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Age : 17

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I'm Jesse. I make levels because i'm bored. I've played a lot of Kirby games and i'm a big fan of the Mario RPG series with my favorite being Mario & Luigi : Partners In Time. I've been making levels since 2017 and i created my LP account in 2020. Im just here to have a good time making levels for people to enjoy.


Mario And The Orb's Of Chaos

Bowser's at it again. But this time, he's back with and stronger than ever. this time he planning on taking over the entire planet with the orb of chaos. Mario must set out again and collect the Eight Orbs and stop bowser once again. 


Chapter 1 : A Walk Through Goldleaf Forest

Chapter 2 : The Secrets Of Dusty Desert Ruins

Chapter 3 : Stroming The Undersea Temple

Chapter 4 : The House In Pumpkin Valley

Chapter 5 : To The Top Of The Frosted Glacier

Chapter 6 : Trouble In Shroom City

Chapter 7 : Up The Rocky Road

Chapter 8 : Trials Of The Sky

Chapter 9 : ?????

Chapter 10 : ?????

Super Mario World : The Lost Island 

Mario and his toad friends were going on a vacation. When there ship got attacked by Banzai bills. They're ship got destroyed. Now Mario must go across the island in search for his 6 toad pals and 8 power crystals to fix there ship.

Link :

World 1 : Forever Forest ( 6 Levels )

As you crash landed on the beach and you have landed in a big green grassy forest.  

World 2 : Icy Snowland ( ? Levels )

A really cold chilly place filled with lots of slippery ice and really cold waters.

World A : ?????

World 3 : Dreaded Desert ( ? Levels )

A really hot desert. Home to the Angry sun.

World 4 : Gapping Grasslands / Ceramic City ( ? Levels )

A busy city.

World B : ?????

World 5 : Melicious Mountain ( ? Levels )

A really tall mountain known for having falling rocks.

World 6 : Cloudy Heights ( ? Levels )

World C : ?????

A cloudy place high in the sky

World 7 : Sparatic Space ( ? Levels )

It's space 

World 8 : Volcanic Underground / Dark World ( ? Levels )

An undeground volcanic landscape 

{Bonus} World 9 : Star World ( Level)

Hard Levels

Mario And The Orbs Of Power

Tag Levels

Volcanic Viscosity ( LazorCozmic5 )

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Reward: 20XP

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Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 10XP

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Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.


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True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


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11/25/21 at 5:13 PM


Have you played Hollow Knight?

11/24/21 at 2:31 PM

Jesse Alexanderrr

@Strongiron450 I've heard of the game before. Never played it.

11/25/21 at 9:07 AM


@Jesse Alexanderrr Oh, I was wondering if that game potentially influenced some of your level style, it has challenges that are just as creative as yours. Speaking of how long have you been making levels just anywhere? did you get settled with SMC really quickly or have you used other editors before?

11/25/21 at 10:32 PM

Jesse Alexanderrr

@Strongiron450 I've made some levels in smf and a few other mario fangames. Most of my level designs are usally inspired from other nintendo games.

11/28/21 at 10:00 PM