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Happy Halloween 


I know, I know...
No one has asked about my absence, it is normal for us to take a break
mine was one more
it's weird I just didn't think about leaving this
but i said
MRCD-If only 5 people play my level they played it and good for them since my levels are not known for being good ...
Anyway it's great to get back to this
to my normal things
by certain Mario on vacation has not been canceled
this week I plan to climb the first level of the second world
So anyway, they go well and don't eat them a pumpkin please ...

If you like the donuts YOU are my friend

if not (what the hell whit you)

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about me:

Yes im  Mexican im of the male gender I just Play Games

i like it Animation...

I like it play Mario bros and i designed levels thats all.

I like this page so this is My next series

  if y0u liked my levels its ok If you not liked my levels Thats its ok

Favorite Games: Deltarune Minecraft and most 2d Super Mario Bros games
Favorite food:
Beef tacos and quesadillas
Favorite Gender Of music: Vaporwave

Fun fact: I have a mark shaped like Australia,

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Im a Agent of EPF

Super Club Penguin user: Saturno00000
History: I have been on this page for a longer time
it was not until now that my parents gave me permission to create an account
and I have created many levels that I have not published
for now
and more of those ...
Anyway I hope you enjoy my levels.
mr chocolate donut_2020

But you can know me as FYSH


Mario Adventure:

Exactly Well as Mario He goes to a tree Very strange and in that a series of events happen So ...

Súper chocolate Word!!

History: Mr. chocolate donut has gone mad and has conquered the kingdom of Candy
Mario ventures to rescue him it will not be easy but he will succeed !!!

    • Mario on Vacation:

    • Mario and his friends decide to take a vacation after the adventure in the sweet island But textbot will not allow them so easily Mario wants his friends to rest so he will try to rescue them from 4 elementals These are the gods of the Elemental island So temdra 4 worlds AND 4 levels
    • The beach in the woods

    •  The Hotel Goomba Part 1-1
    •  The Hotel Goomba Part 2-2
    • The Dino tribe-3
    • That golem...-4
    • Peninsula in the lake

    • ???-1
    • ???-2
    • ???-3
    • ???-4
    • New places new volcanoes

    • ???-1
    • ???-2
    • ???-3
    • ???-4
    • A Very Dark Cloud ...

    • ???-1
    • ???-2
    • ???-3
    • ???-4
    • Future Series:

    • Some future series:

    • Mario Adventure 2

    • Palace of doors

    • Mario Nightmares

Future Levels:

The world of surrealism

 NEW Super mario 1.5 land

Race Of Birds



Do not die and never forget to smile

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What do you think about this animation

10/13/20 at 4:33 PM

Mr Chocolate Donut

@mrgameboy Did you send it to me because I'm a donut?
Well write a little better
and add more scenery
I liked it anyway

10/17/20 at 2:38 PM


@Mr Chocolate Donut thanks

10/17/20 at 2:57 PM

Nicholas Alberto

What name music is this where Mario swims in underwater in 3-3 3 in 1?

08/16/20 at 12:59 PM

Mr Chocolate Donut

@Nicholas Alberto Ohh wait me a second

08/16/20 at 9:06 PM

Mr Chocolate Donut

@Mr Chocolate Donut Here is

08/16/20 at 9:08 PM

Nicholas Alberto

@Mr Chocolate Donut Thank you so much dude.

08/19/20 at 8:59 AM

Mr Chocolate Donut

well guys I have a problem
apparently inadvertently removed 3-5 so I have to redo everything so guys 3-5 will come out a little later than I thought

08/13/20 at 12:32 PM

This level is impossible. Don't rate a level if you can't beat it :)

07/27/20 at 9:02 PM

Mr Chocolate Donut

hey i made a collection of mario adventures
here is

07/11/20 at 12:13 PM