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I'm strongiron450. Few subjects of interest: Pokemon, Mario, Music, Idea(concept art, idea for something, etc.)  Science, Sometimes Mathematics, Fortnite (sort of). My personality on the internet is.. odd. I tend to be random and serious simultaneously and it doesn't mix well in conversation. I have revealed my age (Although I could be lying) So if you want to find that information, it will not be recorded here.

About Fortnite: Yes I have enjoyed the game in the pass however your judgment does not determine my opinion.




  • *New Series has begun
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    *I'm still gonna be sluggish, can't change mah life entirely folks. But, I'll post levels occasionally.

Actual Factual

   Series only tend to appear with a beginning grassland world, Because grasslands hold a simple environment to introduce enemies, concepts , powerups, anything! It's not like this for no reason.

If you didn't know, I've been wanting to start a remake for a LONG time. I just needed time to get into school, so things wouldn't crumble apart so fast. A level making schedule is a possibility, but if it is a reality i'll refrain from levelmaking on the weekends, and level rating on the weekdays (if i even have the time lmao)

This sentence is no longer blue.

Level Series

Well. I couldn't come up with anything else. So, here we are. Out of nowhere Bowser has been at work destroying the ecosystem to pave way for more land! 

World 1: Wayward Plains.
Wayward plains is a Glacial environment surrounded by forests and freezing water. The ruins of the wayward kingdom now rests underground, near a frozen caldera! Bowser's airship Hovers over... We'll call it.. Sleet Peak . Bowser had his minions develop an Amplification Machine for his minions and possibly.. himself. The amplification process requires fuel. And that fuel is a special Ore only located in specific locations. Bowser will use this Ore to power up the angry sun, and complete the first step of his plan: Melting away wayward plains. He will use the remaining land for Barracks and smaller ships. 
1-1: Adventure Embark
1-2: Snowfall Steppe: The Illusory Plains
1-3: Bully Winterland
1-4: ???

World 2: Vibrant Voyage.
What this world entails will temporarily remain a secret.. Stay tuned!

World 3: ?????? ??????

World 4: ?????? ??????

World 5: ?????? ??????

World 6: ?????? ??????

World 7: ?????? ??????

World 8: ?????? ??????

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Tempest Voltage

Hello my Flowery friend

09/21/20 at 10:37 AM


@Tempest Voltage You guys should form a flower clan or something kinda like filip's TFD clan

09/25/20 at 12:53 PM

Tempest Voltage

@txlu_456 yes

09/25/20 at 3:23 PM


play my level Super construct world 1-1!

09/13/20 at 8:08 PM

Mr Chocolate Donut

Hey I modifie the level So You can rate

09/10/20 at 10:06 PM


Iron believe you could give me that review!

08/14/20 at 6:21 PM


@Sava is this a pun?

08/14/20 at 6:27 PM