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Why hello there! I'm Fail Meep. I make levels that have too much scenery but okay-ish gameplay!

Autoscroll series(Finished)

Level 1. Boom Boom's revenge(Auto 1)
Level 2. Boom Boom's mansion(Auto 2)
Level 3. Boom Boom's airship(Auto 3)
Level 4. Boom Boom's castle(Auto 4)
Remix 1. Boom Boom's second revenge
Remix 2. Boom Boom's haunted mansion

Enemy series(Discontinued)

1-1. Rhino Forest
1-2. Koopa Hills
1-3. Volcano Lotus Volcano
1-4. Galoomba Field
Secret level 1. The Legendary Koop-village

2-1. Bob-omb n Ninji Hills
2-2. Piranha Cave
2-3. Rex Mountain/Cave

Kingdom series(Finished)

Level 1. Blue Blue Kingdom
Level 2. Green Green Kingdom
Level 3. Red Red Kingdom

Old Super Mario Bros(Discontinued)

1-1. Old Super Mario Bros 1-1
1-2. Old Super Mario Bros 1-2
1-3. Old Super Mario Bros 1-Tower Water Tower
1-4. Old Super Mario Bros 1-4 Another Grass Level?
1-5. Old Super Mario Bros 1-5 Finally a Cave Level
1-6. Old Super Mario Bros 1-6 Watery Ruins
1-7. OSMB/Old Super Mario Bros 1-7 Bowser's Castle up in the Clouds

2-1. OSMB 2-1 Forest Maze
2-2 OSMB 2-2 Spider House
2-3 Old Super Mario Bros Un-jolly Roger Bay


Parachute Mayhem
Mythical Jungle
The Moon Artifact
Fire Desert
Castle Level

April Fools

Generic GrassLand Level #00800


Switch Mansion
Boom Boom's Firey comeback
Golden Ship
A Short but Challenging Stroll
Lakitu Desert
A Trip back to 1989. Theater Act 1
Hold the button what the arrows point at
Another generic 1-1 Remake :/

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migcat 48

cual broma yo si soy migcat49

07/12/20 at 4:13 PM

Fail Meep

@migcat 48 La broma no fuiste tú, fue que algunos servidores patean a las personas por no ser inglesas

Perdón por el mal español, usando un traductor

07/12/20 at 4:17 PM


mail feep

04/20/20 at 8:41 PM

Fail Meep

@awesomeness777 Hey Feep! You got mail!

04/21/20 at 11:25 AM


Thanks for rating! However, I personally feel a 95/100 for a relatively 'empty' level and bland map, as you described, was probably a bit too lenient. Haha, I'm so sorry if I'm not as lenient on your recent level but the relatively repetitive/rushed sections kinda bored me out quite a bit i guess.

11/21/19 at 10:59 PM

Fail Meep

@Mesopotamia Oh i'm really sorry! But the level was really fun tho!

11/22/19 at 7:47 AM


@Fail Meep thank you!!! glad you had fun with it :D

11/22/19 at 8:43 AM