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I am Orangetack, a moderator and SMF user since 2014. If you have anything to report, leave a comment on my or another staff member's profile.

If you disagree with one of my rates on your level or don't understand it, feel free to leave a comment and I'll explain in more detail the reasons for it. But unless I've made a mistake, I'm not going to change it or anything. My rates are my own opinion, just like yours. :P

Play and rate Deadly Dominion II!

IMPORTANT: Don't upload level music to puush- it's deleted if not played for a month. Use Dropbox instead- here's how

I am the League leader.
  • Members: Orangetack | Mario Blight | Multi Thejanos 27 2 | qwertyquop | Lazorcozmic5 | Popthatcorn14 | creator | Blueyoshi0014 | Luigibonus (note, you have been removed if you have been inactive for a long time. If you are active again you can just ask to be put back in) No places open in the League right now.
  • The League is a level clan that will make tags. All League levels should have ~League✧ in the title.
  • The other thing the League does is rate each other's levels. especially league levels :] If you're a member, say so on your profile.

Introducing the best smf levels database...

This is a site which contains links to the best levels on Level Palace- the must-play levels. If you are itching for amazing new levels to play or are looking for inspiration, this should be your go-to site. Here you'll find the best SMF levels grouped in different categories, making it easy to find the level you want.

Find out more about Super Mario Universe

If you rate my level I will rate your level. Feel free to advertise on my profile.

Why I will never rate down for unused space

Unused space is a concept that originates from an instruction written by Pouetpu for level makers to 'fill the main part completely'. Why people still value the advice of a Canadian dictator I have no idea. Unused space doesn't affect the experience or quality of a level from the player's perspective, so why does it even matter? Why should an amazing 10/10 level become a 9/10 level because of unused space, when unused space can only be found by looking in the editor? When you rate levels, you rate them based on your experience playing them. Unused space won't make that experience any worse. Why should someone fill all the space in a level just for the sake of it? That reminds me of how Ubisoft creates as big open worlds as possible for the sake of it. Plus, you can't even change the amount of space a level has once you've punched it in.

If you rate down for unused space, you're essentially saying an x4000 level is fine, unless that same level also has x4000 more of unused space, even though it doesn't change the experience of playing the level AT ALL.

Full playthrough of Super Mario Universe (recorded by luigibonus)

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