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Hello! I am StarTigerrr. A Bosnian level-maker. I make loads of fun levels that have interesting gimmicks and a lot of scenery.

I'm back! Currently working on Overgrown Castle! I'll publish it soon! :D

Play my newest level "Trigger Tower"


Newer Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

Super Mario Mystical Islands

Mario's Journey Across The World

Upcoming series:

I don't have any ideas. There probably will be a series when I finish NSMBUD and SMMI.

Mario's Journey Across The World:

Boom Boom's Statue of Liberty Plan - 1-4 - Last level in the USA (0% done)

Newer Super Mario Bros U Deluxe:

Overgrown Castle - 5-Castle-The last level of the Green Jungle 30% done)

Koopa Clifftop - 6-1- Clifftop with flying Koopas (0% done)

Waterfall Mountainside - 6-2 -A mountain level with water (0% done)

Boom Boom's Bob-omb Tower - 6-3-Bob-omb tower (0% done)

Switch Pit - 6-4 Palace Switch level (0% done)

Shy Guy Mine - 6-5 -Shy Guy level (0% done)

Bullet Bro Mountaintop - 6-6 -Bullet Bro level (0% done)

Spike Fort - 6-Castle -Last level of the Mountain Mines (0%done)

Cloud Skyway - 7-1 -First level of the High Clouds (0% done)

Bounce Mushrooms - 7-2 -Bouncing Mushrooms (0% done)

Roto-disc Stronghold - 7-3 -Hard tower level (0% done)

Para-beetle Sky - 7-4 -Para-beetle level(0% done)

Mansion of Darkness - 7-5 -Dark level (0% done)

Lakitu Rainclouds - 7-6 -Lakitu level (0% done)

Cloud Castle - 7-Castle -Last level of the High Clouds (0% done)

Hot Lava Lake - 8-1 -First level of the final world (0% done)

Lava Dolphin Cavern - 8-2 -Underground lava level (0% done)

Canon Cliff - 8-3 -Lava Lotus level (0% done)

Hothead Hallways - 8-4 -Fire Chomp level inside Princess Peach's castle(0% done)

The Final Showdown - 8-Final Castle -The last level! (0% done)

Gold levels: 36

Silver levels: 16

Bronze levels: 2

Unsatisfactory levels: 0

My favourite levels:

1. Buster Beetle Caverns

2. Hot Ice Mine

3. Slippery Slides

4. Frightful Forest

5. Overgrown Tower

6. Cold Castle

7. Boomerang Bro Bridges

8. Dragon Jungle

9. Eerie Manor

10. Icicle Tower

Favourite level-makers:

  1. StarTigerrr
  2. AllenCaspe9510
  3. OrangeTack
  4. LazorCozmic5
  5. NesFilipGamer
  6. The Flying Dutchman
  7. IggyHopxD
  8. Nuozzu4
  9. Build
  10. Lyric_TheLegend
  11. How I discovered SMF:   I discovered it on september 2018. First I found SMF1 and played the story mode. But one day I found out that you can make levels in SMF! I made my own little series. I wasn't really good at making them. I played my own levels pretending to be a youtuber. Still to this day I want to be a youtuber. After that I discovered SMF2! I made a lot of a bit better levels. I was still not good at making levels. I was making levels there for about a week or so. I googled up SMF3 and I couldn't believe that there was another level editor game. I was there for about a month. One day I saw in the corner "GET CODE" That's how I discovered Level Palace! I played other people's levels and I was impressed how good they were. I started my own series in SMF3. Then I saw that you can post levels for free! I signed up and posted my levels. I expected my levels to be amazing, but they were really bad and I got 75 from Tristaph. I improved my level making.

If you want me to rate your level, then tell me in the comments. I'll make sure to rate it down if it lacks scenery! :D

Newer Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

World 1 - Leaf Plains

World 2 - Forgotten Desert

World 3 - Deep Seas

World 4 - Snow Hills

World 5 - Green Jungle

Svijet 6 - Mountain Mines

World 7 - High Clouds

World 8 - Bowser's World

Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 100XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 100XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 10XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.


Reward: 20XP

True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP


Hi ST!! :D

09/22/20 at 9:00 AM


@LazorCozmic5 Hi LC!
How is it being a moderator?

09/22/20 at 12:20 PM


@StarTigerrr Great

09/23/20 at 4:20 PM


So you think about leaving the site?Ok then, but this is sad because you a really good level maker so yeah,you decide it.

07/29/20 at 9:42 AM


@Tomi444 Thanks! I just don't like using SMC for making my levels. I'm used to SMF. I might play some levels in the future.

07/29/20 at 3:34 PM


@StarTigerrr Yes,I am a bit don't like SMC too, just a bit because idk...I have fewer designs like in SMF3 and this is weird for me.It not have all things like in SMF3 and i more prefer SMF3 artstyle than SMF2 and SMC artstyle.

07/29/20 at 3:46 PM


@Tomi444 Me, too

07/31/20 at 9:45 AM



they exist

they took extremely long to find the proper design for, palu will most likely hate me for the bane i put him through, but i'm freed of your nagging now

07/17/20 at 10:50 PM


@MrGerund Oh, hi. Thanks for the corner pipe tiles, but I might not need them anymore because I'm thinking about leaving the site. I don't like using SMC for making levels. Please tell me when you add a SMF3 mode to SMC. Thanks, again. Bye, MrGerund (TFD).

07/26/20 at 2:11 PM


@StarTigerrr btw, isn't palu a she?

07/26/20 at 2:11 PM


@StarTigerrr palu is a guy.

different artstyles arent coming any time soon so i guess thats the end of the road for you.

07/26/20 at 4:07 PM


06/29/20 at 6:14 AM


@IlyasElgourcifi I'm on a break. Don't comment anthing until 12th July.

07/08/20 at 4:46 AM


@StarTigerrr thank you very much @StarTigger

07/09/20 at 6:08 AM


Hi I'm trying to reach 10 rates. This level shouldn't take up much of your time if you don't mind please

06/24/20 at 9:02 AM


@yolo Okay, yolol

06/24/20 at 9:52 AM