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Ugliest profile you've ever seen...

Im in this platform because of nostalgia and the last years are making the life sad, and I play shooting games and shitty games like fifa that only make you mad, so I opened a user in this platform, I have come back to play Super Mario games(one of the best moments life and childhood ever had) after 9 or more years, im now 18+ and I still have to play these because of this shitty annoying era after COVID19, when I don't have anything to do at my work and school.

Gamer of anything(any kind of game), with exception of super mario games(almost every type)which are the games that I've always played since I was a little kid(the games in which I have most of experience from all the games I've played even though a newcomer at Level Palace.

Languages: English(35%) Italian(65%) German(2%) Albanian(98%)

Super mario construct? I think it's the most complete super mario game I've ever seen till today.


-I literally come from a country recognized by 50.3% of the world, hell yeah I have to support half of the world making fun of my country because they don't know how the feeling is, LOL

-Programming, ICT, Videogames, Sport(Football(Soccer),Run(sprint), Gym)

I'm sorry I almost never rate the levels 100/100 until it doesn't make me add it to the favourites πŸ˜†, so don't worry if I rated your level 95+ it is already top, and I'll always think other 10 times after rating a level of someone. I often come back even after many hours remembering the level (your level) and I come to edit the rating (with +points only) when im in doubt or I change my mind.

Nothing ... I don't hate talking to anyone until a serbitch appears in my face, yeah and... that's not because Im that one that hates, but it's simply annoying to talk to someone with no arguments =)

When you see me rating your level under 50 without writing anything, that means that that level allowed me to rate without write and you already know what's going wrong then :)

This is how I rate a level by difficulty, the funny me:

⭐I don't even try it, not even challenging (auto 1/100 whatever kind of level it is)

🌟Easiest levels ever

⭐⭐Extremely easy


🌟🌟 Easy

Starting form these difficulties, I can rate levels even until 100/100 if deserved:




🌟🌟🌟Hard(my favourite difficulty so far)





🌟🌟🌟🌟Impossible for the not experienced


⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟Only for those very experienced




🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Almost impossible for anyone

Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 5XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 20XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 5XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.


Reward: 5XP

True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP


hey :D long time alr.

09/14/22 at 5:37 AM


@samy Somehow 1 year just passed but Im not able to understand how :)

11/11/22 at 5:23 AM


when levels qualify

11/17/21 at 9:14 AM


Note: Only Super Mario Construct levels can be published.

You'll need to rate 4 more pending level(s) in order to publish a level.

11/12/21 at 4:59 AM


i dont now whats i do inNote: Only Super Mario Construct levels can be published.

You'll need to rate 4 more pending level(s) in order to publish a level.

11/12/21 at 4:36 AM