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Note : Currently working on a SMC level "The dark breezing from silence". It's a storytelling level inspired from many thing I found in Level Palace. (5/9 Map finished)​

About me.

I'm a random user in LP. I don't like to share a personal information. So nothing much in this column.

My pseudonym -​ "SilenceWind" (#8799)​

About make a level.

I don't know what is the main thing in my level. I often make a short level fell like a long level by use some backtrack or On-Off switch chain challenge, These type of challenge will help you save a Map space a lot and you will have many space for scenery. For a level theme, I often make more than 1 theme in single level.

Rating system.


Expain about how the level is going on, fun or boring, unique or generic, and more.

Often rate low in this part because short level, boring gameplay, genereic level.

Level design

Explain about the design of level. Good or bad scenery, has any cutoff or not, is object fit with theme, and more.

Often rate low in this part because bad scenery, has a cutoff or object doesn't fit with theme.


Explain about challenge in level. good challenge or not,possible to wins or not, fair or unfair, not repetitive or repetitive, and more.

Often rate low in this part because bad challenge, impossible to wins, unfair, repetitive.


Hello, MarioMakerMaster. your level is the best and the worst level.

[About gameplay]

Very good and very bad gameplay. The level is too short and too long. Very fun and boring in same time.

[About level design]

Very good and very bad level design. Scenery looks like Picasso's art and 3 years-old kid's artwork. There are 999,999 cutoffs in this level too.

[About challenge]

Very good and very bad challenge. It's impossible for me but possible for you to wins. Very repetitive challenge with 999,999 goombas in this level.


The best and the worst level in Level Palace!

Final Score : 60/100 (okay)

Difficult : Easy

[Thing that should improve]

Everything in this level.



-Very Bad (lower than 15/100)

-Bad (16/100 - 44/100)

-Hmm... (45/100 - 59/100)

-Okay (60/100 - 69/100)

-Good (70/100 - 84-100)

-Great (85/100 - 94-100)

-Amazing (95/100 - 98/100)

-Almost Perfect (99/100)

-Perfect (100/100)


-Super Easy (Extremely easy, not a good difficult.)

-Very Easy (Too easy, should be harder than this.)

-Easy (Not hard, chilling gameplay.)

-Leaning Easy (Between Easy and Medium.)

-Medium (Balance difficult.)

-Leaning Hard (Between Medium and Hard.)

-Hard (Difficult level with advance challenges.)

-Extreme (Tough,cruel level with very difficult challenges.)

-Kaizo (For Kaizo level only. Extremely hard, only mastered player will easily to pass a level.)

-Unfair (Only creator will easily pass the level but other player must uses luck to pass.)

-Impossible (Unbeatable.)

*I don't rate lower because of precise challenge(precise isn't mean to be a bad challenge, It bad if you use it too much or use it in speedrun level.)​ or repetitive scenery(because it doesn't affect gameplay)​.

Recent level.

Play my recent level, use URL below.

Level planned.

A series name "Farawayrian's Novel from Faraway". A story about the mystery faraway land, where is fulls of peace. But one day, the peace has gone, cause of war and a traitor.

Main Character

  1. You (Mario)​
  2. Lord Xero (Ruler of Farawayria)​
  3. Mystery guy who looks like Bowser.
  4. Archmage Orion (Your friend)​
  5. Beasttamer Darius (Your friend)​
  6. Baddie Byron (Your Rival)

[Chapter 1, Faraway Land] (0/5 levels)

  ♠Part 1, Farawayria (♦♦♦♦)

  ♠Part 2, Survey (♦♦♦♦)

  ♠Part 3, Battle against baddies (♦♦♦♦♦)

  ♠Part 4, Rumors (♦♦♦♦♦)

  ♠Part 5, Castle of the ruler (♦♦♦♦♦)

[Chapter 2, Let's be the hero] (0/6 levels)

[Chapter 3, Grand Festival] (0/5 levels)

[Chapter 4, Great Incident] (0/7 levels)

[Chapter 5, Chaos And Crisis] (0/5 levels)

[Chapter 6, Sound Of Silence] (0/3 levels)

[Chapter 7, Farawayria's Revival] (0/4 levels)

[Chapter 8, Strategy] (0/6 levels)

[Chapter 9, Vengeance Begins] (0/5 levels)

[Chapter 10, Breakthrough] (0/7 levels)

[Chapter 11, Fly High] (0/6 levels)

[Finale, Final Battle] (0/3 levels)​

[Extra, ???] (0/2 levels)​



♦♦♦♦ - Beginner

♦♦♦♦♦ - Easy

♦♦♦♦♦ - Medium

♦♦♦♦♦ - Hard

♦♦♦♦♦ - Chaos


♠ - Not started yet.

 - Not finished yet.

 - Finished but not published yet.

 - Finished and published.

*This series will not very hard. So Chaos difficult doesn't mean to be very hard.

*Farawayrian's Novel From Faraway season 2 is planning to continues from season 1.

Some useful links.

Here is where is get CBG from.

Here is where I downloaded tracks for custom music in my level.

My Custom music database.

Many custom music will be added here soon.

Boss Battle track.

-Mini Boss (Easy)

(To be added)

-Mini Boss (Medium)

-Mini Boss (Hard)

Extra track.

-One Piece opening (Opening 20), Hope–%20Opening%20Theme%2020%20–%20Hope.mp3?dl=0

-Black Clover opening (Opening 2), Paint It Black「PAiNT%20it%20BLACK」FULL%20by%20BiSH%20-%20YouTube.mkv?dl=0

-SAO Alicization -​ War of Underworld Part 2 Opening.

(coming soon)​

*If you want listen a track, I recommend put it into a custom music setting of SMC becuase there is a dropbox file.

Profile Credits.

Banner - ​by BoonAndTheRingo

His profile:

Description : He spent about 2 hours to make it. The first version was too big. (See it below.)​

Full image here

--- Totally trash grammar :/ -​--

Future Goal

*Crush Deciduu's most popular level, SMC Redux part 1

*Make popular series than Jesse Alexanderrr.

*Win 1st place in any contest.

Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 10XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 5XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.


Reward: 5XP

True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP


Somehow you've got 6 golds, 5 silvers and 3 features(excluding your sister's levels) and yet your complaining about being a loser. One of your levels even has 50 plays.

09/29/20 at 4:46 AM


@txlu_456 This statistics is way too far from Jesse, who has 8 features and all level are gold (Except his first level and some of his old level)
Note : A level that has 50 plays is just an old garbage that get featured 3 times.

09/29/20 at 5:36 AM



09/28/20 at 6:49 AM

Skeleboi 173

hey man, i'd like to see this user "Mario" just so i can report him (lol)
unless if he's already banned

09/25/20 at 3:09 PM


@Skeleboi 173 Err... I never seen a user name "Mario". Maybe he already got banned.
Edit : Do you mean a user name "Maro"? (A guy who did fake rate many times)​

09/25/20 at 7:45 PM

Skeleboi 173

@MarioConstructor Ah yes, I meant him

09/26/20 at 3:38 AM


@Skeleboi 173 Here.....
(You can remove "_id" ans then write username behind "=" to go direct to any user)​

09/26/20 at 4:03 AM


Perhaps it's how precise and long your levels are that makes people not want to play them. That LONG JOURNEY level just dragged...

09/23/20 at 6:16 PM


@Adyj Maybe, it's my first time for medium difficult.

09/23/20 at 7:55 PM


@MarioConstructor "I don't rate lower because of precise challenge(precise isn't mean to be a bad challenge, It can make you fun if you open your mind to it."

Yeah, something you might want to know, precision has quite a negative connotation here at LP. We think you can have a hard level that's still good, but precision usually isn't the way to do it.

09/24/20 at 10:36 AM


@Adyj I know, It's bad for some situation such as precise challenge in speedrun level.

09/24/20 at 8:02 PM


Wow! That note's a BIT depressing.

09/23/20 at 5:00 PM


@txlu_456 It's just a feeling. I update a note every week.

09/23/20 at 7:56 PM