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SMF Editions News

Check out the official page for SMF2: Retro Edition and get new screenshots, sneak peeks and news updates! 

Super Mario Construct is a brand new game currently being in development by me and Ernesdo! We are building it from the ground up, and aim to have a ton of unique stuff in this game, including customizable autoscroll, a bigger selection of power-ups & bosses, and way more. It's been in development since the summer, and we plan to have a final release soon! Have suggestions for an object/enemy you want to see? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

  Super Mario Construct Previews

(Also yes, Retro Edition is still happening, don't worry)

 My SMF Editions
Finished games
Games in development
  • New Super Mario Flash 2 (2014)
  • SMF2: Crash Bandicoot Edition (2015) SMF1: Pyrogenic Edition (2015)
  • SMF2: Jungle Edition (2016)
  • SMF1: Haunted Edition (2016)
  • SMF1: Candy Edition (2017)
  • SMF2: Retro Edition (Scheduled Late January/Early February)
  • Super Mario Construct (Brand new game from scratch!), scheduled for mid-2018

Super Mario Legends

A new series is on the horizon!

What could it be!??? Well, okay, yeah - it's kinda too obvious isn't it. Yes, it's a Retro Edition series planned to come along with the upcoming Retro Edition! Yeah, I bet you almost forgot that was a thing, eh? This brand new series currently in development will work the same way as Mario's Jungle Journey - it'll consist of 10 levels, all using different themes and possibilities from the SMF Edition. Look forward if you're interested!

►Watch the full walkthrough on YouTube (Well, when there's at least one level released)

Sneak Peek Center

Coming soon to a Level Palace near you! A multiple set of levels. One of them will be this beach level over here - themed around waterfalls. Look forward to some other levels releasing soon as well, as multiple are in development!


How to use custom music in SMF2/SMF3  

How to tile Airship Tiles correctly  

How to create big bushes in SMF2&3

Do you have a request for a tutorial, or just have questions regarding Level Palace and/or its games in general? Feel free to let me know in the comments and I'll be glad to help you out! Free customer service!

MUSIC: Results - Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Useful sites

The SMF Custom Music database offers a wide variety of custom music already converted & looped for your level! Just look for a song you want on the lists and paste the URL in your level code! More songs are added every couple weeks as well. Check it out!

Introducing the Level Palace Wikia! It's still in the works, but if you're looking for info or help about Level Palace, this will be the place for you! If you're an experienced user, feel free to edit or even create some (Level Palace related) pages as well. Level Palace Wikia

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If you ever wondered what I have as my liked videos, now you can know considering I've made them public.
338 awesome video's
Also may or may not feature two private LB video's, on a series I made long ago, in the distant year of... 2017. You know, basically the equivalent of a secret video for all you guys. And the first one even has the best last 10 seconds that an LB video has ever brought us, you know, no big deal.

06/10/18 at 2:14 PM


LC5: watches a teenage drama
Seriously tho, this show is awesome
Thought it was good in the first season, with a few exceptions to that statement, (the dress is awful imo) and it just keeps getting better from then on.

the art style might also have inspired me to create that Creator style we all know and love (fun fact: I watched this show first time when I was around 7, now I'm 13 and still aren't suck of it. I find it has quite clever writing to even satisfy adults)

06/08/18 at 2:17 PM


@creator Ah. That's one of those TV shows that literally everyone in the world has watched except me :p

06/09/18 at 10:11 PM


@Luigibonus Don't worry, you're not alone. Lazorcozmic5 himself hasn't watched that.

06/10/18 at 4:49 AM


would you like the hammer mario hack with out all the other stuff except the disco shell?

i believe replacing good sprites with glitchy ones ruins he hack.

05/26/18 at 10:42 AM


Guys, i think I've lost the motivation to make levels or rate levels. Mostly because these days everything needs to be so by the book, and let's be honest, how LP is now, it doesn't reward experimentation. Mostly because of a close-mindedness coming from some of the people on LP. (important: notice how I said "some" before someone gets triggered. And no, I'm not saying who those are, that would be even worse.)

I get what you guys are saying, and while your taste is obviously far from bad (infact, aside from a few exceptions there is no such thing is bad taste) doing the same thing over and over again while the others want the same thing over and over again can get quite boring. And that's what has happened here, and to take a wild guess, probably alos why this site dropped in activity, and probably will.

I probably will still be online, but just for a few chitchats, you know, the useal Creator stuff. I also think that I will check out Super Mario Construct is as good as finished and the comunity will start using that to make levels, maybe things will change then. But for now, I'm so f*cking done.

05/26/18 at 6:24 AM


@creator To be honest, I get what you mean. I have been a little inactive myself, not just because of life and school, but the motivation to create levels has indeed lowered with the state of LP right now. Level making used to be a lot more fun because of how diverse the reviews were and how you would look forward to seeing what people thought of your level. I mean, you just don't get levels like these anymore! Nowadays, it feels like every level has to follow the same rules, and I really think it did impact the level design of popular level creators in a negative way.

Also, currently hoping I can get Super Mario Construct out this summer, since let's be real here, this site needs some new games. SMF is OLD, I mean, the original is a game from 2006! Sure, they still get updated with new stuff every so often, but there needs to be a new game to get more people interested in the site.

Although despite all of that, I still see a lot of hope in the future for the site. We just have to find the right path back, and we've been talking about idea's for LP a lot on the Discord server. Maybe soon we'll have it be like Late 2016/Early 2017 again (which is what I'd like to call the golden era of LP)

05/29/18 at 5:00 PM


@Luigibonus Good idea with new games! Really we need something fresh to keep people stay here.

05/31/18 at 8:07 AM


@Meyland12 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm having problems staying online myself...

(awesomeness777 please finish tag!)

06/08/18 at 9:34 AM