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This is a literal copy of the Super Mario Bros 1-2 level. Thousands of these have already been made and posted in the past. Remember: Level Palace is a place to share your own creations. To seek some inspiration, you can play some levels in the Gold section and it's very likely that you already get material to work with from there.

Remakes like these get an automatic 1. Sorry.

02/09/18 at 10:13 AM

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Now I can safely say this is better than your previous series levels. The level has a pretty balanced usage of scenery and it definitely matches the theme you have chosen for it. The fences are evenly distributed inside the main tiling, blending well with the SMB1 bricks and castle tileset, as well as the vines. Although these tended to get in the player's way at times. At least, I didn't come across any kind of incosistency in this one. In fact, everything looked natural and something you usually see in well-made Super Mario World hacks for example. The effect used also gave it a nice little touch. However, I was able to get inside the tiling at X:2380 Y:0, by jumping off the vine. I strongly recommend you to add a row of death blocks hidden in Layer 2, but I think you are now aware of that. Another minor flaw I spotted was a small layering issue with some coins (inside question blocks) tucking behind solid tiling. There's a simple fix for that and it consists of placing said solid tiling in Layer 2.
The gameplay is as classic as it gets. It might feel linear but it actually has good challenges to spare, for a medium difficulty level. The enemy placement surely contributed for it and navigating through it sure is the task. Some challenges may not vary much from each other but it does make the player stay alert for any kind of danger. You did a great job with the A-coin placement this time, I specially liked the way you have to kick a koopa shell at a certain spot at X:2500 Y:60, you actually managed to put exploiting a SMF glitch to good use, and that's really creative.

Overall, a pretty solid temple level recommended for any SMF player, be it a beginner or a veteran. It has some fun challenges and clever A-coin retrieval quests. I'm giving this a score of 88 out of 100 and a Medium difficulty.

02/09/18 at 9:25 AM

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This seems like a decent level at first but the idea was vanished pretty quickly... and why was that? To start off, you were way too generous with the power-ups, both fire flowers were placed too close to each other, one being just a screen away from the other. You should, at least, place the second one closer to the end of the level. Thanks to this power-up, the player is perfectly capable of breezing through the level by constantly shooting fireballs and easily dispatching the hammer bro at the start and killing galoombas before these become a threat. Also, 2 Yoshis? One is definitely enough. Not only puts the player in a rather unfair advantage but also makes it possible to roofskip the area at X:1320 Y:240, by hopping off Yoshi. You don't even need to use the P-switch. Just hop on the brown block and then on the stone ones, making X:660 another roofskippable area. I honestly don't see why did you place that red switch. The player can jump on top of the blocks without any help.
For a level named Haunted Lands, you would expect Boos and Eeries to be the most used enemies in the level. If that would be the case, it would certainly make it much more challenging, which wasn't what I experienced...
The worst part is, the exit is right at X:1760, making this level extremely short. The player can even go further and just walk on the grass tiles that, I assume, you forgot to remove. There was no scenery and I noticed some small cutoffs, but there are much smaller issues to concern about. Bushes and trees would be the best choice of tiling to decorate this level.

Yeah... this level was also pretty short. Make sure to play some levels in the Gold section in order to get new ideas and try to actually use more length for your future levels. That's all I have to say. I'm giving this a score of 10 out of 100 and an Easy difficulty.

02/08/18 at 1:23 PM

See Level | 70/100

I see that you tried to do something different when setting up the atmosphere and using Layer 2 as the main layer. I have to admit that it's ambitious but it also brought some issues that I'll mention further in my review.
The level adopts a ghost house tileset and some forest elements, which I liked to see but I think some of the tiles used didn't quite fit the theme at all, for example, the blue boxes break color consistency but I can understand their role while collecting the A-coins. Speaking of boxes, it nerved me how some of them had items and tiles hidden behind them, thanks to the Layer 2 gimmick. It's not clear enough on telling the player what to do. Another situation regarding this issue was Exit 2, a P-Switch door which the player has to find it randomly. The least you could do is to surround said exit with blue coins (tile 1556, not the P-switch coins) or any other color that isn't yellow. Other tiles that didn't quite particularly fit the color palette were the grey wooden tiles, specially at X:5500, where the pillars are too close together. As mentioned in TheBlackKoopa232's review, you also had some cutoffs at X:5900. It seems like you forgot to completely tile this part. Although, I liked how you portrayed the cloud tiles at X:4300 to resemble foam, it was a sweet touch.
In terms of gameplay, there's not much to write home about unfortunately. Most of the A-coin placement was redundant, making their challenge not exactly the best. There are areas that do make the player keep on his/her toes. X:1900 and X:2360 are examples of that. Some other challenges could be skipped by using the mushroom and taking damage by walking on munchers, specially at X:1300. Not much to talk about, except the challenges got a bit repetitive and didn't provide outstanding gameplay.

Overall, this is a decent level and addition to your series. It had some inconsistencies with the tiling and the gameplay wasn't anything special, per se. I'm giving this a score of 70 out of 100 and a Medium difficulty.

02/08/18 at 10:58 AM

See Level | 15/100

I will be honest, the name of this level alone got my attention, despite being an actual person name.
The visuals here didn't quite make the cut. All of the floor and land tiling and the slab at MZ X:1280 looked cutoff. To tile it, make sure you cap it properly, using tile 121 for right endings and tile 120 for left endings. That little scenery sample at MZ X:180 looks really odd and showed cutoffs, and it's the only thing that decorates the entire level. The fact of having barely any scenery is the least of this level's problems though.
I can see you tried to add some potential challenges using Thwomps and Podoboos for example, but sadly, they can easily be skipped. For example, right at the start, you just stand still in order to avoid the bullet bills and the Thwomp right next to that just doesn't add anything to the challenge factor, since the player can just stand close to it and watch it fall. The only things that kept me on my toes there were, in fact, the Podoboos and the 2 firebars. The starman "challenge"... didn't work at all. All you have to do is run as fast as you can, get through the firebars and even then get past the following Thwomps so easily. Even if the player doesn't catch the star, he/she can still bypass the Thwomp blockade doing the same thing as the Thwomp at the very beginning. Controlling the platform carefully and standing close makes this challenge not work at all, all thanks to having nothing to hold the Thwomps. This would have been another story if you added solid tiles in order for Thwomps becoming an actual threath. But the worst challenge I've seen was the area at MZ X:2020. The goombas do literally nothing, they just spawn and fall to their deaths within a second, leaving a demeaning task of testing the player's jumping skills from tile to tile until he/she reaches the flagpole.
This entire experience happened in less than a minute. That's how long it takes to beat this level, since it was short, making it actually an easy/medium one to play.

Overall, this level could have been a lot more enjoyable if the Thwomp placement alone would get a good overhaul. The area at MZ X:2020 could use new ideas and better challenges as well. I recommend you to take a look at some levels that made to the gold section for new ideas and inspiration. I'm giving this a score of 15 out of 100 and an Easy difficulty.

02/06/18 at 1:46 PM