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First of all, thanks for checking out my profile! Hi, I'm 3mmyco0l9 but most people call me Emmy. I'm just a guy who really likes Mario games, and I like making them even more. I really hope I get along with this community well! Also, I'll be online more on the weekdays than on the weekends. Thanks again and please take care during COVID-19.

My Favourite Level Creators:

Discord: emm#1733
Twitter: @3mmycool9
YouTube: Emmy (Not Uploading For Now)
Status: I won't be on for a while...
Announcement #1 | Jan 14 Thursday 9:32 AM
I updated my profile in the section "How I Rate Levels" and I've added a new section called "About Super Emmy World 2" with some interesting stuff.
Announcement #2 | Jan 14 Thursday 8:37 PM
I have a question, what do you guys think of Super Emmy World 2? Is it fun? Is it interesting? I would appreciate it if you could answer as a private or public comment. Thanks!
Announcement #3 | Jan 21 Thursday 8:16 AM
I've added a new section on my profile called "How I Make Level Descriptions" all the way at the bottom
Announcement #4 | Jan 26 Tuesday 9:13 AM
I just uploaded World 2-MC/4 Giving Up... and now I'm going to work on 2-5.
Announcement #5 | Jan 26 Tuesday 9:35 AM
I've decided that World 2 of Super Emmy World 2 won't actually have a castle, meaning it'll be the only world with five levels.
Announcement #6 | Jan 26 Tuesday 3:55 PM
World 2 of Super Emmy World 2 is finally complete! Now the rest of the worlds will be one full level so they'll take longer to make.
Announcement #7 | Jan 26 Tuesday 8:51 PM
If you haven't noticed yet, I have a section in the "Introduction" section of my profile where I have a status. This is basically just what I'm doing and sometimes you can see what level(s) I'm working on.
Announcement #8 | Jan 27 7:12 PM
Just added a "Music" section on my profile all the way at the bottom.
Announcement #9 | Feb 3 Wednesday 10:05 PM
I have now quit making the world for Super Emmy World 2 into one full level so it's back to it being level by level.
Announcement #10 | Feb 23 Tuesday 5:20 PM
I added a new Soundtrack in the Music Section of my profile.
I don't really make levels that often, but I like doing so! I also like story based levels/games or open-world ones. I'm getting better at making levels too. But I'm really bad a decorating levels. If your good at decorating levels, please teach me some tips!
Join Date: 11/04/20
Metalhead Block Bust Score: 502 (Not In Top 50)
Combo Stomper Score: 78 (Not In Top 50)
Boo Busters Score: 81 (Not In Top 50)

There's two Level Series I'm currently working on right now. "Super Mario Odyssey 2D" and "Super Emmy World 2 | Saving The World". Mostly Super Emmy World 2. If you wanna try the levels of these series that are out so far, just go to my levels and there will be folders with the levels!

I rate levels by gameplay, challenge, scenery, and enjoyment! At the end of all my rates, I sometimes put some final tips in case the level was a little bad.

Total Score Ratings:

Awful: 1/100 - 15/100

Meh: 16/100 - 25/100

Fine: 26/100 - 45/100

Good: 46/100 - 65/100

Great: 66/100 - 84/100

Perfection: 85/100 - 100/100

Difficulty Ratings:

Super Easy = Easy

Easy = Easy

Average = Medium

Medium = Medium

Hard = Hard

Very Hard = Hard

Extreme = Extreme

Unreal = Extreme

TROLL = Hard

Impossible = Extreme(Not A Good Thing)

??? = Easy(Level Has No Code)


Level Too Easy: -10

Level Too Hard: -15

Cheese: -15

Lack of Enemies: -10

Enemy Spam: -15

Unfitting Music: -5

Bad Music In General: -10

Overpowered Bonus Areas: -20

Bad Bonus Areas: -15

No Decoration: -25

Bad Use of Decoration: -20

Lack of Decoration: -15

Unfitting Background: -5

Bad Background In General: -10

Many Cut Offs: -30

A Few Cut Offs: -20

One Cut Off: -15

Unfinished Tile Placement: -15

Not Fun At All: -30

Barely Fun: -20

Not That Fun: -10

Too Short: -35

Short: -15

A Little Short: -5

Too Long: -35

A Little Long: -25

Unexpected Troll: -40

Insults: -45

Impossible: -99

Inappropriate: -99

[Upcoming Levels]

World 3-3 Snowy Forest

World 3-2 Cold Ice Cavern

Super Mario Odyssey 2D Sand Kingdom

[Upcoming Series]

Mario And The Nine Moons | The Series (Inspired by Jesse Alexanderrr)

New Super Mario Construct - Back In Time

Unsatisfactory: 5

Bronze: 4

Silver: 8

Gold: 7

Pending: 0

Featured: 2 (Not Featured Anymore)

Here you can see all the worlds of Super Emmy World 2.

World 1: Mushroom Kingdom: Fully Complete
1-1 Destructing Plains: Complete
1-2 Peacefulian Town: Complete
1-3 Bouncing Mushrooms: Complete
1-MT/4 Boom Boom's Spinjump Tower: Complete
1-GH/5 Corrupted Ghost House: Complete
1-C/6 Iggy's Odd Castle: Complete
World 2: Desert Planet: Fully Complete
2-1 The Windy Desert Plains: Complete
2-2 The Ancient Temple: Complete
2-3 The Sandy Cave: Complete
2-MT/4 Giving Up...: Complete
2-5 Back On The Road!: Complete
World 3: Eternal Snows: Not Fully Complete(Started)
3-1 The Snowy Village: Complete
3-2 Cold Ice Cavern: Incomplete
3-3 Snowy Forest: Incomplete
3-MC/4 No Name: Incomplete
3-5 No Name: Incomplete
3-C/6 No Name: Incomplete
World 4: Dark Forest: Not Started
4-1 Evergreens Plains
4-2 Lush Cave
4-3 No Name
4-MGH/4 Spooky Mansion
4-5 No Name
4-C/6 Morton's Greenery Castle
World 5: Tropical Island: Not Started
5-1 Aloha Beach
5-2 Aloha Village
5-3 "Fish"y Shore
5-MC/4 AloAHHH Why Is This Here?!
5-5 No Name
5-C/6 Wendy's Flooded Castle
World 6: Tall Mountains: Not Started
6-1 Rocky Hills
6-2 No Name
6-3 No Name
6-MC/4 No Name
6-5 No Name
6-C/6 Roy's Normal Castle?
World 7: Sky Clouds: Not Started
7-1 High In The Sky
7-2 Higher In The Sky
7-3 The Highest In The Sky
7-MT/4 Sky Tower
7-5 The Two Part Airship (Part 1)
7-6 The Two Part Airship (Part 2)
World 8: Forever Burning Plains: Not Started
8-1 Flaming Meteor Hills
8-2 The Blessed Spot
8-3 The Flipside Is Near
8-MC/4 This Looks Familiar...
8-5 No Name
8-C/6 No Name
World 9: Odd Cosmos: Not Started
9-1 Space Rock "Plains"
9-2 No Name
9-3 Polus
9-MC/4 Boom Boom's Cold, and Floating Castle
9-5 No Name
9-C/6 The Final Battle? | Bowser's Castle
World 10: The Flipside: Not Started
10-1 Inverted Lands
10-2 That's Me?
10-3 ¡uʍop ǝpᴉsd∩ s,ʇI
10-MC/4 mooB mooB's Space Castle

Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 10XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.


Reward: 5XP

True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP



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SMB843 is not banned forever fyi

LC said the ban will last for fourteen days. Smh, why do people worship that cheater?

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@Mariogamerxyz They don't.

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@SuperKaioken15 The first time he got perma banned, he was unbanned due to REQUESTS OF UNBANNING HIM

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@Mariogamerxyz This doesn't mean they worship him.

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Hey hey, everyone! As I said before, I wouldn't be on as much since Level Palace is slowly coming to an end with the release of Level Share Square. I just wanted to say that when Level Share Square does come out, I won't be able to make any levels right away as my SMC suddenly stopped working. I'm trying to get it fixed as soon as I can by deleting useless files and things like that. I hope I can make levels when Level Share Square is out. Anyway, have a good day/night.

05/10/21 at 5:55 PM


Your pfp REALLY wants us to look at that coin on your banner.

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@SuperKaioken15 Yes, yes it does. Coins are VERY important.

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