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                                        Welcome To Javien322's Profile! :)

Table Of Contents:

  1. About Me
  2. Facts
  3. News
  4. Rating System
  5. How I discovered Level Palace and Super Mario Flash/Story
  6. History

1. About Me:

Full Name: Javien Styles Lugo

Nickname: Javi/Lugo/Styles

Favorate Food: Pizza

My Top 5 Favorate Mario Games (5 to 1)

5: Super Mario Bros

4: New Super Mario Bros 2

3: Super Mario World

2: Super Mario 64

1: Super Mario Bros 3

2. Did you know?/Facts:

-I am very sensitive sometimes

-I have autisum

-I have 2 dogs and a cat

-I use Microsoft Edge

If you are bored and you wanna play some levels, Don't worry! I am one of the best Level Makers of all time! (well kinda maybe idk)

Taking Mario to the next level!

3. NEWS:

I am working on a series called: Super Mario World: Reborn! The entire Mario Universe is torn apart by Bowser and Mario has to jump between 8 different worlds and destroy every enemy that comes in his way. Bowser is developing a new weapon to destroy the Mario universe (and others) and Mario has to stop him before he has the technology to build it. Will he be able to stop Bowser before the entire universe is destroyed? We will find out soon.

Here are the levels:

World 1: Gratificating Grasslands (9/10)

Level 1: A New Beginning (Done!)

Level 2: Crystal Caverns (Done!)

Level 3: Return of the Yoshi (Done!)

Level 4: High High Cliffs (Done!)

Fortress: Loathing Lava Fortress (Done!)

Level 5: Pirannha Plant Peril (Done!)

Level 6: Mushroom Heights (Done!)

Level 7: Holy Mole-y (Done!)

Level 8: Castle Entrance 1 (Done!)

Castle:  Ball N' Chain Castle (in progress)

World 2: Dreaded Desert (0/10)

Level 1: Desert Drought

Level 2: Chain Chomp Trickery

Level 3: Crazy-Humid Caves

Level 4: Odd Oasis

Fortress: Thwomp Fortress

Level 5: Sweat Valley

Level 6: Cactus Conundrum

Level 7: Crazy Cold Nights

Level 8: Wacky Zone

Airship: Confused Cannon Airship

World 3: Brilliant Beach (0/10)

Level 1: A Refreshing Resume

Level 2: Underwater Ghost House

Level 3: Bullet Bill Basics

Level 4: Funky Fish Ocean

Fortress: Underwater Fortress

Level 5: Hammer Bros Beach

Level 6: Palm Tree Coves

Level 7: Rex Party

Castle Entrance 2

Castle: Underwater Castle

World 4: Crazy Freaking

Forest (0/10)

Level 1: Chuck Invasion

Level 2: Up, Up, Up!

Level 3: Spiny Park

Level 4: Dense Forest

Fortress: Grrrrol Fortress

Level 5: Torpedo Trickster

Level 6: Grown-Around Ghost House

Level 7: Holy Mole-y 2.0

Level 8: Perilousless Plants

Airship: Hothead Airship

World 5: Classic World (0/10)

Level 1: Freaky Flashbacks

Level 2: Koopa Katastrophe

Level 3: Classic Caves

Level 4: Not-So-Lazy Lakitu

Fortress: Bully Fortress

Level 5: Big Bad Bridge

Level 6: Legend of The Cheep Chomp

Level 7: Nostalgia Hills

Level 8: Castle Entrance 3

Castle: Classic Castle

World 6: Mount Everest (0/12)

Level 1: A Chilly Start

Level 2: Painful Pipes

Level 3: Deep in The Mountain

Level 4: Spike Fellows

Level 5: Nimble Ninji Niflheim

Fortress: Frostbite Fortress

Level 6: A Muncher Problem

Level 7: ALMOST Frozen Waters

Level 8: Return of Lakitu

Level 9: The Beetles

Level 10: Frozen-Over Ghost House

Airship: Cold N' Creepy Airship

World 7: Dark Night (0/12)

Level 1: Dino Hills

Level 2: Puzzle Cave

Level 3: Dolphin Falls

Fortress 1: Fuzzy Furious Fortress

Level 4: Up in The Stratosphere

Level 5: Calmless Crowbers

Level 6: Big Blargg's Bath

Fortress 2: Lazy Lotus

Level 7: Stealth Master

Level 8: Catastrophic Chaos

Level 9: Castle Entrance 4

Castle: Bony Beetle Berserk

Airship: Big Boo Showdown

World 8: The Dark World (0/15)

Level 1: Lava Hell

Level 2: Bob-Omb Battlefield

Level 3: HURRY UP!

Level 4: Here Comes The Sun

Fortress 1: Grinder Fortress

Level 5: The Bills Are Back

Level 6: Burning Caves

Level 7: Take a Break

Level 8: Watch Your Step

Fortress 2: Final Fortress

Level 9: Furious Pirannha Fire

Level 10: Another Muncher Problem

Level 11: Meteor Downfall

Level 12: Almost Done

Bowser's Castle

World A:

Level 1: Goomba Invasion

Level 2: Caves of Confusion

Level 3: Big Mushrooms

Level 4: Abandoned Ghost House

World B:

Level 1: Familiar...

Level 2: Deep Caves

Level 3: Mental Madness

Level 4: Huge Thwomps

World C:

Level 1: Look Out

Level 2: Urching Urchin Waters

Level 3: Lethal Lava Land

Level 4: P-Switch Peril

World D:

Level 1: Conveyor Catastrophe

Level 2: Hold On

Level 3: Mushroom Lake

Level 4: Champion Hill

Special Level/Credits

Total Level Count: 106

Next Level: World 1 Castle: Ball N' Chain Castle

Total Progress: 9/106


So I have a rating system that some people also use.

First I Say the Pros and Cons About the level which will decide My rating And score. But they won't be added or subtracted as compliments like *ahem* AllenCaspe9510's Rating system.

Then I will say the difficulty of the level.

Then the score,

Then the class it will go in depending on my rate

Difficulty: N/A

Overall Score: N/A

Overall Class: N/A

5. How I Discovered Level Palace And Super Mario Flash:

So, I was scrolling down these old Mario games, But then I found this one game that REALLY stood out more than the other games. Which we now know in love: Super Mario Flash. Then I saw that you can make your own levels with the Editor. Which was unique. Back then I never knew how to even use the Editor. But then I knew how to but I was bad at making levels. I started making my old levels way back in 2013 but I did not have an account. But then I got a little bit older and I discovered this website called Pouetpu Games! In 2014. That was also the year that I found this game called Super Mario Flash 2. And I got a little better at making levels. Not the version C that just came out. The first version of Super Mario Flash 2. I started making levels in Super Mario Flash 2. But then a few years later in 2017, I discovered the All new Super Mario Flash version E. Which is currently in Version 8.0 but I started playing it when it was in Version 7.2. I got even better at making levels because I got smarter and it had more features. This was also the same year that I discovered Level Palace! But I did not have an account as well there. Then in 2018, I finally founded the all-new Super Mario Flash 3! I was a phenomenom at making levels. It was very cool. It had all new Game play, All new features, And dwarfs Super Mario Flash and Super Mario Flash 2. This was also the same year that I started playing the new Super Mario Flash 2 Version C which I explained earlier. I was very good at making levels there, Too. Then a few months later, In September 2018 guess what? That's when I joined level palace and made a profile! And then I got So good at making levels that I started my own series Called Super Mario World: Reborn! 

That is how I joined Level Palace!

History of Super Mario Flash. (And Me)

(2005) The first ever version of Super Mario Flash. (Originally named Super Christophe Brothers (SCB))

(Early 2007) Super Mario Flash the hard level was born

(2007) Super Mario Flash V1.3 was made

(Summer 2007) The Super Mario Flash Editor was born (V2.0)

(August 2007) The Super Mario Flash Overworld Map was made (V2.5)

(March 2008) Super Mario Flash V3.0 was founded

(2009) Pouetpu Games was found

(2011) Super Mario Flash 2 was made to the public for the first time

(2013) When I started to play Super Mario Flash

(2014) When I started to play Super Mario Flash 2

(2014) When I discovered Pouetpu Games

(2015) When Chairo Made Super Mario Flash 2 Version C 

(2016) When Hiro Made Super Mario Flash Version E (V8.0)

(2016) When Hiro Made Super Mario Flash 3 (V35.2)

(2016) Pouetpu Games crashes

(2016) When Level Palace was made

(2017) When I started playing Super Mario Flash Version E

(2017) When I started playing level palace (No account I was a guest)

(2018) When I started playing Super Mario Flash 3

(2018) When I started playing Super Mario Flash 2 Ver C

(2018) When I made a profile for level palace! :)

(2019) When I started making a series called Super Mario World Deluxe

(2020) Flash shuts down

(2021) Super Mario World Deluxe becomes cancelled :(

(2021) Super Mario World: Reborn is now being worked on as a new series, Replacing Super Mario World Deluxe! :D


Thank you for checking out my account! :)

Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 5XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.


Reward: 50XP

True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP


Super Mario World: Reborn - World 1.8 is out now! Please rate/review

10/14/21 at 9:01 PM


I just played Super Paper Mario after years. I last played it when I was 7, now I'm 15.

10/12/21 at 9:47 PM


@Mariogamerxyz Woah. I never actually played it before.

10/12/21 at 9:52 PM


@javien322 It's a have to. The game is literally one of the best ones on the Wii!

10/12/21 at 9:54 PM


@Mariogamerxyz Sounds interesting! By the way, The argument we had a few weeks ago, I realized it got deleted. Did you delete it? Or was it a mod? Just asking.

10/13/21 at 6:43 PM


Super Mario World: Reborn - World 1.7 is out now! Please rate/review.

10/07/21 at 8:49 PM


I remember that you gave me my first comment on one of my levels!

10/07/21 at 8:14 PM


@luigiwins12 Did I ask?

10/07/21 at 8:23 PM


@javien322 I'm just kidding lol.

10/07/21 at 8:23 PM


@javien322 lol XD

10/08/21 at 8:29 AM


Thank you for giving feedback on my level. :)

10/06/21 at 11:40 PM


@arjar25 Thanks.

10/07/21 at 7:30 AM