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 Welcome to my Profile!

Upcoming Levels Extended to Unknown, Frozen
3-C ABSOLUTE POWER (Memorial Level) (Working On 47%)
4-1 Koopa Woods (Long Level) (Finished)
4-2 Yoshi Rain Forest (No drawing yet, 7% Done)

     My Name is Allen Caspe (Cas-pe) and I make Levels for Super Mario Flash Games, I have a superior design technique and an Official Staff Member of RPG Enterprises.  I also rate levels that are selected by my choice, I usually post new levels on Saturdays or Sundays and possibly holidays!

   I discovered Super Mario Flash 2 when I was 9, I didn't have an Account and I started using the Level Editor, I make levels for my friend and my friend makes levels for me; Then we try to beat our levels but my friend never tried to play my levels, but instead challenged me to beat his levels, I completely see a spam of Invisible Blocks and Spam of Enemies, Falling Platforms, and Kaizo Gameplay. Then it started to feel boring, In the past months I played Everybodyedits and that's how my Platforming ability, Creativity ability, And Memory Power started to Improve, So after a Year, I played Super Mario Flash 2 again on Pouetpu Games, and then I see these SMF2 Levels on Youtube, and there were really cool! So I decided to copy levels but I had never known how to save them. After that, I decided to make a (Not Personal) Account, and wanna know what I was doing? I was stealing levels and reposted them. Before they got rated, I've just realized someone who copied a level got a very low score, so I decided to delete my levels, then after the next day, I forgot my Password. So I played more EE for 2 Years and I've gotten very smart, I got used to world making, and got used to a lot of Techniques. By next year, I played SMF2 Again, and It seems like it got updated or am I just dreaming? I started to build professionally,  But I never get to upload one because I had no Account, so Basically, I tried playing Przem's Long Fortress Level and Edited the level. (Replaced a lot of Enemies, Dry Bones, Etc. and Replaced them with Koopas Cause I liked them) Later, I got better and better every day, Until I learned how to save levels, and make levels awesome. In 2019, After I got bored in months I started to realized I didn't know that there was Super Mario Flash 3 and Somehow evacuated to a new site called Level Palace, And I made an Account.

 Rating System:
  My Rating System is Composted of 5 Categories, Gameplay, Level Layout, Level Technique, Level Style, and Level Design.

First Expression > Positives > Negetives > Overall > Score > End Sentence
Gameplay: 30%
Level Layout: 20%
Level Technique: 20%
Level Style: 15%
Level Design: 15%
Compliments: (X-/+) (Count 1/X for every statement)
Total Score: XXX (Difficulty)
Security Rate Level:
  My Rates are composed of an Opinion of a User. If the User is rating is not reasonable, unfair, dirty, raw, speechless. The Security Rate level will Increase and You'll have increased difficulty in getting a perfect score from me.

Security Rate Level 1: For Noobs
  Regular Rate System, you'll get some Advice from me if I'm impressed,

Security Rate Level 2: Regular
  No advice is given, Regular Rate System

Security Rate Level 3: Not Reasonable for 1 Time
  Increased Difficulty, There will be no luck in my Reviews

Security Rate Level 4: Not Reasonable for 2-3 Times
  You'll never get a Perfect Score from me and that only happens in 5% of my Opinion, Negative Statements Increased, Including Stuff that is not creative, pointless, garbage. You'll never receive a Positive Statement

Maximum Security Rate Level: Not Reasonable for 4+ Times
  You'll never even get a perfect Score, even if you think you can, Science Will be Involved, Physics, and Reality. Deductions are Multiplied by 2. (Don't even try it)

Future Levels:
SMWF 4-3 Apple Ruins (Puzzle Level)
SMWF 4-4 Lakitu War Zone
SMWF 4-5 Timber's Timbre (Long Level)
SMWF 4-C Fortified Fortress
World 5 - Mountain
SMWF 5-1 Bullet Valley
SMWF 5-2 The Underworld ( Long Level)
SMWF 5-3 Prehistoric Coaster (Roller Coaster Level)
SMWF 5-4 Flying Grounds
SMWF 5-5 Dark Chasm (Vertical Level + Long Level)
SMWF 5-C Thousand Halls
SMWF 5-6 Dark Airships
World 6 - Dark World
SMWF 6-1 Plains of Abyss (Long Level)
SMWF 6-2 City of Tears (Puzzle Level)
SMWF 6-3 ABSOLUTE POWER 2 (Roller Coaster Level)
SMWF 6-4 Endless Eyrie (Puzzle Level)
SMWF 6-5 Invictus Gates (Long Level)
SMWF 6-C Bowser's Castle (Memorial Level)
SMWF 6-6 Special Level (Credits)

Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 20XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 10XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.


Reward: 20XP

True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP


Will Continue Working in somewhere in November maybe

08/31/19 at 8:13 PM


It seems that "TFD Style" refers to annoying, unfair enemy placement/spam (correct me if I'm wrong). Just as a question, why is it called "TFD Style?" Did The Flying Dutchman have something to do with it?

08/21/19 at 7:06 PM

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