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I'm sorry I am busy now, so I can not reply and hack much.

Welcome! (・∀・)

  • First of all, my name is Chairo, not Chario.
  • This profile is written for people who want to know more about Ver.C and SMF3.
  • Because the accuracy of Google translation improved, I decided to use it proactively.
  • I will answer questions as much as possible. However, please understand that we will not reply much to comments other than questions.

About SMF2 Ver.C:

  • If you find Ver.C specific bugs, please report them in comments or messages.
  • Ver.C is a thing made as a hack of SMF2, it is not an update of SMF2. Also, it is not something that I am trying to reproduce SMW as much as possible.
  • Ver.C recommends playing on official website. Playing on unofficial sites such as Level Palace is not fully supported, so some trouble may occur.
  • I do not want to offer all additional content of Ver.C to SMF3, nor do I want to add all the SMF3's additional content to Ver.C. Because there is no need to separately develop Ver.C and SMF3. And it is also for not biasing users toward Ver.C or SMF3.

About SMF3:

  • SMF3 is a hack made as an informal sequel of SMF2. But it is up to you whether you see it as just a SMF2 hack or a sequel.
  • SMF3 is Hiro's hack. I teach Hiro how to hack and source code, but it is not the creator of SMF3.
  • However, regarding the story mode, several people including me made a level. Also, as mentioned above, my hacking method and source code are also used a lot, so it can not be said that all SMF3 was made by Hiro.

Inside story of SMF2 Ver.C:

  • Since Ver.C was originally made as an additional element of the AA version, there was no normal version at the beginning of publication. However, as soon as I released it, the secondary hack which changed the AA version to Mario became muddy so I decided to make a "normal version" that officially changed the AA version to Mario. This time it was named "Ver.C".
  • Later, additional elements such as custom music, additional music, additional tiles, additional sprites were also adopted for SMF3.
  • Ver.C (especially Ver.C.40) contains many images from Hiro.

Inside story of SMF3:

  • It was SMF3 which was made as an informal sequel of SMF2, but in fact it was originally made as a hack just changing the image. Of course, the total number of objects is 406, the same as the original SMF2. It was almost completed, but as I discovered how to add tiles to SMF2 on the way, Hiro quickly made it into a hack like the present.
    SMF3 v1.0:
    SMF3 v1.0
  • A lot of Ver.C code is used as an additional element of SMF3. Also, even code that is not in Ver.C uses some code written by me.

Inside story of SMF1 Ver.E:

  • All of Ver.E was produced by Hiro, I have nothing to do with it. But, since Ver.E was created by my SWF hack method, it may not be said that it is completely unrelated.
  • "E" of Ver.E is an acronym for "Extended".


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Are you going to add this airship tileset for SMF2?

10/11/17 at 12:08 PM


@IggyHopxD There are no plans at the moment.

10/13/17 at 10:49 AM


Can you update the SMF2 hacks on your site? Hiro has hacked them to add custom music and background support, and I can't use his site on my computer.

(also please update your version of SMF3 thanks)

10/10/17 at 10:59 PM


@Blueyoshi0014 Since I use the original version of hacks on my site, I will not use unofficial version. (Also, smf3 has been updated)

10/13/17 at 10:49 AM


Cant wait till the conveyor belts are done !!!!!!

10/05/17 at 1:21 PM


also can u please try to work on magikoopas from smw?

10/03/17 at 4:39 PM


also... What about in Ver.C there could be a vertical scroll lock sprite, horizontal scroll lock sprite, note blocks (Just a request), bombs could be cool, and also adding some more recolors of vines, ground, bonus, and more laval colors... I was thinking of adding orange, purple, and black bonus tiles and adding silver, light blue, and orange lava tile recolors...

I know this won't happen... but just a thought


09/29/17 at 4:08 PM

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