See Level | 25/100

At first, this level looked nice, and so I thought this would be pretty decent... but that thought began to soar away as soon as I beat the level.

The best thing in this level has to be the scenery. It looks clean and it's neatly placed, without being overloaded through the level. The tiling was okay too, except that huge blunder at the end. If you scroll up in the level editor, you can clearly see the cutoffs. What's even worse is that Mario can jump up there and skip that part. You should make that wall taller to prevent this big mistake, as well as extending the black tiles upwards.
There are some other cutoffs but they are all minor. Most of these can be prevented by placing solid tiles in Layer 2.

This level suffers a lot from poor gameplay. Most of it can be easily skipped and lots of things made this level very easy to beat. Yoshi was certainly one of them. And the star wasn't necessary either, since it was provided pretty close to the goal. Some enemies didn't play any important role at all. The chuck at x300 was one of them. It's just filler. Your midway point does not work, as it lacks an entrance 2 on the side. If you take the upper path, you are forced to perform blind jumps from up there. The least you could to is to mark those jumps with coins. I already mentioned this in my review but Mario can hop off Yoshi and skip the pipe area at the very end, thus being possible to beat this level in a minute or less.

Overall, this level needs a lot of work. You had some ideas here and there, but the flaws definitely overshadowed your concept. Check out some other levels that made to the gold section or play Popthatcorn14's tutorial levels for some new ideas and inspiration.

I'm giving this a score of 25 out of 100.

08/11/17 at 2:02 PM

See Level | 40/100

This is a certain improvement over your last level but it still has its flaws. And I am going to mention them below.

The tiling you used looks decent enough but I didn't enjoy looking two different land tilesets used simultaneously at x3760 y60. Only stick to one tileset per level or theme, remember. You can never tell what's behind the water at x2340. I thought it was lava when I looked at it carelessly enough. You should just place the bridge tiles in Layer 1 and the water in Layer 2. As far as scenery goes, some of it does look nice but it got way overloaded at most parts like x800 and x6100. That water area at x3940 had just too many seaweed. Only stick to one kind and moderate the usage. I also went through some layering issues on the part where Yoshi is. You can't swim out at the right. To prevent that, place all of the water in Layer 2.

Gameplay-wise, there's not too much to write home about either. The task of collecting the A-coins is uninspired and easy to complete, and the challenges are simple and too straight-forward. You don't need the springboard in that hidden block at x2320, Mario can jump high enough onto that hill, but I give you credit for surrounding it with coins, as well as marking some tricky jumps with these, like that maneuver with Yoshi. Not much to say.

I see improvements here but you still have work to do if you wish to improve even more. If I were you, I would play Popthatcorn14's tutorial levels to refresh level making fundamentals and new gameplay ideas.

I'm giving this a score of 40 out of 100.

08/11/17 at 9:48 AM

See Level | 50/100

Judging by the numbering, this is quite challenging for an early castle level. And that's not a bad thing, don't worry.

I kinda liked your layout with the castle tiles as the floor and ceiling along the level. It truly captures the essence of real life castles but I did spot a cutoff at x3880. That and the brown blocks and bricks do not fit in a castle theme. Instead, you should replace tile 2 with either tile 27 or 252 and the brown bricks with the grey ones, which are on the same page on the level editor. This also lacked scenery, making the level look bland and somewhat empty. I would recommend to add castle pillars and fences as a first choice, athough ghost pillars would not be a bad fit either.

In terms of gameplay, this level had some interesting moments involving the firebars but sadly, you can roofskip some areas, wasting away some gameplay. To fix this, add lava on the ceiling. Not only it prevents that but also fits with the theme you're working on! Not much else to say, though the Bowser fight area was too compact for the player and it's really hard to pass Bowser without taking damage. You should have lowered the bridge by 2-3 tiles.

Overall, an okay castle level which definitely needs some re-work. To get some inspiration, check out some other SMF1 levels that made to the gold section or play Popthatcorn14's tutorial levels for new gameplay ideas.

I'm giving this a score of 50 out of 100.

08/11/17 at 8:54 AM

See Level | 65/100

Into the realms of the void! And I'm starting to see some improvements as well! I liked your selection of tiling and scenery for the main zone, but the clouds were an unnecessary addition and don't fit within the dark/lava theme. But it was a really nice fit in the bonus zone though. I think you have done a good job with that, but maybe you could add some enemies into it so it does not become empty. It would add some challenge to the bonus area.

Anyway, back to the main zone. Although most of your tiling was decent, I did spot some slight cutoffs with the lava falls and the floor tiling. They can be visible at x200 and at x2360.

Now, as for gameplay, I understand that you tried to portray a classic style unto this, but some of it can be skippable and some challenges get repeated along the level, be it on jumping and dodging/killing enemies.

Overall, not a bad level! it just needs some revamping on gameplay and some minor work on certain visual aspects. But you have certainly improved. Keep on working and you might have a word to say to Level Palace!
I'm giving this a score of 65 out of 100.

08/11/17 at 8:33 AM

See Level | 15/100

Another trip to the past. And what's my analysis of what I saw? Let's see:

The wall jumping gimmick is pretty ambitious for a Super Mario Flash 1 level. It does sound like a great idea but its execution wasn't the best. Well, placing invisible blocks next to tiles might be the only way to simulate the gimmick in SMF1.

As far as your tiling and scenery go, it looks simple enough in the main zone. The land tiles are correctly placed and there is a fair amount of scenery but there could have been more. I spotted slight cutoffs between tiles 42 and the fences. By now, you probably know that the placement of tile 42 is preferrably suitable on top of tile 140 only. I think you should go easy with the coins there, several areas were overloaded with them, specially at x3220, where it's very hard to collect all of them. The small castle at the end should have the first 2 tiles without shadow.
As for the bonus zone, the tiling is just too basic. The brown block does not blend well within the castle theme. You should replace it with tile 27. The same can be said for the flagpole base but that's a different story, although it is possible to edit that in-code. And there's no scenery either. By 2014, you could add some brown castle tiles and ghost house pillars as scenery.

However, this level struggles a lot more on gameplay. Most of the challenges are flat where you just have to jump on some enemies and progress to the right. BZ x1540 had a lot of wasted potential, as it had cheap challenges thrown onto it.

I'm afraid that this level has not aged well. It needed a lot of work on gameplay and some on visual design. But I'm sure you're now aware of these mistakes, which helped you to become a better level maker. I'm giving this a score of 15 out of 100 and an Easy difficulty.

08/11/17 at 8:18 AM