See Level | 92/100

A great level once again! (I mean, obviously, it's a Mario in Europe level)

This series seems to have a tradition in using enemies to create a variety of unique challenges, and this level is no different from the rest of the series. Especially the section where you have to fire flower kill all enemies in a very unique way. That was certainly the highlight challenge of the level to me!
I also like how there's houses to explore throughout the level, giving you some useful items to use to help progress your way through the country. Just with little room for tiles, you managed to have some great house tiling/design. The only gripe I have with the challenges is that it's wayyy to cramped sometimes. That's usually the case for a level in this series, but it's starting to get slightly repetitive. I've been to plenty european countries, but I never saw them being this cramped. :p

The only major problems I have with this level are found in the visuals. Yeah, there's that smoke thing we were discussing on Discord, sorry dude, but it doesn't look good. It's cut-off, looks out of place, and is wrong usage of the cloud tileset. I get that you are trying something new, and it's certainly nice to try something new and take a risk to see what works and what doesn't, but this certainly doesn't. Another minor problem with the visuals I had was the scenery. Practically the only scenery in this level were bushes and trees. That too gets mega repetitive as you progress through the level. I'd certainly recommend adding some more scenery variety here and there.

11/26/17 at 11:39 AM

See Level | 80/100

Good level! While it isn't perfect, I certainly don't think it deserves as low as a 66. To start, this level had an unique visual style thanks to the tileset combo of grass and castle, even tho they were really pushing the clash threshold. I also like some of the easter eggs like the evil faces inside the wall. Just a small little detail I thought was cool. Scenery was alright, although it would've been better if there was some more castle scenery in the first half. You have both castle and grassland tiling in the first half, so there should be a balance between castle & grass scenery as well.

Now let's talk challenges. Let's get the enemy placement out of the way first, and it was great! There's a great variety of enemies from both grass and castle to create a very unique set of enemies.
One of my main gripes are the constant difficulty spikes. The level starts off with a rather difficult challenge compared to the rest level, and you will see these constant change of difficulty throughout. Sure, having some more difficult challenges in certain sections is certainly fine, but this level felt like it never knew what difficulty it wanted to be.
To fix the blind jumps, you can simply use arrows to point out where it's safe to land.

So yeah, in general, a great level, just held back by some issues. Still a very unique castle level nonetheless!

11/26/17 at 7:45 AM

See Level | 60/100

A pretty nice level, but occasionally held back by some questionable design choices.

The level starts off nice though, with a nice area of grassland and a great way to introduce the player to the level. My main concern with this section is that the end the enemy placement just gets a little too crazy. There's barely any time to react, and they are kind of unfairly placed.

Onto the A3 section, my favorite part of the level. While again, I think the enemy placement here is trouble - there's some good platforming challenges to be found here as well as decent A3 usage.

The water section to me though, is a big please no. The level difficulty suddenly spikes way up, especially when the big fish shows up, and trying to get the shell to the other end without hitting the big fish or the Urchins is absolutely frustrating because there is no reset door.

Don't have much to say about the final section, but it was a nice and peaceful way to end the level.

What else: the scenery and tiling in this level were nice, although it does become slightly repetitive. Overall, certainly not a bad level by any means, it should of gone through some more polish before it got released though.

11/25/17 at 4:31 PM

See Level | 40/100

Alright, while there is certainly a lot of room for improvements, I don't think this level deserves such a low score. I think this level can actually be fun to play.

For one, I can tell you cared about the level while developing it, which is obviously something to appreciate. There's a variety of challenges, including a water section, A3 and Palace Switch hunting, keeping the level interesting to play. The layout of the level, while mostly very lineair/flat, did have some hills and water as well as some obstacles to not make the level look lazy. There definitely could of been even more less-linair level layout here tho, since it does get slightly repetitive.

The enemy placement in this level is actually quite consistent. There's a wide variety of enemies in this level, yet none of them feels out of place. This prevent enemy challenges getting repetitive, so that's certainly a good thing!
Also, I actually really love the Piranha Plants inside the skull boxes. It's a small detail, but I think it's pretty clever!

What I can agree on with Laser though is that there is a lack of scenery. The scenery mostly consist of stones on the ground, and even those fade away as you progress through the level. This level could definitely use some palm tree's!

11/25/17 at 3:42 PM

See Level | 55/100

A level mixed with very positive things but with some flaws as well.

Although first let's talk about the highlight, and for one, the presentation of this level is fantastic. The combination the tilesets, custom background and that great beach music all add up to create a very unique looking level. I think the presentation is what kept me playing to the end the most.

The challenges in this level ranged from great to flawed, though. There's some greatly timed jumps you need to take in this level which I thought was fun, but there's placed where you can get stuck in the water and never get out. (If you do that, you should at least remove the water so it insta-kills you, or let the player get out of the water to get a second chance).

The visuals in this level, while pretty awesome throughout the level, at the end there's a background changer that activates and if you go back, suddenly the beach has turned into a grassland. Yeah... I haven't seen that happen in real life just yet, so you might want to fix that. :p (Could be done using A2 autoscroll, or use the newly added one-way gates)

Some minor issues include the custom background not looping properly and the Piranha Plant going cut-off at X:1300 (make sure the pipe tiles are placed in Layer 1, so you'll have to move the pipe or alter the landscape a bit.)

11/25/17 at 9:24 AM