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Why hello there, random stranger. You've found my profile one way or another. I am Mesopotamia, a random level maker from Singapore! Enjoy whatever you may find in here~

Want to hear a joke about a piece of paper? Never mind, it's tearable.

Dono Dono Dono Bom Bomb~~~

'Meow', cute Meso~

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I get it, the level is ironic. If that's the problem, I can do that. So, now, I just updated it.

02/11/20 at 5:04 PM


Tip: The coins are your warning.

01/20/20 at 1:53 AM


@SMLFlash But still, it's kinda unfair how this isn't something a person would expect when playing and/or reviewing a level.

01/20/20 at 2:02 AM


The Tank is supposed to be a twist in the level. Plus, I did not use a Boom Boom boss fight for the level because I already used Boom Boom as a boss (for World 1).

01/18/20 at 12:56 AM


@SMLFlash I get that it's the only decent thing in the level as some kind of 'twist' and boss fight, but still, it's nothing impressive. And furthermore, I didn't deduct any points for no Boom-Boom in the tank, although it would be nice to add it in. Lastly, just because you used Boom Boom as a boss for World 1 doesn't mean you can't use it again. You could've included some kind of an obstacle course before a Boom-Boom boss fight (like the Sky Tank) and included a twist in the fight to overall make the level a little better to play.

By the way, please discontinue Mario Shorties. I've seen you complaining about people not appreciating your work, but that's because nobody likes seeing levels that short and too simplistic in general. If only you could combine some of your ideas into more creative ideas that would give your future levels that extra spark and extend their lengths to make them stand out from the crowd.

If you want people appreciating your work and rate higher, you need to work for it.

01/18/20 at 3:27 AM


@Mesopotamia C'mon. I have 3 worlds left. A snow world, a mountain world, and a Bowser world. World 6's first level has a similar concept to World 4-2 (Because out of all of the other levels in the Mario Shorties, that one is the highest rated). But, due to a lack of snow scenery in the game, It has a lack of scenery. So, don't blame me. I actually tried to find some scenery. Nothing worked.

01/18/20 at 4:46 AM


@SMLFlash Fine. Just don't say I didn't warn you about your future series levels getting low rates if this is how you're going to make the rest of the series levels.

Also, just because your next level uses a similar concept as one of your so-called highest rated levels, doesn't mean you'll get a good score in that level. A lot of factors will be considered when people rate levels - such as visuals, gameplay, aesthetics, time to complete, etc.

Lastly, SMF2 doesn't lack snow scenery in the editor. The snow scenery is in Color 6 tilesets. I'm not sure if that's enough for you but it should be just enough to make a decent snow level in SMF2, but without the snowing visuals that SMF3 and SMC support. If it's still not enough for you, please make your future levels in SMF3 or SMC (preferably SMC).

I can give you some advice but it's you who gotta help yourself. And please stop making short levels or levels that use repetitive means just for the sake of it taking longer to complete (such as your most recent level).

01/18/20 at 8:48 AM


Meso more like Gecko Exckdddeee

01/17/20 at 12:51 PM


@darknesu A N G E R Y .

01/18/20 at 3:18 AM


Reached Rank 8 today! To Rank 9 and beyond!

01/17/20 at 1:27 AM