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Oh? You dare click on my smol' lil profile? Well uh. Ok. What do you want from me? Oh ok. Here's some NewerSMW bullcrap for you then. Oh and here's my Discord number if you want to friend me or text me. Don't expect me to use my mic however. #9002

World 1:

Yoshi's Island (DONE)

W1-1: Done

W1-2: Done

W1-Tower: Done

W1-3: Done

W1-4: Done

W1-5: Done

W1-Castle: Done

W1-Airship: Done

World 2:

Turny Tops/Ancient Ruins

W2-1: Done

W2-2: Being worked on right now!

W2-3: W.I.P

W2-Tower: W.I.P

W2-4: W.I.P

W2-5: W.I.P

W2-6: W.I.P

W2-7: W.I.P

W2-Castle: W.I.P

W2-Train: W.I.P

World 3:

Crystal Cavern

W3-1: W.I.P

W3-2: W.I.P

W3-3: W.I.P

W3-Tower: W.I.P

W3-4: W.I.P

W3-5: W.I.P

W3-Castle: W.I.P

W3-Train: W.I.P

World 4:

Golden Forest

W4-1: W.I.P

W4-2: W.I.P

W4-Tower: W.I.P

W4-3: W.I.P

W4-4: W.I.P

W4-Castle: W.I.P

W4-Airship: W.I.P

World 5:

Deep Peaks

W5-1: W.I.P

W5-2: W.I.P

W5-3: W.I.P

W5-4: W.I.P

W5-Tower: W.I.P

W5-5: W.I.P

W5-6: W.I.P

W5-7: W.I.P

W5-8: W.I.P

W5-Castle: W.I.P

W5-Train: W.I.P

World 6:

Pumpkin Graveyard

W6-1: W.I.P

W6-2: W.I.P

W6-3: W.I.P

W6-Tower: W.I.P

W6-4: W.I.P

W6-5: W.I.P

W6-Castle: W.I.P

W6-Airship: W.I.P

World 7:

Glacier of Fire

W7-1: W.I.P

W7-2: W.I.P

W7-3: W.I.P

W7-4: W.I.P

W7-Tower: W.I.P

W7-5: W.I.P

W7-6: W.I.P

W7-7: W.I.P

W7-Castle: W.I.P

W7-Airship: W.I.P

World 8:

Minimega Pennisula

W8-1: W.I.P

W8-2: W.I.P

W8-3: W.I.P

W8-Tower: W.I.P

W8-4: W.I.P

W8-5: W.I.P

W8-Castle: W.I.P

W8-Airship: W.I.P

World 9:

City of The Skies

W9-1: W.I.P

W9-2: W.I.P

W9-Tower: W.I.P

W9-3: W.I.P

W9-4: W.I.P

W9-5: W.I.P

W9-Tower2: W.I.P

W9-Airship: W.I.P

World 10:

Sky Mountain/Starry Skies

W10-1: W.I.P

W10-2: W.I.P

W10-3: W.I.P

W10-4: W.I.P

W10-Tower: W.I.P

W10-5: W.I.P

W10-6: W.I.P

W10-7: W.I.P

W10-Castle: W.I.P

W10-Airship: W.I.P

World 11:

Bombard Cliffs

W11-1: W.I.P

W11-2: W.I.P

W11-3: W.I.P

W11-Tower: W.I.P

W11-4: W.I.P

W11-5: W.I.P

W11-Castle: W.I.P


World 12:

Cirrus Heavens

W12-1: W.I.P

W12-2: W.I.P

W12-3: W.I.P

W12-Tower: W.I.P

W12-4: W.I.P

W12-5: W.I.P

W12-Castle: W.I.P

W12-Train: W.I.P

World 13:

Sakura Village

W13-1: W.I.P

W13-2: W.I.P

W13-3: W.I.P

W13-4: W.I.P

W13-Tower: W.I.P

W13-5: W.I.P

W13-6: W.I.P

W13-7: W.I.P

W13-Castle: W.I.P

W13-Train: W.I.P

World 14:

Koopa Planet

W14-1: W.I.P

W14-2: W.I.P

W14-Tower: W.I.P

W14-3: W.I.P

W14-4: W.I.P

W14-Castle: W.I.P

W14-Airship: W.I.P

W14-5: W.I.P

W14-6: W.I.P

W14-7: W.I.P

W14-Tower2: W.I.P

W14-8: W.I.P

W14-9: W.I.P

W14-10: W.I.P

W14-11: W.I.P

W14-Train: W.I.P

W14-Airship2: W.I.P

W14-12: W.I.P

W14-13: W.I.P

W14-14: W.I.P


End of the main series. Yep. It's not over.

World āˆž:

The Level Palace

No levels have been planned. All of the levels that aren't part of the main series are in here!

Why are you still here lol-

Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 10XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 20XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 10XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.


Reward: 5XP

True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP

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All the levels and worlds for NewerSMW have been revealed! Go back to "Main" and scroll down to see all of them.

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