See Level | 60/100

I never knew the orange sky could be such a jolly place. It was nicely decorated but it did feel empty at some parts, be it on scenery and gameplay. Don't get me wrong, the scenery you used fits well within the theme but I feel like it could be added a bit more frequently through the whole level. The bonus zone kinda suffered from the same problem. The exclamation switch location at x1700 isn't clear enough. You should surround that hidden block that contains the switch with red coins instead, just like you did with that other block containing the Yoshi egg. I liked that ON/OFF switch little puzzle from x1900 to x2640 but you can screw it up easily, so adding a reset warp is recommended. The player shouldn't be punished by doing it all over from the beginning just for one simple mistake at this puzzle.
The gameplay here is kinda redundant. Basically, all you have to do is jumping over platforms, dodging/stomping enemies and reach the goal. The best thing about it was that small side quest of collecting the A-coins, which added some variety.

Overall, this is a decent level that needed some more thought on gameplay ideas. I'll give this a score of 60 out of 100.

06/27/17 at 5:54 PM

See Level | 85/100

I'm not going to lie: the theme you used for this level really caught my attention. Not only that itself but the amount of ways to beat the level it provided, breaking gameplay flow linearity, which I really like to see in levels.
The tiling is really well done, and the scenery took good use, maybe except the trees looking too high and being too close to the pillars, which just happens to be some sort of pet peeve of mine, so it's really really minor.
The gameplay itself seems simple but it gets repetitive and somewhat uninspired at most parts: MZ x820 mentioned in the review below and koopa, goomba and bullet bill stomp-a-thon, but some of it was fun though. However, I liked how the spinies were placed, they appear from further spots while the player still has time to react.

Overall, this is a pretty solid level with an unique theme done in Super Mario Flash 1. It had a very nice visual appeal and generally okay gameplay. Try to go a bit further with gameplay ideas and it's sure to be enough to make even better levels in the future! I'll give this level a score of 85 out of 100.

06/27/17 at 9:46 AM

See Level | 94/100

I'd never guess that Hyrule would be that close to the Mushroom Kingdom either.
And the landspaces seperating both kingdoms here is quite some sight to behold. The tiling here is just great and consistent through the whole level. The scenery looks pretty nice too, but it looked cluttered at some areas, and the green dirt tiles don't fit at all with the tileset color you chose. You could simply add that same dirt tile color for decorating that part.
Not too far from the start point, there's a minimal roofskip to the left but this is really minor so not a big deal. The challenges you provided here are really fun and addicting, with the exciting autoscrolling part with the climbing fence and the starman run. This creates a true slow paced mountain adventure with its ups and downs... pun intended, I guess. :P

Overall, this is another great level you've shown to us once again! It has a fantastic visual appeal and great gameplay. But keep an eye on how much scenery you add and make sure everything is layered correctly. I'm giving this a score of 94 out of 100. Well done!

06/26/17 at 4:33 PM

See Level | 85/100

Good to see you back with this nice overworld SMF1 level. What makes this level stand out among other overworld levels is the ceiling, because it adds a new challenge when the player jumps from part to part. The tiling here is well done and it has nice decoration. The usage of the white/yellow gorge seems odd, given the yellow/red one that is right before that. Stick to the same gorge colours for aesthetic consistency. The gameplay is as classic as it gets: collect coins and stomp on enemies, but wasn't executed in the best way. It might get a little repetitive with the identical goomba, koopa, spiny and piranha plant placement pattern, with the occasional addition of the Hammer Bros but all of these fit in an overworld level. I have to warn you about that goomba at x1960. If the player's not ready, he/she can be easily caught off guard by that goomba after that warp.
The bonus area, the cave, felt a tad underwhelming, it's just a crampy room with some coins and a hidden block. You would expect that block could hold something nice like a 1-up mushroom or a fire flower but apparently, it doesn't.

I'll give this level a score of 85 out of 100. A nice overworld level that needed some more effort on gameplay and a more appealing bonus zone.

06/26/17 at 9:24 AM

See Level | 1/100

Yeah I didn't notice any difference either, except the addition of a keyhole exit. Everything else remained exactly the same, which means it is still (nearly) impossible to go all the way until the goal. Please make sure to test your levels before posting them.

06/25/17 at 8:54 PM