See Level | 70/100

I like the theme and concept you've used for this level. Although it could use a little more work on layering and gameplay, but it's better than your Poisonous Labyrinth level. Watch the video for the full review here:

Score: 70/100
Medium difficulty

09/28/17 at 11:41 AM

See Level | 1/100

What is this... It's just some rooms, each one filled with mindless enemy overload, not far from filling every tile available. The first room is just some space with 2 power-ups to help the player and an entrance. No gameplay or action whatsoever.

If killing an overloaded horde of Hammer Bros is not enough, the player can get himself/herself trapped thanks to careless bullet bill blaster placement. Not only that but the horde mentioned before can also catch the player by surprise if there's not enough care when moving on the room.

Sure you provided every room with necessary power-ups but doing a level like this is totally inexcusible and a cheap way to fill the level portal. This even creates an illusion that the level has decent length, when really it's not, quite the opposite actually. Just have the player kill a bunch of enemies in 3 cramped rooms and call that a challenge.

That's not how you make a level. Please don't rush levels and actually take time when making them. Be sure to play some levels that made to the gold section for fresh and new ideas. I'm giving this a score of 1 out of 100 and a Medium difficulty.

09/28/17 at 9:17 AM

See Level | 1/100

As far as this level goes, it's just one of hundreds of exact remakes of Super Mario Bros. 1-2 level. It's completely unoriginal, as you were blatantly copying Nintendo's creations, which is not allowed by today's standards. I'm afraid I have to give this a score of 1 out of 100 and an Easy difficulty.

09/26/17 at 3:07 PM

See Level | 25/100

Looks like we have a castle level. To start off, let me say that it had a flat and bland design in all zones, be it on tiling and scenery. I see that you used a grey castle background, yet you used brown tiling at the beginning. Make sure that the tileset color matches with the background's in the first place. I could also see it had a pit of tree scenery, which doesn't fit in castle level at all. The blue clock isn't at MZ x1520 and blue skeleton at MZ x3220 are not proper fits either. You should stick with grey castle pillars and castle fences for better decoration.

The gameplay in the main zone wasn't necessarily the best. Most of the challenges you tried to implement didn't work, like the Lakitu at MZ x740, where you can simply outrun it and it won't even disturb you. The obstacles revolving around thwomps, parakoopas, bullet bills and moving platforms were somewhat uninspiring and most of them were just a no brainer. I can say that Bowser was just there for show off, pratically having no role whatsoever. There simply were no signs of any gameplay in the bonus zone too. You just warp out of the pipe and reach the goal.

You're not going to go far if you keep making levels like this. Make sure to play some levels that made to the gold section for new and fresh gameplay ideas. These will definitely help you improve. I'm giving this a score of 25 out of 100 and a Medium difficulty.

09/26/17 at 2:55 PM

See Level | 25/100

There seems to be a lot going on in this level but please, don't ever use rushing ideas as an excuse because that right there is a common mistake most people make when making a level.

Anyway, this level can be beat in less than a minute if the player is big Mario and is able to break bricks and roofskip pretty much the whole level. Sure it had the key at the end, but this roofskipping area simply had nothing going on and a lot of gameplay is avoided. This was the biggest problem with this level. You should implement a more creative way to find the key there.

I noticed that some sections of the level are identical to Super Mario Bros 1-2 and 1-4 but at least you revamped some things which I liked but some other flaws stacked up along the way. Make sure to place your scenery in Layer 2 most of times since at the start I spotted layering issues, with the coins and mushroom tucking behind the scenery, which should be placed in Layer 2 instead of Layer 1. I would not advise you to stack up the fences following it up either because it creates cutoffs. More of these can be seen at x2040 y40 for example. Your scenery looked okay but there were some other areas which sure could use some of it. Your tiling also looks alright but then it gets really awkward designs with a bunch of stone bricks thrown in the mix, which looked really odd. Make sure that your tiling looks clean.

There were some challenges here and there but nothing that really stood out in terms of gameplay but nothing too bad either, if not for that roofskip, which I already mentioned. That's what really hurts the level, which is why I'm giving this a score of 25 out of 100 and a Medium difficulty.

09/24/17 at 5:32 PM