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About: Well i'm making a super Mario Flash 1 series called Super Luigi that's about it...

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A Change Of Heart

I think I'm going to be back from my quest to find a true soul in a level... I have a team we will be making a super mario flash 2 level series known as....

Super Mario Ultimite

We haven't designed any of the levels yet, but it will have 48 levels..

Each level will be planned with the smallest details in mind.

All we have right now is the basic story of the game so I guess i'll share it with you here


The mushroom kingdom was peaceful. Bowser had finished his last raid on he kingdom 4 years ago. Mario and Peach were a happy couple and Luigi moved to Sarasaland but then out of the blue an airship starts invading the town "MARIO!! LOOK OUT!!!" Yelled princess peach before a cannonball hit Mario right in the face and sent him flying... Mario wakes up with a sharp pain aching in his body.

He sees that he's in a forest and his attention then focuses on the wooden figure wearing blue in front of him "Geno?" He asks before everything goes blank and he passed out again

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Nighttime sets on the Jungle. As Mario begins to wake-up from a midday nap, he realizes he must find somewhere to sleep for the night that's safer! He must hurry and find a cave or something else before the monsters murder him and consume his corpse.
Please rate and play now...

08/20/17 at 9:53 AM


The 2nd official LP contest is here! The contest begins now and ends September 17th at midnight (Eastern Time GMT-4). You can submit any level created on or after August 18th.

Good luck! If you have any questions, please reach out to me, a staff member, or a contest judge.

08/17/17 at 9:17 PM

Welcome to the special 10 years of SMF anniversary level! It's your everyday basic, generic, and easy going grassland level to celebrate 10 years of this wonderful game. I've had a lot of [REDPAINACTED] making this level. It was such an [REDBADACTED] time making this level, and on top of that, it helped me remember my old SMF levels and some other great ones from way back in the day. Enjoy and have fun in
the [REDMADETOTORTUREYOUACTED] level, that I attempted to make as [REDPAINFULACTED] as I can. Please go rate and play now!

h e l p m e.

08/15/17 at 3:58 PM


After 8 months, the largest and longest Mega Tag has finally came out! This time, 28 users come together to create a huge vertical level with a whopping size of 160,000y! This tag is designed to celebrate the existence of SMF since it's first arrival in 2007, and is the 2nd largest level ever made. If you could, please give this level a review as a lot of us have spent a lot of time and dedication into making this anniversary level happen, and without your support, people will forget the marks this level made.

Level Link:

08/13/17 at 9:12 PM


Everybody who is on my profile. My first published level will be released today. Let's try and build hype!

08/13/17 at 5:32 PM

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