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Hi guys and girls! I'm Nathan and welcome to my profile!

I have been posting levels since 2016 and I still am!

Upcoming Levels:

Gold Mine (Coming in 2021)

Airship Forests (This will come in 2021)

Lava Cave (This will come in 2021)

Grass and Cave (It will come in 2021)

Autumn November (Coming in 2021)

The Island (Part 7) (Coming Soon)

Levels I'm Planning on Remaking:

Retroness (Remake)

The Relaxing Beach (Remake)

Upcoming Sequels:

Orange Plains II

Things I'm not too sure how to do:

Hard Levels

Hard levels kinda revolve around puzzles, precise timings, and a lot of good challenges. I mostly know how to make medium and easy challenges. However, I guess I'm learning how to make hard levels.

Note: If the level is not good it's because I'm not good at making hard levels.


Finished Levels:

Joyful April (Finished)

The Evertoad Forest (Finished)

In the Skies! (Finished)

Chocolate Minty (50th Level Special) (Finished)

Rainy May (Finished) YouTube



 The Island

The Island (Part 7) will unfortunately, be out in June. Sorry if you were looking forward to the level, but it will be out in June, because I feel like I would be putting too much pressure to get it out. It will be out in June 2020 so that I don't have to feel so pressured. So for now, The Island is being delayed. In the meantime, enjoy the levels that I'm making!

Tips For Making Levels:

1. Don't make the level look bland and boring (and also flat). Add scenery to make the level look more detailed and more interesting.

Note: Think about the scenery you're using. If you want to put scenery in the ground, try to see if the tile you are using looks good with the ground. If you are using outside or inside scenery, you can use a semi solid (a platform or ground that only the top you can walk on. The rest of it you can pass through it, it's really preferred to be used inside platforms). Try to experiment and see what and what doesn't work (by placing scenery and seeing if it fits with the level or not) Also don't put scenery too close or far away from each other (1 - 6 tiles away from each other. 1 being minimum and 6 being maximum) 

2. When you're adding enemies, make sure they are spaced and not too close or far away from each other (2 - 7 tiles away from each other). If you want to put a enemy next to where Mario or Luigi (only available in SMF) is make sure the enemy is not too close to him.

Note: If Mario or Luigi has to jump of a bullet bill you don't need to put a enemy there. Don't be repetitive and use the same enemies. Use different enemies and see if they fit the level. Think about where you want to place an enemy. Also don't put enemies on top of each other. 

3. Challenges are what makes the level fun and/or challenging so try to make good challenges (try to make at least 1 challenge that stands out or makes the level more challenging. Also try to make some creative challenges). 

4. Do not make blind jumps in a level. It will make the player think that they have to take a leap of faith or it will make them think that if they fall down, they will die. To fix blind jumps, put an arrow pointing where to go or coins telling you where to go. Do not put too much power-ups. You can put mushrooms or 1-Ups next to a checkpoint, a power-up at the beginning of the level, or a power-up where you need it. Do not spam power-ups (that's basically putting too much).

Note: Place a checkpoint where it's necessary. If the level is short, don't bother putting one unless the level is too hard. 

5. Play the level to see what works and what doesn't. See if you can beat your own level. 

Music playing: Yoshi's Island DS - Underground  


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Reward: 50XP

On Fire

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Reward: 5XP

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Skeleboi 173

also my 2/3 level was posted 2 or 3 days ago, just telling ya
and if u don't recognise me, i made the 1/3 level and Skeleboi's Random level 1

05/17/20 at 3:47 PM

Nathan nathan

@Skeleboi 173 Okay, not sure why I wouldn't recognize you. :3

05/17/20 at 5:07 PM

Skeleboi 173

@Nathan nathan it's because i changed my pfp :P

05/17/20 at 5:18 PM