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Welcome to Brawler Day's Profile!
About Me: I've been around the SMF community since the mid Pouetpu-Games hacking war loss.
I (Along with basically everyone) came over here, Level Palace. I had been making levels without a account since I was around 7 years old in 2009 and reposted 3 of my levels from younger times when i made a account on Poueptu in 2014
(The Parkour Castle, Somari Flash Act 1 & Pipeland The Series - Tubular)
I've been uploading my levels publicly since
the summer of 2014 and hope to continue no matter what happens.

Thanks for Reading :)


 Upcoming Levels!

LP Month of Brawler! - August '18

Pipeland the Series W1-2 - 69%

Predicted Due Date: 1st of August, 2019

Yandere Simulator Level 6 of 6 - 16%

Predicted Due Date: ~ 2nd of August, 2019

Mario Before the Sequel, Level 1 of 5 - 17%

Predicted Due Date: 3rd of August , 2018

Mega Mario! - 1%

Predicted Due Date:  5th of August, 2018

Super Mario Bros. 2/ Lost Levels World 1: 10%

Predicted Due Date:  6th of August 2019

Somari Flash Sunset Hill Act 1 - 2%

Predicted Due Date:  7th of August, 2019

Somari Flash Sunset Hill Zone Act 2 - 4%

Predicted Due Date: August, 2019

The Bad Christmas 3 + 4

Predicted Due Date: December 2019


Upcoming Tags!

Athletic Hour VI

Innovative Sky Castle

1. qwertyquop (X0-2500) โœ”

2. Waluigi68  (X2500-5000) โœ”

3. Mario00000000(X5000-7500)  ๐Ÿšง

4. Thejanos27 2 (X 7500-10000)

5. GameHappy (X10000-12500)

6. Kusane Hexaku (X12500-15000)

7. Lord Luigi2014 ๏ผˆ๏ผŸ๏ผ‰(X15000-17500)

8. BrawlerDay ๏ผˆX17500-20000๏ผ‰


Theme: Castle / Roof of Tower

Difficulty: Hard - Extreme


Luigi Adventure W0-4 - NGC 

1. Open Slot (X0-2090)

2. Brawler Day(X2100-4180)

Theme: Snow

Difficulty: Medium - Hard


โ™› 32 Gold Levels โ™›

โœช 22 Silver Levels โœช

โœ” 1 Bronze Level โœ”

(Not Including Tags with Others)


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P-G Account

August 16th, 2014 - April 3rd, 2016

Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 20XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 20XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 10XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.



True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP

The Cyan Yoshi

I made a new level

07/08/19 at 10:11 AM

The Flying Dutchman

the dutchman has spotted you, you're on trial, fight your way out of the contest.

06/28/19 at 1:43 PM

Brawler Day

@The Flying Dutchman I did it :)

07/05/19 at 2:36 AM

The Flying Dutchman

@Brawler Day . . .


btw, try out super mario construct, its linked pretty much anywhere, including on my profile so... ye... kinda the game on lp once flash dies

07/05/19 at 9:37 AM