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-I updated some of my old levels to fix glitches and grammar errors.

-I published a level, Scuttlebug Jamboree! Go check it out right now.



So, I am announcing about a new incoming project. After 6 months The Lost Forest, a 5 users tag and also my thiccest project yet, was finished, I am announcing about a new upcoming sequel to that level, in this case, an 8-user tag. So, peoplel, I present to you:

The Lost Island!
Backstory: After getting through the wet, hot, deep and windy Lost Forest and battling Boom Boom in his airship, Mario decides to use it and escape from that place. But after days spent in the long trip, he found an isle, which was in the middle of the ocean. He didn't know what it was, but he decided to land on the western rocky mountains. There, he found a mighty toad, who told him there was a local myth about a secret city in the middle of the jungle which was really ancient, where suppossedly there was a green gem, which would give infinite honor and glory to the one who found it without getting harmed. Will Mario be able to explore the island and find out if that gem and city are real?

Featuring: TBK, Parbounli, MM7771, LB, MB, A777, Lazor and me.

Game: SMF3

Length: 16000x (Each part = 2000x Long)

 Part List:

1 - TheBlackKoopa232 and IggyHopXD - Rocky Mountains - 0x to 2000x

2 - Parbounli - Rocky Mountains 2 - 2000x to 4000x

3 - MarioMaster7771 - Koopa Beach - 4000x to 6000x

4 - Luigibonus - Lost Temple  - 6000x to 8000x

5 - Mario Blight - Lost Temple 2 - 8000x to 10000x

6 - Awesomeness777 - Cavern of the Green - 10000x to 12000x

7 - LazorCozmic5 - Galoomba Jungle - 12000x to 14000x

8 - IggyHopXD - Lost Jungle City - 14000x to 16000x

     Welcome people!           

 I'm IggyHopXD, an Argentinian level maker & fan of all SMB classic games! laughing


Introduction :


I registered in PG in January, then that site got ruined by fakeraters, so then moved to supermariflashportal forum, made by Softendo. then noticed this site, now I'm here, since in PG i got banned for a comment.


That is my story.



Current Levels and Series:


Mario's computer world (25 levels!) (Cancelled for now)

Lvl 1: Complete


Super Mario Flash: REMASTERED!


1-Orange Land

2-Forest path

3-Grass island

4-Mountain world

5-Classic land

6-Light land

7-Castle land


Super Iggy Bros.


W1 - Snow world  (Finished!) - Also known as Iggy's Island, is the place where Iggy lives (Not in real life :P )

Levels:5 normal levels, 1 fortress, 1 secret, 1 castle.


W2 - Nighttime land - A grassland, but when Iggy goes there, it's nighttime, so he needs to go through dark areas. The island is divided by Refri river (NOTE: The river is named "Refri" because I have got a little female kitten called Refri, in real life!)

Levels:6 normal levels, 1 ghost house, 1 secret level, 1 fortress, 1 castle.


W3 - Ghost house - In the same island as the nighttime grassland is, you go through a ghostly mansion, and the mission is to get to the top of the house, fight the big boo, and find a warp leading to world 4.

Levels:7 normal levels, 1 secret, 1 boss terrace.


W4 - Koopa beach - Next to the ghost house, Iggy has found a secret green warp, leading to a beach. In this beach, there are 2 islands, and after beating one, you get a boat, that you need to use to get to the another.

Levels:5 normal levels, 1 fortress, 1 battleship.


W5 : Green grassland : Iggy's adventure is even surely getting harder and harder, now, you need to go through a grassland, which is VERY green.

Levels:7 normal levels, 1 ghost house, 1 castle.


W6 : Color full mountain world : A cannon next to world 5's coast launched Iggy over the sky, and landed over a big mountain chain.

Levels: 1 Pink mountain, 1 grey mountain, 1 Blue mountain, 1 diamond mountain, 1 secret level, 1 castle.


W7 : Lava island : Before going to Bowser's land, Iggy needs to go on another world : An island which is flooded by lava everywhere! Can Iggy avoid the lava and get to the end?

Levels : 6 Normal levels, 1 secret level, 1 volcano level, 1 Castle.


W8 : Bowser's land: Finally the finale! You need to go through Bowser's armada, and then, kill him and save the Princess. Ur mission: KILL BOWSER!

Levels:5 Normal levels, 2 tank armadas, 3 fortresses, 1 airship, BOWSER'S CASTLE.



Super User's Bros:

A series with 8 worlds in it, plus 1 bonus world. Each world is made by one user, and it will look cool!

W1-Water Land: luigiXD (Finished)

W2-Cool caves: HackStar1 (Finished)

W3-Grassland: Brawler day (Finished)

W4-Yellow desert: LazorCozmic5 (Not started)

W5-Difficult land: Kusane Hexaku  (Not started)

W6-SMB3 grassland: Awesomeness 777 (Not started)

W7-Snow challenge: FullMetalDragon (Not started)

W8-Final world: IggyHopxD (Not started)

W9-Special world: TheBlackKoopa232 (Not started)



-There is only one world per user (I mean, an user can't do 2 or more worlds)

-You can only do 6 levels, I mean, additional ghost houses, bonus levels and others don't count, in other words, if you want to do a ghost house or fortress, it must be counted between the 6 levels, but you cant do more than 6.



Planned series:

Super Mario World 4 (SMF2, Future)

 Info:A new SMW game. It will have 10 worlds (8 normal worlds and 2 bonus worlds), Including Bonus levels in some worlds.

Mario's new world (Smf1, Future)

 Info:Mario is in a new adventure full of new places.

U.S.M.B.R.D. (SMF2, Future)

 Info:(I can't wait for it) SMB1 and SMB2 japan/The lost levels/For super players with the new things that SMF2 VC has.

Mario Kart 8 in SMF (SMF3, SMF2, SMF1 and their hacks, Future)

 Info:Mario kart 8 in 2D basically

More coming soon...



U can into find me in:

-Youtube as IggyKoolPalingSMF 

-Miiverse as iggykool (RIP miiverse)

-Level Palace as IggyHopxD

-At home as a irresponsible lazy teenager.

-Twitter as IggyHopXD or @xd_hop




Comment in my comment section (2 much obvious :P) !!!!


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Reward: 5XP

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Reward: 5XP


@rauldealmeida Gonna try it out later, right now I'm creating my part of my level for the Tag Contest ;)

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@ulises Vos quien sos?

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Thanks for adding me as a friend, IggyHopxD.

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Everything you can do, a Russian can do better.

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