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why is this a thing


Levels are in my playlists because i'm too lazy to update my profile anymore.


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Filip Underwood

What is your discord tag

03/18/18 at 1:52 PM

Mario Blight

Last call for entries for the third annual LP contest! If you have not yet entered the contest and would like to do so, time is almost up! It is closing on Thursday, March 1st @ 11:59 PM (EST), but you can still enter here:


02/27/18 at 9:59 PM



02/26/18 at 11:22 PM


@TheTroll73 okthank

03/18/18 at 1:05 PM


Hi everyone!

The final intensive rating is in effect! Once IR ends, the site will be updated with a new system that will replace IR. But in order to do that, I need IR to end, so please help out and rate a few levels if you get the chance! Thanks :)

01/19/18 at 3:31 PM

Mario Blight

Regarding your review on LazorCozmic5's "Wickeder Grasslands" tag level, it seems as though you rated down for difficulty when you said, "when i played through it, it was really frustrating because the football chuck gets in the way of jumping over or going under the podoboos". Additionally, Lazor put a video in the description of the level that showed him getting past that section even as big Mario without taking any damage, so you'll need to rereview.

Here is your review since it's quite long and you probably don't wanna retype it:

"ughhhh i hate short reviews so imma give you a long review ;))))))))))))))
this level was pretty good. when i first started it, it looked very nice, the tiles you used in the first section of the level fit very well together. one thing i liked in this first section is how you used the lava tiles. I thought that you used them pretty well and it went good with the theme. one complaint i have is that there wasn't a lot of background tiles and design, but thats just me. another thing is at x1440, you put a piranha plant on top of the screen. I hate when people do this (sorry lol :P) because it looks really weird when the piranha plant disappears on top of the screen. if you don't put it going into a pipe, the player could get hurt if the plant goes down when the player is on it above screen. next, the cave section. i didn't really like this section, because it was just so bare (again, i like a lot of scenery lol) there were some places where you could have place some pillars, or you could have added these tiles along the ceiling of the cave (http://prntscr.com/i0rmgq) or you could just use the crate tiles instead of the cave tiles of the L2 scroll and put pillars on top of those (again, i like scenery cccccccc:) next, the second outside section. looks nice, then you reach the autoscroll. nice using a4, because its not used very often, but i felt like you put this there to fill in the remaining space of the level. (i wouldn't blame you id probably do something worse because im uncreative ccccccccc:) when i played through it, it was really frustrating because the football chuck gets in the way of jumping over or going under the podoboos. the generator wasn't really a problem. it was just bullet bills. then the boss. okay, im done with my review this level was okay, it has some problems (the cave section honestly) im probably not even gonna rate this low, because idont' want bully okee"

01/15/18 at 4:37 PM


@Mario Blight i don't have to rerate do i, but if i need to i will

01/24/18 at 6:09 PM

Mario Blight

@qwertyquop Your choice.

01/25/18 at 12:47 AM