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100-90 indeed a great level


89-80 Okay need improvement


79-70 Mediocre and Okay


69-60 Decent




59-50 Crazy and a eye sore / not bad or good


49-40 Bad and Try again 


39-30 What the heck I just play


29-20 Spam ness Just a spam


19-1 Horrible level,WTF I just

play,Spam Points 1,000,000,00

69-1 better luck next time👎


70-100 indeed a good level👍


For you people who make bad


levels play gold or silver levels it

will show you to make a master




be the best at levels and try to use custom music at levels as Vileplume. I'm making new series call vileplume challange world. Here are some people in level palace recorded my level series so enjoy

 for some reason i like reach for the stars and some other sonic songs too i like sonic mario kirby  pokemon and minecraft

  Mario's Adventure With SMF3 here 1 series that recored by TheNeoYoshi by i updated the tiles play and change the name the level if you want  to play it's Mario's Adventure: A Sky High Surpise You see that Hungry Luma isn't my username anymore the username is now called Vileplume

Level Scale 

gold 7 Silverlaughing 12 Bronzeundecided 7Unsatisfactoryyell 5

 I being new I will try making SMF levels My 1st one got fake rated by popthatcorn14 he gave me a 25 he need to stop fake rating my levels ID GOES HERE&autoplay=1" width="63" height="31" frameborder="0">

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Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


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Filip Underwood

I miss you Vileplume, See you in a Week...

06/28/17 at 2:33 AM

IggyHopxD Here's 1-2 level for my series SMF: Remastered! A remix of level 3 of SMF1 with lots of new things.
Also, here is the link for lvl one if you havent played it yet (If you haven't you should play it to understand better the series :) )

06/27/17 at 5:19 PM


06/27/17 at 5:03 PM


You've been banned for 7 days for cheating via use of a separate account to rate your own levels.

06/27/17 at 8:00 AM


Vileplume Pokedex number 45
Sapphire: "Vileplume has the world's largest petals" I forgot the rest
My grammar isn't right because for level like short level, Training level,RMK Chapters 1-5 I used my tablet there is an app called puffin you can play all the SMF games you want and I trying to get a silver in my levels I think I'm going downhill lately getting unsatisfactory I deleted them 1/100 for backtracking in RMK chapter 6 made a few changes deleted. Banned alt for I didn't know the cheating rules about rating the same levels and etc.But here is a story I was saving until 12/01/17 popcorns website Liugi Flash 2 brought me to lp.I originally going to join in October but sign in trouble and I join again in December the 1st. At all the way to March somewhere in March somewhere I was improving getting silvers a few golds and a no bronzes. Popcorns website said about PG about deleting people levels and banned you for no good reason I did saw it from someone's profile at least lp was good I was planning to make a trailer with my tablet but it said system IU stopped. But at lp its good as long you don't piss off the staff or trusted users. I did break rules for reasons I didn't know like
Spamming 100/100 to end ir
Revenge Ratings
Reposting levels
Drama even though I didn't I just guess about it I bet popcorns will give this a 30- I didn't know that was drama.
You can see these mistake even reporting pop. I though fake rating was lowing down peoples level while the others are high. I don't like gold forcing I can look at my own I made also my level for some weird reason my levels are taking me an 1hour to built I'm planning to do this day 1 make day 2 scenery and day 3 monster placement.
But back then sure I will look at it so if Popcorn read it or the staff if I do get permanent ban well farewell. Remembering this if I can get my alt unbanned I will remember the rules.

06/27/17 at 5:09 AM


@Vileplume If you requested to ban Kirby account permanently, it may be impossible to unban (I'm not moderator, so I don't exactly know).
Also, you can enter Level Palace on 4th July.
After you get unbanned, read site rules again.

06/27/17 at 11:02 AM

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