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----------------------------------------------------My First Reaction to Level Palace----------------------------------------------------

(4/6/2017) I joined PG way back in 2009, and over the years I've seen how that site had evolved. Since it died around last year, I assumed the community vanished along with it, but boy was I wrong. Seeing that the community has been brought back to fruition here, I'm quite impressed with the effort that was made to keep SMF level sharing alive. That has always been a fun hobby for me to partake in, and I'm very glad to see that it's back on a new clean slate for everyone to enjoy!



November 18th, 2017: No point in trying to force myself to be active. Sorry guys, I won't be around for a while until I spark some motivation. At this point forward, don't expect to see any activity from me.

November 5th, 2017: I'm no longer going to take reviewing requests. I will only rate levels that I want to review from now on. I find that this will give me a chance to enjoy the Level Palace experience as much as possible.

October 18, 2017: I'm now back from my break! I can't wait to review more levels again, though I'll only be somewhat active for now.

September 22, 2017: Taking a temporary break from Level Palace altogether. I'll see you guys in a few weeks!

September 18, 2017: Super Mario Escapade 1-1: A Lush Valley has finally been published!

September 15, 2017: Updated profile background and music. Also, Level 1-1 of Super Mario Escapade will likely be released when Intensive Rating is over!

September 13, 2017: Considering the fact that Flash is no longer being supported in 2020, I have no choice but to speed up the progress of my series. Expect to see more levels from me in the near future!

August 27, 2017: I should have enough time to be somewhat active on LP now, though I'll be spending more time working on my own levels compared to giving out reviews for the time being.

August 19, 2017: No longer very active these days, but I will rebound eventually. If you have level advertisements to post on my profile, try not to expect much from me in terms of reviews.

July 30, 2017: Achieved Rank 6!


Some stuff about me and my activity on Level Palace:

1) In terms of level making, I only use SMF1. I'll probably end up using the other games in the future but it's definitely not going to be anytime soon.

2) I try my best to give everyone high quality reviews on their levels which also includes very detailed assessments. However, I'm only going to be reviewing levels that I want to rate. Also do provide some feedback on my reviews/rates as they will help me become a better critic.

3) I really enjoy spending my time on this site as well as interacting with the community. It's great to be making friends and see what everyone has to offer.

Anyway, considering that I was in the middle of making my Super Mario Odyssey series back on PG when the site died, I decided I'm going to start all over and remake it as New Super Mario Odyssey (now renamed to Super Mario Escapade) - it's good to have a fresh start and a fresh new storyline anyway. Also note that I've decided that I'm not going to get my levels converted from my account on PG; every single level I made there were all part of my SMO series, and it's just plain awkward to resurrect it onto my account here since I'm not going to continue that version of the series. In my case, whatever happens in PG stays in PG.

If anyone wants to see my old account in PG though, just click here.


Super Mario Escapade Series Info (Formerly New Super Mario Odyssey):

1) The series is starting off with an prologue world and ending with an epilogue world! I'm doing it this way not only to give the story some extra development, but to also give everyone an initial taste of my levels at each of the difficulties. This means that the series will essentially have 10 worlds instead of 8.

2) Though I already have a predetermined amount of worlds to release, the amount of levels in each of them are actually going to vary. I don't know how much each will have, I'm just building as I go along.

3) This series will have a sequential storyline, so it will only progress as you play through the levels in order.

4) I renamed my series to Super Mario Escapade since Nintendo is releasing a game called Super Mario Odyssey in October 2017.

Prologue: An Introduction (5/5 complete)

World 1: Mushroom Fields (1/X complete) Currently working on: 1-2 (2.61% finished)

World 2: ??? (0/X complete)

World 3: ??? (0/X complete)

World 4: ??? (0/X complete)

World 5: ??? (0/X complete)

World 6: ??? (0/X complete)

World 7: ??? (0/X complete)

World 8: ??? (0/X complete)

Epilogue: A conclusion (0/X complete)


My Rating Criteria:

1) Gameplay (Worth 50 points)

2) Design (Worth 25 points)

3) Creativity (Worth 25 points)


Games I play (In order of frequency):

Minecraft (MCDukey)

Transformice (Dukeonkled)

Diep.io/Arras.io (Dooky)

Toontown: Corporate Clash (Dooky)


Level Palace


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Birthday: July 7th, 1996 (Age 22)

Profile Music: Soulless 4 by Exilelord

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