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About: I'm Francisco, I'm argentinian, and I like games that include level editors and SMB games.

Member Since: 04/28/16

Votes Received: 116

Average Level Score: 91.68%


August 20th:

-I got 80 friends.

-I am now part of the Power-Ranger club. 

August 19th: Changed my profile pic.

July 31st: My Winter Holidays have finished now, so I have started school again.

July 23rd: Changed "Super Taggin' Bros" series' name to "Super User's Bros" because it's not a tag series, because each world is made by a user, and each level is made by the user in that world (There are no tag levels)

July 18th: I have started a long time ago writing a book with my mum, but I'm telling to you now because y not

July 17th: Now on, I will (maybe) have more time to publish levels, because I have started my winter holidays (They finish on July 31th) but in my building there are problems with electricity so if I'm not active for a day, it's because the electricity problems are occuring, or because I'm on travel.

July 9th:

-Started working on level 2 of MCW (Mario's computer world). It's about navigating in internet.

-It's independence day in my country. Nothing else to say

June 25th: I also started working on second level for Super Mario Flash Remastered lvl 1-2.

June 24th: I have started creating Super Iggy Bros. 2-GH. The level is going good.


My rate system!


Rate system

1 - 10: Unsatisfactory

11 - 20: Worse

21 - 30: Bad

31 - 40: Hmmm...

41 - 50: Good!

51 - 60: Better!

61 - 70: Bronze

71 - 80: Silver

81 - 94: Gold!

95 - 99: Platinum

100: Legendary!




     Welcome people!           

 I'm IggyHopXD, an Argentinian level maker & fan of all SMB classic games! laughing

Profile music: none at the moment 


Introduction :


I registered in PG in January, then that site got ruined by fakeraters, so then moved to supermariflashportal forum, made by Softendo. then noticed this site, now I'm here, since in PG i got banned for a comment.


That is my story.



Current Levels and Series:


Mario's computer world (25 levels!)

Lvl 1: Complete

(Each time I finish a level I'll put it here)

Super Mario Flash: REMASTERED!


1-Orange Land

2-Forest path

3-Grass island

4-Mountain world

5-Classic land

6-Light land

7-Castle land


Super Iggy Bros.


W1 - Snow world  (Finished!) - Also known as Iggy's Island, is the place where Iggy lives (Not in real life :P )

Levels:5 normal levels, 1 fortress, 1 secret, 1 castle.


W2 - Nighttime land - A grassland level, but when Iggy goes there, it's nighttime, so he needs to go through dark areas. The island is divided by Refri river (NOTE: The river is named "Refri" because I have got a little female kitten called Refri, in real life!)

Levels:6 normal levels, 1 ghost house, 1 secret level, 1 fortress, 1 castle.


W3 - Ghost house - In the same island as the nighttime grassland is, you go through a ghostly mansion, and the mission is to get to the top of the house, fight the big boo, and find a warp leading to world 4.

Levels:7 normal levels, 1 secret, 1 boss terrace.


W4 - Koopa beach - Next to the ghost house, Iggy has found a secret green warp, leading to a beach. In this beach, there are 2 islands, and after beating one, you get a boat, that you need to use to get to the another.

Levels:5 normal levels, 1 fortress, 1 battleship.


W5 : Green grassland : Iggy's adventure is even surely getting harder and harder, now, you need to go through a grassland, which is VERY green.

Levels:7 normal levels, 1 ghost house, 1 castle.


W6 : Color full mountain world : A cannon next to world 5's coast launched Iggy over the sky, and landed over a big mountain chain.

Levels: 1 Pink mountain, 1 grey mountain, 1 Blue mountain, 1 diamond mountain, 1 secret level, 1 castle.


W7 : Lava island : Before going to Bowser's land, Iggy needs to go on another world : An island which is flooded by lava everywhere! Can Iggy avoid the lava and get to the end?

Levels : 6 Normal levels, 1 secret level, 1 volcano level, 1 Castle.


W8 : Bowser's land: Finally the finale! You need to go through Bowser's armada, and then, kill him and save the Princess. Ur mission: KILL BOWSER!

Levels:5 Normal levels, 2 tank armadas, 3 fortresses, 1 airship, BOWSER'S CASTLE.



Super User's Bros:

A series with 8 worlds in it, plus 1 bonus world. Each world is made by one user, and it will look cool!

W1-Water Land: luigiXD (Finished)

W2-Cool caves: Hackstar1 (Finished)

W3-Grassland: Brawler day (He's doing it)

W4-City world: Open

W5-Difficult land: Kusane Hexaku  (Not started)

W6-SMB3 Kaizo: Parbounli (Not started)

W7-Snow challenge:FullMetalDragon (Not started)

W8-Final world:Divided; 8-1, 8-2 and 8-3: Sirsword (Not started) and 8-4, 8-5 and 8-6: IggyHopXD (Not started)

W9-Special world: The Black Koopa 232 (Not started)



-There is only one world per user(s) (I mean, an user can't do 2 or more worlds)

-You can only do 6 levels, I mean, additional ghost houses, bonus levels and others don't count, in other words, if you want to do a ghost house or fortress, it wouldn't be like a (World number)-GH or (World Number)-castle, it must be said as (World)-(Level number).



Planned series:

Super Mario World 4 (SMF2, Future)

 Info:A new SMW game. It will have 10 worlds (8 normal worlds and 2 bonus worlds), Including Bonus levels in some worlds.

Mario's new world (Smf1, Future)

 Info:Mario is in a new adventure full of new places.

U.S.M.B.R.D. (SMF2, Future)

 Info:(I can't wait for it) SMB1 and SMB2 japan/The lost levels/For super players with the new things that SMF2 VC has.

Mario Kart 8 in SMF (SMF3, SMF2, SMF1 and their hacks, Future)

 Info:Mario kart 8 in 2D basically

More coming soon...



U can into find me in:

-Youtube as IggyKoolPalingSMF 

-Miiverse (iggykool)

-Level Palace :P

-Blogger (IggyHopxD)

-At home




Comment in my comment section (2 much obvious :P) !!!!


Levels I would make in the future/WIP

None at tha moment

And possibly more...


levelpalace.com/levels?creator=IggyHopxD <------- WORST LEVEL EVER LIST!sealed


Gold Levels (100% ~ 86%) :  14? I don't remember (If someone can help me to count how many gold levels have I got it would be spectacular)

Silver Levels (85% ~ 76%) : 8

Bronze Levels (75% ~ 61%) : 0

Unsatisfactory/Bad/Spam Levels (60% ~ 1%) : 0


Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 20XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 5XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.



True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP


You became a power ranger? Nooooooooo!

08/20/17 at 4:13 PM

Filip Underwood

@TheBlackKoopa232 More like Yes.

08/20/17 at 4:30 PM


@TheBlackKoopa232 Yeeeeeee!

08/20/17 at 6:27 PM


@IggyHopxD Glory to Power Rangers!

08/21/17 at 1:02 AM

Filip Underwood

The Golden Power Ranger! :)

Do you want to join my tag level?

08/20/17 at 3:17 PM


@Filip Underwood Yes!

08/20/17 at 3:18 PM

Filip Underwood

@IggyHopxD Ok. Your section is 6000X - 9000X!

08/20/17 at 3:19 PM


@Filip Underwood Ok!

08/20/17 at 3:19 PM


(looks at poll for THE MONILITH)
(sees Vileplume first with 18,75%)
(spits out drink)

wait, what???

08/19/17 at 11:46 AM


@creator WHAAAA?

08/19/17 at 11:48 AM


@creator DAT STRANGE

08/19/17 at 11:48 AM


@IggyHopxD Seriously, look at this:


08/19/17 at 11:48 AM


Please rate!

08/19/17 at 6:33 AM


The 2nd official LP contest is here! The contest begins now and ends September 17th at midnight (Eastern Time GMT-4). You can submit any level created on or after August 18th.


Good luck! If you have any questions, please reach out to me, a staff member, or a contest judge.

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