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Working on something big. You will hear about it when I know LSS is close to being released to the public.

The way I rate: Star system 'cause it's simple and to the point, without worrying about insignificant flaws. 0/5 stars (or 1/100) rates are given only to unbeatable and spammy levels. I care more about gameplay flaws than anything else, but I do mention scenery flaws, music choices and such in my reviews. I sometimes don't review at all, only rate. I don't re-rate twice unless I made a mistake at grading. I always mean well with my reviews, even though they can be interpreted as being unfriendly. I wanna make sure my reviews reach out the level maker so they start making better ones.

A bit about me: Got to know this community in pouetpu-games when I joined in 2014 (I previously joined in 2009 but went inactive after a year). On there I started the whole Fryzer raid thing in 2016, which caused almost everyone to get banned by that site's owner (and this was probably one of the things that sped up the process of creating this website). I was one of the first 100 people to join LP, made few more levels and even won the first contest ever created. I started the Elias raid in LP's discord, although this quickly escalated and people, pretending being me, started to do horrible and questionable things. When this happened some people lost their trust in me until I clarified few things. Why dwell on the past? the raids, especially the Elias' one, were done in the most horrible days of my life, and I wanted to take out what I had inside. This quickly backfired as I managed to hurt some people. I made this wall with the intention of learning from my mistakes and hopefully never do them ever again.

Other stuff worth to mention about me: I'm a spanish-speaker from Mexico with the interest of improving my english through inmersion. There might be times when I misspell something or can't express myself clearly... so sorry if that happens. I'm also learning french (although I'm still a baby at expressing myself in it) and nowadays have been showing interest in learning either chinese or japanese. And that's all I'm gonna say about me.

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Reward: 50XP

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Get a certain number of rates on a level


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If I do make another level, I will make sure that it will be a good level.

06/17/21 at 6:44 PM


"The entrance near to the gray bricks is close to the fire nipper plant, which usually translates in losing the hammer suit."

If you lose the hammer suit, you can go back in the pipe and get it again.

06/03/21 at 1:53 PM


@Gamerdude You're failing to see what's wrong in it. It's not okay to spawn and inmediately take damage from something.

06/03/21 at 2:59 PM


06/03/21 at 2:21 AM


ok this isnt revenge or hate or anything like that but i have no idea what your trying to say here. what your explaining to me makes literally no sense and you probably like using big words to make me feel small. you gave me a 40 since it has some "issues" but i dont even understand it in the slightest.

btw i only added the springboard since people who cant "cheese" it can use that instead

05/27/21 at 1:05 AM


@decaghi Trust me that I didn't make my review with the hopes of belitting you or your level. What I basically mentioned in my review is that your level doesn't feel fresh and recurrs to easy level making: putting the same enemies with the same distances, adding some empty spaces so you can hopefully enlarge its durability and avoid the feeling of it being short and making gameplay all about walking from point A to point B (with a small and barely good backtracking).

The first characteristic preserves the conception of repetitiveness, the second characteristic adds fillers that, if we remove them, we can actually see that the level is truly short, and the third characteristic makes gameplay quite boring.

"btw i only added the springboard since people who cant "cheese" it can use that instead" if you had this in mind then you should've added something to award the experienced users, like a 1-up mushroom or a dragon coin that could've been reached only if the player had taken the sprinboard to elsewhere. This could have hopefully added something new to the gameplay, instead of what I mentioned above about only 'walking from point A to point B'.

05/27/21 at 10:48 AM


@Skopler ok fine if i change all that WILL i not get a silver?

05/27/21 at 11:36 AM


@decaghi Still depends on how you add these corrections and if they don't result in other flaws

05/27/21 at 12:12 PM


Once a great SMF1 level maker, now a shitty SMC level maker.

05/21/21 at 5:17 PM


@JetWing34 Don't be hard on yourself, it's a different game so it's hard at times to make a flawless level

05/21/21 at 5:28 PM

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