See Level | 75/100

Woah! For a first level, this is awesome. Actually, this would be an awesome level even if it was your 50th.

To start, this level already stands out from many other levels because of its unique style of visuals as well as it's mixed gameplay elements (that were mixed in a good way). I like the way the challenges were set up, starting with some easy challenges, then the level introduces water at the bottom to change things up a bit, and then we even went underwater for a bit! (One flaw though is that you should've used a music changer in this section that changers the music to the underwater theme).

The style of tiling and scenery in this level are great too, and not something I've seen done before for an 1-1. There's plenty of tilesets mixed together from different themes but they all work well together, almost creating its own unique theme just for this level.
There were however, like Creator listed below, a big amount of cut-offs. I don't think I'll have to repeat them, since he explained them all in enough detail :p
There's also one final issue where Mario clips though the floor at the ending (The goalpoint always makes walk to the right at about 4 blocks below the goalpoints' height, so keep that in mind).

Overall, a great level with an unique visual style and a nice pace of challenges. Looking forward to see what's next!

10/16/17 at 7:35 AM

See Level | 85/100

Beautiful level!

The highlight of this level, has by far gotta be the visuals. I can tell you put both lots of effort and thought in the tiling and especially the scenery. The way scenery is layered on top of each other here I actually haven't seen in much other levels before, and it looks awesome and makes this level unique in the visuals aspect.
I also need to praise the tiling, because not only is it greatly layered as well, there's also a relatively big amount of different tilesets used, yet you managed to make them all work together and in the end it makes the level look even more beautiful than it already is.

Okay, yeah, I think you've gotten the point that the scenery is great. Moving onto challenges, which to be honest are the only real flaw in this level. While the challenges that were included in this level weren't bad, they're pretty much repeated and the only challenge in the level. You basically just jump over enemy, jump over gap, repeat. That isn't a bad thing if there's some unique challenges that keep the level interesting (like a water, vine or Koopa jump challenge or something) but those weren't really offered in this level. In the end, this causes repetitiveness and may cause the player to get bored.

Now, while the visuals certainly prevent the player getting bored because that's what's mainly keeping you playing here, there should still be some more variety of challenges to keep the level more fun.

10/12/17 at 11:08 AM

See Level | 100/100

Man, for a feature that was just added to SMF2, you managed to create such unique challenges for it! Or features I should say. More about that in a minute.

First off, this level pulled off something really weird but impressive: it's an quite atmospheric level, but it has no background! The atmosphere completely relies on the music and way of tiling, which is a big risk but you still managed to fill the level with atmosphere flawlessly even without a background. Nice!

Speaking of tiling, I like how this level mainly stuck to 2 colors for the tilesets (apart from the cave section). It's a clever tileset choice because it is one of the things that help create the previously mentioned atmosphere throughout the level, as well as giving the level an unique look and have it be different from all those other 10000s of levels.

Now let's get to the highlight of the level. Yeah, let's talk challenges.
It's often nice to see levels sticking around one certain gimmick (in this cause, the on/off blocks) and then having so many different challenges build around it! Despite the level being themed about one thing, the level didn't get bored or repetitive because each section used on/off blocks in an entirely different way.
Also, the usage of water mode changers was a really unique challenge as well, which to me are the highlight challenges of this level!

Overall, a level definitely worthy to be in the Cryptic Mario series, and actually one of my favorite levels of this series now! Take this 100/100 from me please since it's heavy.

10/07/17 at 8:01 AM

See Level | 35/100

Okay, yeah, I've got very mixed feelings about this level.

First off, let's get the most obvious flaws out of the way, there's a lot of theme inconsistency here. Most noticeably is that the music is unfitting. The orange tileset that's used here also doesn't really fit with the theme. It's nice to try out combining tilesets to see what works and what doesn't tho, but this really doesn't in the end. :L

The scenery is very basic, but at least it does its job, so that's fine... until the second half arrives - where's there's suddenly no scenery anymore? Because of that the level looks bland and makes the second part fall very behind in the visuals department compared to the first part.

Onto the challenges, which... I actually enjoyed! I like how as a gimmick, the whole castle is based around platform challenges. There are a variety of platform challenges to be found here as well. There are still some problems with though. For one, these get very repetitive (especially because of overusage of the Chain Ball). And then there's also the fact that they are relatively boring because there's not much going on during these challenges. You're just jumping from platform to platform. What about dodging some flying Koopa's or something? Just add something to make each challenge feel unique.

Overall, a level that has some nice concepts but is riddled with other flaws that can really hinder the level experience, such as some bland looking area's, repetitive challenge design and weird theme consistency issues.

09/23/17 at 9:24 PM

See Level | 15/100

It's weird to me that apparently we're on "Filip's Challenge Island" but aside from literally 3 simple avoidable enemies, there are no challenges to be seen at all. And they're not even that great challenges, because of weird invisible walls that shouldn't even be there. If you don't want a player to take a shortcut or something, make a wall out of actual tiles, and if you don't want players jumping on top of a hill, make the hill higher. Invisible blocks are highly misused here.

You're breaking some massive rules of what levels should include here: actual decent and challenges that are... you know, actually challenging, as well as a consistent level theme which this level doesn't have because at the start it's your regular grassland, then a few seconds later it's a different grassland but night with airship music playing and then suddenly it's autumn?? I just don't really get what that's all about.

The player progression in this level is so weird as well, I don't get what the room with the arrow coins is for or what it's purpose is. It's not needed at all. The Toad House makes no sense as there's no purpose for it because there's nothing you can actually do within the Toad House.

I get that this is a story based level, but these type of levels can be done so much better proven by other story-based levels in the past. For example: what if Mario actually had to manually enter this challenge island? That could be made with some really cool challenges, or maybe have an Airship flying to this challenge island. There's just so many gameplay concepts you could've chosen but instead we get this. I know you can do better proven by your previous level. :/

09/23/17 at 1:15 PM