See Level | 70/100

Definitely an unique take on SMF1's ghost house theme! I really liked the entrance area where you would enter a giant mansion and then leave at the other end. I don't think I've actually ever seen that done in SMF1!

The mansion itself has some good variety of challenges, however, there are some flaws to be found here.
First off, yes, there is a lack of scenery. Sometimes there isn't any scenery at all on a single screen! There's plenty of scenery options for both the ghost house and blue grass tileset. Just a little bit of scenery is already enough, but there needs to be more than this!

Next up, I honestly am not a big fan of the "guess the right warp or else it's back to the start/earlier area" thing when it's literally just random. I don't mind it as much as long as there are other objects/hints to help you, which I think would've been better design. Eh, that's just me tho.

Challenges mostly evolved around enemies but that's fine since there were plenty of unique challenges done with the enemy placement.

03/17/18 at 7:25 AM

See Level | 85/100

Alright alright, a pretty decent level!

I liked how you managed to use multiple snow tilesets in one level without them looking clashy/out of place. The scenery is pretty decent, although it does get repetitive after a while - it's only trees and bushes! There should be some different scenery throughout the level too, because there's nothing really here that makes the second half unique from the first half.

Gameplay is pretty good - although, again, it suffers from the same problem: it's good at first, but the repeated challenges start to get repetitive. Although I absolutely love the small temple challenge you added in the middle. It was actually a lot of fun figuring the puzzle out! Nice!
A good aspect of the gameplay department was the crazy variety of enemies used in this level, while all sticking to the theme and not feeling out of place either. The Rocky Wrenches hiding in small pipes was also just a clever little thing worth a mention!

So yeah, overall - pretty good level that certainly has some uniqueness put into it, but it tends to become repetitive after a while. Try to avoid this issue by adding some different type of challenges (Maybe a section where you swim through water or climb on vines, for example)

03/14/18 at 12:31 PM

See Level | 100/100

Dream Team music eh? As if this level wasn't already awesome enough! Well, a good level does deserve a good song. What makes this level so good, is that how it takes a similar style from one of Ub's levels and improves upon the original concept and challenges. With just 240y of space again, you've managed to create some really clever obstacles, and the same challenge is never repeated either. First you're swimming in water, then you have to jump on enemies to progress, and then suddenly you're avoiding poison. There's enough variety here to keep the player interested in the level. Nice!

Another good aspect of the gameplay are the variety of enemies here. Somehow you've managed to get Piranha Plants, Chucks and even Bony Beetles all in one level without them feeling out of place. It's probably got to do with the great eerie atmosphere this level offers, thanks to the good combination of background, music, tiling and type of challenges. In fact, the atmosphere may be the overal highlight of the level!

The tiling, was... well, pretty good, obviously! :p I like how some of the tiling is done here, like some parts of the jungle just being attached to another. Enemies inside the tiling was pretty common in this level as well, and looked great too.
I also love how you intentionally didn't add any leaves to the trees, like how there weren't any in the background either. It gives off the illusion that this forest has actually really large trees, and adds up to the awesome atmosphere too.

I also liked the ending where Mario hides from the enemies walking above him. Just little clever extras like that can make a level stand out lel

03/10/18 at 7:34 AM

See Level | 86/100

Woah, I loved this! This level feels so similar to SMB's underground levels, but improving upon the flaws that game had. This is a classic level done right.

To start, the platforming in this level was excellent. That's that thing Mario is good at, right? There's a lot of diversity for a SMF1 level - there's platforms, koopa jumps, Hammer Bro shenanigans... this level always something good around the corner. I also loved how you could go on the row of Brick Blocks at the top of the level just like in the original. However, unlike the original it doesn't mean you can skip everything this time: there's still some challenges you have to face (which is a good design choice I think the original game didn't have). One thing tho: maybe it should be a little more difficult to get on top of the level, so it is more rewarding and feels like you've actually earned your way to skip a difficult challenge below you.

I like how there's mushroom scenery added for platforms like the platforms are actually following them! Unique take on scenery there. However, sadly there is barely any other scenery to be found in this level, which can make the level look a little boring to look at. What about one of the 2 fence scenery? Especially the green one would work here.

03/10/18 at 6:51 AM

See Level | 72/100

Alright, a ghost house level! Haven't seen one of those for ages.

So, this level does exactly what you can expect from a ghost house: puzzles, backtrack, finding hidden objects/areas, and so on. Generally most of these concepts were done pretty well in this level, but some seem to be really unfair. For example, the P-Switch in the entrance 3 section spawns blocks if you press it where it currently is, so you'd expect to follow those blocks but only end up with 1-ups. There was no indication that the P-Door was in that obsecure section below next to the springboard. Maybe there could of been some coins placed around the door to indicate there might be something secret there. I dont know, I felt like that part wasn't really properly designed.
Now, this wouldn't of been as much of a problem if the level has reset warps. Sure, they're not necessary and I won't take points off for not including those, but I highly recommend you add those. If you screw up or lose an item, you at least dont have to restart the full level over and over again - especially way less frustrating for a ghost house! :p (To make an easy reset warp without changing the level layout, just simply place an exit to the same entrance over the entrance pipe)

Tiling was an unique take on regular ghost house tiling, but I got mixed feelings about it. I like how you experimented with some of the tiling, but some are just major cut-offs and don't really look good. Just remember that if the block next to another block from another tileset doesn't have a full outline, it won't really work. Not all of the tiling is bad tho. There were some areas in which I really loved the visuals. The Entrance 3 area generally looked pretty good!
Scenery was pretty decent too - but sadly it starts to become really lacking in the second half of the level! What happened there? You should keep the amount of scenery consistent throughout the whole level, and the lack of scenery makes the second half look a little bland.

So, overall, certainly not a bad level, but there is some room for improvement here and there. I like when people go experimental with tiling, but sadly it didnt really look well here. It's mainly Tile 2363 (Jeez there are so many tiles nowadays, that's the gray castle tile) that causes cut-off overload.

03/10/18 at 6:21 AM