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Check out the official page for SMF2: Retro Edition and get new screenshots, sneak peeks and news updates! 

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  • New Super Mario Flash 2 (2014)
  • SMF2: Crash Bandicoot Edition (2015) SMF1: Pyrogenic Edition (2015)
  • SMF2: Jungle Edition (2016)
  • SMF1: Haunted Edition (2016)
  • SMF1: Candy Edition (2017)
  • SMF2: Retro Edition (Scheduled Alongside the new LP update (which is soon!))
  • Super Kirby Flash (SMF2) (Scheduled for a 2018 release)



Super Mario Legends


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  Super Mario Legends is a brand new series I'm currently creating! The series will consists of 25 levels, each with their unique story, theme and challenges. In this series, no theme or challenge will be repeated - and in each level, you will see constant surprise whether it be story related or to the level structure.


You can also watch it here on YouTube


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Super Mario Legends 20 is on its way, and will be one of the final castle levels in the series! A screenshot will be displayed once more progress on the level has been made.



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Just rewatched star 2 of the cheese Galaxy by OT. Now that cryptic Mario 15 is out, i have a difficult question for you. Which level do you think used On-off switches better? CM 15, or the second star of cheese galaxy.?

10/15/17 at 4:31 PM


@creator Well, difficult question as both levels used on/off blocks in entirely different ways. But apart from on/off blocks, CM15 did innovative with other features as well (like land/water changers), which I think is what it sets it apart!

10/16/17 at 7:00 AM


Hey, i think we can welcome another user with abstract tiling! Sof ar, this group of abstract level makers, that want to challlenge the limits of only consisted of five users.

Reasons: 1. abstract tiling, including some heavy experimentation with tiling set colors.
2. autoscroll. Considering how much LB has done with autoscroll, and has repeatedly challenged how you can make an autoscroll, i don't think i need too really talk much about this.

1.Crazy tiling, or in other words, tiling set color experimentation, that somehow...Always looks good. Don't ask me how i do it.

2. inside scenery. While PrzemekXD made this, i think that it's relativily fair too say i took it too a hole other level, and i think the tiling wouldn't even be half as beatiful without it. Or, taht's atleast what i think when others talk about it.

1. known for creating these weird levels that challenge how you think about a level.

2. has some pretty weird and crazy tiling when he wants to.


1. One reason: that tiling. That wonderful, crazy tiling, that blows me away every time.


1. same reason as Qwertyquop.

2. If i'm great at inside scenery, then he's a god.

So, i'm happy to anounce that today, we may have found another worty new level maker for this group of people, what has show on his first level, some incredible, almost LB inspired tiling.

LB you need to play this now

10/14/17 at 9:28 AM


@creator I played it now

And ye I gotta say, that level had a very unique style. Interested to see how the future levels will look!

10/16/17 at 7:39 AM


Creator: the most lovable spammer of the 21st century.

10/14/17 at 7:00 AM


@creator It's not spam, it's keeping profiles active :P

10/16/17 at 7:40 AM


You have probably played SMB1's world 1-1 a million+ times but... Do you dare to play it... UPSIDE DOWN?

10/12/17 at 9:20 PM


Rate my profile image 1-10

(this isn't an overused joke or something)

10/12/17 at 1:50 PM


@creator 5 stars

10/12/17 at 2:07 PM


@Luigibonus I rate your profile 1747932/47923736772921. That means you get a 27417,409712.

(i actually made that sum with my calculator)

10/14/17 at 6:35 AM