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Super Mario Construct is a brand new game currently being in development by me and Ernesdo! We are building it from the ground up, and aim to have a ton of unique stuff in this game, including customizable autoscroll, a bigger selection of power-ups & bosses, and way more. It's been in development since the summer, and we plan to have a final release soon! Have suggestions for an object/enemy you want to see? Feel free to let me know in the comments!

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Ok, so thanks to LP's newly added posibility to see the amount of times a level has been finished, I noticed that cryptic mario 15 has 23 plays and has been added 8 times as favorite. Pretty good, right? Well, I decided to compare it too SML 1, and surpisingly enough, I had more favorites than that, that one had 4 favorites and it got 54 plays, mind you! So I decided to compare it too SML 15, what was probably my favorite level, and surpisingly, it had but one time be favorited by someone, while it has 33 plays.

I searched and searched, looking at every SML level, only to figure out that it never went above been favorited 4 times.

You have no idea what this does with a guy:P Figuring out that a level of me pretty much owned one of the best series in recent smf history, by one of the best level makers ever. Not to mention, doing that while having not even 1/2 of the plays of the most favorited level. Infact, I haven't yet found a level from recent LP that has above 8 plays, definetly say it if you find one.

01/21/18 at 3:35 PM


@creator Oh, I see how it is Brb deleting all SML levels because they're not good enough

Jokes aside, the best level in the Cryptic Mario series obviously deservers the most favorites! Also, thanks for the reminder, since I actually completely forgot the favorite levels feature existed :p

By the way, just an update- haven't gotten around to the custom music yet, but I can finally convert it tomorrow

01/22/18 at 5:52 PM


I would like the Koopalings, w/ Bowser Jr. in his Clown Car, Mega Enemies, Masked Koopas, Custom themes, (Like SMM) Desert Music, Jungle Music, Conveyor Belts(?), Note Blocks, Wrench Throwing Moles, Mega ? Blocks, P >>>>>>> (only for SMB3 All-Stars Theme), SMB All-Stars Theme, maybe some SMB2 All-Stars Enemies, Blargg, Infinite Size Levels, Mini-Mushrooms (for NSMB theme), Tanooki (for SMB3 All-Stars), Cape, Propeller (for NSMB theme), Other Characters, such as Peach(?), Blue Toad, Yellow Toad, and Luigi (for SMB All-Stars theme), and obviously, the Campaign. Multiplayer is optional, they would just have to see if other players could join (kind of like servers). There is also split screen. 4 Players Maximum.
So the different themes are:
New Objects:
Note Blocks
Bounce Clouds
Conveyor Belt
New Enemies:
Mega Enemies (SMB3 Exclusive)
Every single one in the Flash games + Mini, Tanooki, Raccoon, and Propeller
Z to Spin Jump
X + Wall = Wall Jump
C to Sprint
Arrow Keys to Move
Down Key + X = Statue
Down Key in Midair to Ground Pound
Hopefully when this comes out, it has many possibilities, since it is going to replace the flash games anyway.


01/20/18 at 10:50 PM


@FleemFam420 sweet jesus

01/21/18 at 8:17 PM


@Ernesdo Well, yeah.

01/22/18 at 1:30 AM


@Nitrogamer that would take ages to do!

01/22/18 at 2:06 PM


Are you going to start work on your part of the level any time soon.

01/20/18 at 4:24 PM


@yolo Sorry, just having a bit lack of time as of late. Is it possible to let someone else work on the tag in the meantime?

01/22/18 at 5:57 PM


Hey, could you help me to put this in a puush file? It is the custom music for snow on vinstok traeer pibe.

01/20/18 at 8:25 AM


@creator Just use Dropbox, orangetack has a YouTube tutorial explaining how to create direct links in dropbox

01/20/18 at 4:25 PM



How are you going to make this good. I know you want a lot of people to play the game but I think you should tone it down to the lp discord. Reason being because if the game is going to be as good as you suggest it will then Nintendo may shut it down. They did it to smbx (although they are back now), and they did it to a smb1 remake with a level editor on the internet. They also did it to a guy on news grounds who remade omb-bom's battlefield. Just saying

01/20/18 at 6:31 AM


@yolo It's near impossible to take down a browser game. Kind of a waste of their time and resources too. Who will Nintendo go to to try to take it down? Hahaha

SMBX and Bob-omb battlefield remake are a different story, since they were downloadable games and they can shut down the download link (although this is the internet, it'll just be re-uploaded to somewhere else)

01/20/18 at 11:45 AM


@Luigibonus What about smb1 remake

01/20/18 at 11:46 AM


@yolo Hmm.. Never heard about that one

01/20/18 at 12:18 PM