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Welcome to my profile! I am Mario Blight, a well known user in this SMF community, and a former Administrator of this site. If you need any assistance or help with the site, ask me or another staff member. I also love to meet new people, so feel free to introduce yourself to me, and maybe we'll become great friends! :)

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Location: United States
Relationship Status: Single (Straight)
Other Internet Alias(es): Vexilonius

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Boom-Boom's Arduous Castle (Tag with Build)

Welcome to Boom-Boom's Arduous Castle, a fortress packed to the brim with difficult and unique challenges, all leading up to a final fight against Boom-Boom to finally conquer the castle for yourself. Will Mario be able to make it through both sections, while collecting 3 advance coins in the second half, and be able to once again reign victorious against Bowser's forces? Let's hope so.

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Want to help improve the SMF series?

These are the people who currently develop the games, two of which were originally made by Pouetpu. If you have suggestions for SMF and really want to see something added, just comment on their profile(s), but make sure to use common sense with this.

Here are the links to their profiles:

Hiro (Develops SMF1 Version E and SMF3)

Chairo (Develops SMF2 Version C)

Have any level(s) you want beta tested?

Just share your level(s) with me if you want them beta tested or want me to play through them for whatever reason, and I'll be happy to give you whatever feedback is necessary towards bettering your level-making skills and/or fixing errors in the level(s).

The Level Palace Discord

As many of you know, and as the News page states, there is a Discord server for this site where you can chat with other LP members as well as various others about Mario, SMF, and other topics. Well, you can also join the server by clicking the image above.

The Level Palace YouTube

The official LP YouTube channel, home to SMF level playthroughs, update videos, tutorials, and much more. You can check it out by clicking the image above!

The Level Palace Twitter

The official LP Twitter, where many levels are advertised, and updates about the site are posted. Be sure to keep up to date, and visit it by clicking the above image.

The Level Palace Wiki

The official LP wiki, where a plethora of user information and pages exist about all things Level Palace. You can visit it by clicking the image above, and any and all contributions to it are greatly appreciated!

Site Owner





Anego the Nihilego

What do these people do?

The Site Owner has full access to the site and everything in it; Administrators act like Moderators, but have access to the site's database and backend source code, and can make almost any change to the site, such as changing names, adding site games, restoring deleted levels, adding new features or pages, fixing glitches, and more; and Moderators can remove fake rates, ban spammers, make news posts, warn users, and anything else that falls under moderating a site.


The League✧ is a level-making clan owned by Orangetack that makes specialized League✧ levels and tags together. To join, (and given that there are spot(s) available), you must have a substantial amount of your levels in high standings, be active, experienced, and make great levels. Also, if someone posts a League✧ level, you are expected to play and review it.

Current League✧ Member Status: Full


Orangetack (League✧ Leader)
Mario Blight (Me) (League✧ Moderator)

Other Important Links

The Official League✧ Website!
The Official League✧ Discord Server!

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Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 10XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 100XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.



True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 20XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 100XP


Can you try rate some of my levels to see how much I improved? If not, that's ok

07/23/19 at 12:44 PM


oh my gosh hi are you the legendary mario blight who records levels? :o

07/21/19 at 8:37 PM

Mario Blight

@JonahtheWhale mayyyyyyyybeee

07/22/19 at 9:54 PM


@Mario Blight do you have times to record level for miiiiiiiiiiii? *puppy eyes*

07/23/19 at 1:24 AM


do you know how to turn on flash on Wix? (trying to play Super Mario Flash 2 Extended)

07/19/19 at 3:57 PM

Mario Blight

@Niko103 no i don't sorry

07/22/19 at 9:54 PM


hey dude whay aren't you admin anymore?

07/11/19 at 4:08 PM

Mario Blight

@da_noob8games just wasn't interested in the position anymore.

07/14/19 at 1:47 PM


@Mario Blight ah i see.

07/16/19 at 10:37 PM


R.I.P Mario Blight's Time as an Admin.

07/06/19 at 10:02 AM


@Enzone Yeah

07/06/19 at 3:29 PM

Mario Blight

@Enzone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

07/10/19 at 7:35 PM