth Core II [Unsatisfactory]

For my review system, it goes as follows:






Score system:

1/100 - Spam Worthy

2-20/100 - Needs a complete revamp.

21-40/100 - Needs major improvements.

41-50/100 - Needs some improvements.

51-65 - Needs minor improvements.

66-75 - Overall decent.

76-85 - Pretty good.

86-99 - Very good.

100 - Perfect. (Don't expect to see an 100 rate from me in... probably forever.)

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