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Hello there!

Welcome to my very own profile!

A little introduction...


SMF Editions News

Check out the official page for SMF2: Retro Edition and get new screenshots, sneak peeks and news updates! 

  Retro Edition Screenshots!

 My SMF Editions
Finished games
Games in development
  • New Super Mario Flash 2 (2014)
  • SMF2: Crash Bandicoot Edition (2015) SMF1: Pyrogenic Edition (2015)
  • SMF2: Jungle Edition (2016)
  • SMF1: Haunted Edition (2016)
  • SMF1: Candy Edition (2017)
  • SMF2: Retro Edition (Scheduled Alongside the new LP update (which is soon!))
  • Super Kirby Flash (SMF2) (Scheduled for a 2018 release)

Super Mario Legends

Click the image to start playing!

  Super Mario Legends is a brand new series I'm currently creating! The series will consists of 25 levels, each with their unique story, theme and challenges. In this series, no theme or challenge will be repeated - and in each level, you will see constant surprise whether it be story related or to the level structure.

You can also watch it here on YouTube

Sneak Peek Center

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Mario, flying around the upcoming Super Mario Legends 22, centered around the cape! Coming soon!


How to use custom music in SMF2/SMF3  

How to tile Airship Tiles correctly  

How to create big bushes in SMF2&3

Do you have a request for a tutorial, or just have questions regarding Level Palace and/or its games in general? Feel free to let me know in the comments and I'll be glad to help you out! Free customer service!

NOTE: Tutorials may disappear soon in favor of something else.

MUSIC: Aquarium Park - Sonic Colors

Useful sites

The SMF Custom Music database offers a wide variety of custom music already converted & looped for your level! Just look for a song you want on the lists and paste the URL in your level code! More songs are added every couple weeks as well. Check it out!

Introducing the Level Palace Wikia! It's still in the works, but if you're looking for info or help about Level Palace, this will be the place for you! If you're an experienced user, feel free to edit or even create some (Level Palace related) pages as well. Level Palace Wikia

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Hi, I rated SML 10: Poison Palace!

11/21/17 at 7:57 PM


@LazorCozmic5 Am I annoying?

11/21/17 at 7:57 PM



11/21/17 at 3:45 PM


I think Super Mario Legends is my favorite anime...

11/20/17 at 5:30 PM


@IggyHopxD LB is my favorite anime character.

11/21/17 at 10:40 AM

Plume 4.0
a double post from me one is a fortress of a special pokemon the other has a quite an interesting concept.
Rate either one of them

11/20/17 at 12:23 PM


Hey, some news! Some how, Theblackkoopa managed to still jump above me and LZ5, what makes the new results for 4th till 2th like this:

2th The blackkoopa 91.6%
3th LZ5 91.3%
4th Creator 91%

Ofcourse, your still behind me, so this doesn't infect the tag but i just thought i would say this. Also, the fight between 2th-4th place was pretty exciting, if you ask me:P

11/20/17 at 11:48 AM


@creator It really was.

11/21/17 at 3:46 PM