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Welcome to my profile!

Latest vid:

Note: On my YT channel I will always upload walkthroughs of my own levels. There might be a chance that I make videos featuring users' levels (be from LP, Discord servers or LSS).

Levels stats:

• SMC levels: 1

• YFS levels: 2

I'm uploading some of my level codes on the SMC & YFS Discord server. Be sure to check them out.

More info of my levels:

• Uploaded

YFS Snowy Castle Outdoors [Discord/LSS only] [07/19/21] [Video available]

YFS Archery Fortress [Discord/LSS only] [08/10/21] [Video available]

• SMC Hike on a Starry Night [LP] [09/12/21] [Video available]

• Upcoming

YFS Secret Aqueducts of the Maan Tribe [Sewer level] [Discord/LSS only] [After YFS V3 release]

YFS Rojo Atardecer [Red palette forest level] [Discord/LSS only] [After YFS V3 release]

• YFS Secret Crypt of the Zon Tribe [Castle with lava level] [Discord/LSS only] [After YFS V3 release]

• YFS Archery Fortress 2: Riptide [Castle with water level] [Discord/LSS only] [May take a while tbh]

• SMC The Sunken Temple [Castle water level] [LP] [After the release of two YFS levels]

SMC Haunted Library [Ghost library theme level] [On all platforms] [After SMC V8 release]

SMC The Wind Tower [Tower level] [On all platforms] [After SMC V8 release]

SMC Mariovania: Curse of the Night [12-map metroidvania level] [LSS only] [On LSS release]

SMC Mariovania 2 [Mariovania sequel] [LSS only] [I'll begin to work on it once SMC V9 drops]

Text in green means that the level is complete and I'm just waiting for a specific date to share it.

Some answers to questions you probably aren't even asking right now:

Why not upload all of your YFS levels here?

LP only allows you to upload SMC codes. I mean, I could try asking ppl to open YFS on the description of each level, but there will always be that someone who doesn't read descriptions and rates 1/100 because the code didn't load to them on SMC. I'm not uploading these levels until LP allows us to upload YFS content.

The hell you mean by "On all platforms"?

The level was, is or will be uploaded on all three platforms: LP, Discord and LSS (auto-sync)

How many levels will you be posting on LP?

So far, I only plan to upload three, but there's still room for more. It depends on if I make more levels before LSS comes out.

• What's LSS and why are you waiting to post some of your levels there?

LSS is basically LP 2.0. I have no idea what will happen with LP once LSS comes out, but expect this website to be abandoned/killed within 2 to 3 weeks after that. I'm waiting for LSS to upload big projects for the following reasons:

1. Minimize the risk of people stealing those levels: I mean come on, we are talking about projects that took me at least 5 months of making.

2. Better grading: For those people who still think 100/100 rating system is better than star rating, let me say you probably are the kind of ppl that take off several points based on small cut-offs. Star rating still won't stop fake/bad rates from happening, but it's expected it will minimze the amount of them.

3. Celebrate the release of something great: I can assure you I'm not the only one saving amazing stuff for when LSS is released to the public. This amazing content will basically make LSS attractive, and if my levels help with that, I'm down to wait for a bit longer to upload my levels.

• What if LSS takes forever to come out (or it doesn't come out at all)?

Then I'm ofc posting my big projects here. I'd say LSS will come out in the first trimester of 2022, so I can wait up until the second trimester.

• Wanna make a tag level?

Okay, it's better to say this now: I'm a picky one. I don't accept random requests to tag levels unless the requests are coming from people I have had interaction with and I love their level making. Those people probably already know I'd be down to make some sick SMC/YFS levels with them.

• Can you record my level?

In case I make videos of users' levels, I will only pick really good levels randomly.

• Will you be rating some LP levels for the time being?

Only if I feel like it.

Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 5XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 5XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.


Reward: 5XP

True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP


Ahí te agregué Bro

09/12/21 at 4:51 PM


@Nuozzu4 Listoo, ya también te agregué

09/12/21 at 4:59 PM


@Skopler Gracias.

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09/04/21 at 10:08 PM


@Hi_dog2 Did you actually read my review or are you posting the same comment on every user's profile replying to the guy who can't load the level?

09/04/21 at 10:56 PM


If I do make another level, I will make sure that it will be a good level.

06/17/21 at 6:44 PM


"The entrance near to the gray bricks is close to the fire nipper plant, which usually translates in losing the hammer suit."

If you lose the hammer suit, you can go back in the pipe and get it again.

06/03/21 at 1:53 PM


@Gamerdude You're failing to see what's wrong in it. It's not okay to spawn and inmediately take damage from something.

06/03/21 at 2:59 PM


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