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 If you're bad at making level go here for gold levels:

Be the best as Vileplume

What you can call me: Plume,Vileplume753, Plume753 PKMT Plume.

Xbox Live Friend Request Strained Balloon

Future level for RMK Chapter 7 The Snowy Bounds of Eggman's Factory I will use SMF3

How to get a 100/100 from me

-No cutoffs

-No monster Spam

-No glitches

-No blind jumps

-No unfair moments

-Make sure the music fits

-Monster fit into the right place

-Make sure the theme fits

-No rooftop Skipping

How I rate from others

-I don't rate down for Scenery

-I don't rate down if the level is short

Everything on top is 20/20 for each if the level was good Bonus Points Come in play +1,2,3,4,5 great level to get a 100/100 indeed a 200/100 indeed the level needs to be 🅱ootiful to get a 200/100 indeed

Rating Scale

1-10 Spam!!!!

11-20 Needs tons of improvement

21-30 Put in small effort but little good

31-40 Bad but almost not good or bad

41-50 Almost Neither good or bad

51-60 Not good or bad

61-70 Needs to improve almost their

71-80 Okay 

81-90 Almost Amazing need to improve a little

91-99 Amazing almost Platinum and Rainbow need to improve the flaws

100 Platinum and Rainbow adding to favorites also I will used indeed with your name

That's my rating style

Also I like Pokémon 

A 13 year old level maker I'm in summer vacation I will be on lp using my tablet this Summer

What's that Pokémon?



Pokémon News Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon will be out on November 17,2017

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 Also Robotic Mushroom Kingdom Chapter 7 is in development its a tag level
If you want to play the RMK series go here:
Play chapter 1-6 for now


Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 100XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 5XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.


Reward: 100XP

True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP


Back from the dead, Returned to the dead

08/19/17 at 9:59 PM

Please rate!

08/19/17 at 6:32 AM


The 2nd official LP contest is here! The contest begins now and ends September 17th at midnight (Eastern Time GMT-4). You can submit any level created on or after August 18th.

Good luck! If you have any questions, please reach out to me, a staff member, or a contest judge.

08/17/17 at 9:17 PM

Filip Underwood

He will be back in a week.

08/17/17 at 3:22 AM


@Filip Underwood No, in 3 weeks because he tried to evade his ban by creating another account.

08/18/17 at 6:47 AM

Filip Underwood

@Parbounli Sad! :(

08/18/17 at 6:48 AM


@Filip Underwood Quote from Mario Blight's message made in 6th August:
„Your ban has been extended for ban evading."

08/18/17 at 6:49 AM


After 8 months, the largest and longest Mega Tag has finally came out! This time, 28 users come together to create a huge vertical level with a whopping size of 160,000y! This tag is designed to celebrate the existence of SMF since it's first arrival in 2007, and is the 2nd largest level ever made. If you could, please give this level a review as a lot of us have spent a lot of time and dedication into making this anniversary level happen, and without your support, people will forget the marks this level made.

Level Link:

08/13/17 at 9:15 PM

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