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Mr Chocolate Donut

Hey Man Play And Rate This Pls.

07/15/20 at 8:42 PM


My review in the lastest one you send me since I can't delete my rate :/

(Review 1#)

[] The first half was on point until then, there was a repetitive challenge covering the last parts of the level such as the on/off switch and banzai bills, and it was totally uncreative. If you've done that first part and applied that to the rest of the level. You could have made a better decent score.

(Review 2#)

[] Alright, it looks like parts of the level got better now. Some of the empty areas need more effort such as the goal point. The parts where you use a switch block to transverse, needs slopes and more scenery. It also needs better enemy placement.

(Review 3#)

[] This is better but, the level really lacks visual impact, I wished you used solid grass blocks more often then simi-solid. Don't forget to add pipes and a variety of more enemies. The rotating platform challenge can be improved, everything can be improved. Most of the gameplay feels flat rock bottom and you need to lessen power-ups so that its a more decent level like the fire flower that nerfs everything aswell as the super leaf seen in other versions.

(Review 4#)

[] Same level, same mistakes. The solid ground is okay, but the sky lacks effort. Add pipes please, give your level some creativity. I felt like the only things have been changed is ground. Here's something I might advice you. Try out my recent first SMC level and try to apply that kind of technique and compare it to the level you have made.

(Review 5#)

[] What happened here? Everything was so well and now its ruined. You really need to stop using simi-solid platforms and start using regular solid platforms. Look at your finishing point, look at the ground, now that is solid ground. The spam soak of flying parakoopas made everything worst along with that last section with the pipes and stuff, very empty and dull.

Gameplay: 20/30
Level Architect:13/30
Level Design: 10/20
Total Score: 43 (Easy)

06/01/20 at 3:06 AM

Wynn Liaw

@AllenCaspe9510 I changed my level already

06/01/20 at 9:02 AM


https://www.levelpalace.com/level?id=4082 How do you feel about this level?

05/16/20 at 11:34 AM

Wynn Liaw

@awesomeness777 How do you feel?

05/16/20 at 10:07 PM


@Wynn Liaw like most people do :)

I was just asking because of your rate on MXT's hold nothing level

05/17/20 at 10:25 AM