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Welcome to the eccentric world of emeralds!

Hi! My name is EccentricEmerald(but you knew that already), and I am a level maker(but you knew that too.) I want to do stuff like this when I am older but for now, this is what I got! I only make SMF2 and SMF3 levels, so if you like other genres then sorry, but this is the wrong account. Anyway, hope you enjoy my levels! Check 'em out, or explore the main page.

The Hub

Hey guys! It is time for the moment you guys may have been waiting for... The decision! And guess what? It was really hard! And no, not because of all the good comments, but because of the GARBAGE. Like literally, there is nothing good in the review section. I know you guys think that it's just a boss fight but its not! So I decided to really think about the pros and cons. And the decision is... There will be a world map feature for Mario's Grande Adventure. And if you disagree, then why didn't you comment that? Anyways, I will give an actual preview of the series soon, so be ready. Anyways, that's all for The Hub.


Welcome to EccentricReact! Today's level is:

Hammer Bro Swing-A-Long

Let's begin!


Another long rating! So first of all, can you please be a little bit more specific when you say "generic and offered little variety."? Although, I TOTALLY get where you're going with the lack of decoration. It really needed some. And the aestethic? Ehhh, I thought it was fine. I guess custom music might've been nice. Besides that, I will remember decor.


No offense, but give real ratings.


Scattered coins? Wait, let me check. Ok... Some over there... Over here too. Oop, and over there... Ok, cross the huge pipe... oh, there... Ok, they may be a bit scattered, but I didn't think it bothered you. I can't really solve that, since that is kinda irrelevant or whatever the word is. So sorry?

Once again, thank you for the feedback. Now go check out Dolphin Shoals!

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Today's EccentricFact is:

If you pay attention, you can see a fence in the world map of World 1 in NSMB, NSMBW, and NSMB2. It originated from NSMB though.

About The Creator

I also make Mega Maker levels. They are interesting to say the least. I am not a grownup(or teen), so if you are WOW'd by my levels then just remember a kid made them. Pretty cool, right?


That is all. Thanks for visiting and remember...

Anyone can make a level, even an emerald!

Updated on August 11, 2019 8:30 P.M.

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Hello everyone. Sorry I have been inactive. I haven't had a device to make levels on for a while. I will try my best to stay active as long as I can.

09/27/19 at 8:12 PM


@EccentricEmerald Welcome bacc

09/27/19 at 9:05 PM


awesomeness777 - I tried but I can't. Sorry.

08/24/19 at 4:53 PM