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About: Cow.

Member Since: 01/10/17

Votes Received: 44

Average Level Score: 83.55%

Story of how I joined Level Palace:

When Level Palace was created in 2016, I was using Miiverse. But in 2nd December 2016 I got permabanned. I got perma'd because I got false reported, I had like 329 followers. A month after I got perma'd, I decided to sign up for LP. But when I joined, I didn't make levels in Feburary, March, April and May because I did not have a computer. And I enjoy making levels and reviewing.


Rate List:

1%: Crap!

2% - 9%: Stupid!

10% - 19%: Horrible

20% - 29%: Very Bad!

30% - 39%: Bad!

40% - 49%: Below Average

50% - 59%: Average

60% - 69%: Decent

70% - 79%: Good

80% - 89%: Great!

90% - 99%: Amazing!

100%: PERFECT!!!!!!!

1%-19%: Low Unsatisfactory

20%-39%: Unsatisfactory

40%-59%: High Unsatisfactory

60%-64%: Low Bronze

65%-69%: Bronze

70%-74%: High Bronze

75%-79%: Low Silver

80%-84%: Silver

85%-89%: High Silver

90%-94%: Low Gold

95%-99%: Gold

100%: High Gold


Rate List for New LP:

1/5 (20%): Very Bad

2/5 (40%): Below Average

3/5 (60%): Decent

4/5 (80%): Great

5/5 (100%): Perfect!

I am 11 years old and likes to play and review your levels.


How to get 100/100 from Me:

1: Lots of Scenery

2: No Bad Tiling.

3: No Impossible or Troll Levels.

4: No Enemy Spam

5: No Death Warps

6: No Invisible Coin Block Traps.


Now I will try to get most of my levels a Gold.


How to get custom music in a level:

1: Make a level.

2: Set the music in your level to 19.

3: Go into this website

4: When you copied the link of the music you want, go on microsoft word or notepad and when it says for an example set loop point to 6.4, etc. Put a comma next to the music you put in and write the number 6.4, etc.

5: Done.


 Upcoming levels:


Reasons I take off points for:

Unused Space


Enemy Spam

No Scenery


Code does not work

Short level (I won't take off if it is X:2800 length or more.)

Unfitting Music

Major Roofskip

Blind Jumps



Filip's Challenge Island:

World 1: Grass Land

1-1: Green Grasslands

1-2: Blue Caves

Super User Flash 3:

World 1: Grass Land (Kirby Cake)

Levels: 10. 8 Normal Levels, 1 Castle, 1 Airship

World 2: Desert Land (przem1994)

World 3: Water Land (Meyland12)

World 4: Ice Land (Parbounli)

World 5: ????? Land (?????)
World 6: City Land (pedrosorenan)
World 7: Athletics Land (creator)
World 8: Volcanic Land (Filip Underwood)

World 9: Bonus Land (IggyhopxD)


  1. There will be 10 levels in each world, If you are doing a ghost house level. Write for an example ?-GH.
  2. The 10th level should be an airship level, If you are doing it on world 3 for an example, Call it airship to the next world like airship to world 4 and the 9th one must be a castle one.
  3. World 1 and 2 should be easy, 3 and 4 medium, 5 and 6 hard, 7 and 8 extreme.
  4. No trolls in the levels!
  5. There must be decent scenery. If you have are using autoscroll or a ice, water or volcanic theme, You don't have to use scenery.
  6. No trolls allowed in your levels.
  7. The levels need to be 4000X or longer.
  8. If you are making cave or castle level, Add a ceiling.
  9. Example: If the 5th level is a ghost house, Put the 6th one as ?-5.

  10. If you want to add secrets in your world, That is ok! smile

They must not be unfinished.

Who do you vote for to win the 2nd LP contest?

Sections of my halloween tag:

1: Parbounli (0X-4000X)

2: LazorCozmic5 (4000X-8000X)
3: Jack Mango (8000X-12000X)

4: Plume 4.0 (12000X-16000X)

5: Meyland12 (16000X-20000X)

6: ????? (20000X-24000X)

7: ????? (24000X-28000X)

8: ????? (28000X-32000X)

9: ????? (32000X-36000X)

10: Filip Underwood (36000X-40000X)


Highest rated level! :)

Level Architect

Publish a certain amount of levels


Reward: 10XP

Level Critic

Rate a certain amount of levels


Reward: 50XP

On Fire

Get a certain number of rates on a level


Reward: 100XP

Loyal Member

Be a member for a certain number of days. Login required to activate new achievement.


Reward: 100XP

True Photographer

Add unique images to other users' levels (must be relatively new levels).


Reward: 5XP

Serious Competitor

Get a certain number of contest points.


Reward: 5XP

Plume 4.0

Can I take world 5 then for SUB
Super User Bros

10/17/17 at 6:30 PM

Jack Mango

what was my section again LOL

10/16/17 at 11:55 AM

Filip Underwood

@Jack Mango 8000X-12000X

10/16/17 at 11:55 AM

Jack Mango

@Filip Underwood thank you lol

10/16/17 at 12:34 PM

Jack Mango

@Filip Underwood My part is done buddy simple, easy, and cool in design :D

10/16/17 at 2:24 PM


I'm done my part

10/16/17 at 5:45 AM

Filip Underwood

@LazorCozmic5 Ok! :)

10/16/17 at 7:43 AM

Filip Underwood

@LazorCozmic5 Do you have time to record 1-2?

10/16/17 at 7:46 AM


You can tell other people to start working in their parts. I'm too busy in my life, so I can't finish my one so fast.
Note: I marked my ending using just a box.

10/15/17 at 1:45 PM


Do you know why smf2 keeps on killing me at random places in my level and how to fix it

10/15/17 at 11:36 AM

Filip Underwood

@yolo It's because you are using playing SMF2 on the games section of LP. That is a glitch that if you exit SMF2 in the games and open a new tab, It will freeze. To pervent this, Play it on Chairo's website. Or If the adobe flash is not working, Play it on Internet Explorer or Firefox.

10/15/17 at 11:41 AM


@Filip Underwood does that mean that I have to start over?

10/15/17 at 11:42 AM

Filip Underwood

@yolo No. If you are working on a level just save it and go on Chairo's website or use Internet Explorer or Firefox. Just copy the code in the SMF2 level editor.

10/15/17 at 11:44 AM

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